Index of Every Hero in Empires and Puzzles

This is an index to the hero card for every hero in Empires and Puzzles. These are the hero cards found in the All Heroes database. If you don't know about All Heroes yet, it is a great tool for comparing heroes, and it even has a summon simulator to try out before using your gems in-game. 

Scroll down this list to find every 3* Rare, 4* Epic and 5* Legendary hero in the game, from HOTM to costumes to event heroes and regular TC20 heroes.

You can also do keyword searches and other types of searches over at All Heroes as well, but I thought this index could be helpful for anyone seeking to browse around and find the cards and stats.

This listing has been updated as of January 2021. I will update it every few months, but you can find the most recent updates in All Heroes, with the most current heroes, even if they are not included here on this list.

June Update:

These are the heroes that have been added since the March 2021 update. The updates include Starfall Circus, heroes of the month, and Underwild heroes. I will weave these in to the alphabetical listing in a few months:

Empires & Puzzles Hero Cards and Stats: A Through F

Hero Cards G Through M at All Heroes

N Throuh S Heroes at All Heroes with Cards and Stats

Heroes Starting with T Through Z: Hero Cards and Stats


Mostovoi said…
Hi. Thx a lot 4 your guides and reviews. They have been and are extremely useful.
Just missing Scarlett in the hero index.
All the best
Telly said…
Good canch! I have added her into the hero index. Also, I re-graded her in All Heroes, since the game has changed a lot. Scarlett once was considered strong for a 4* on attacks, but a lot more heroes have come a long making her in need of a regrading. Her base attack stat still is high for a 4* making her decent for use against titans still, if you don't have anything sturdier.
Unknown said…
Hey, Telly. Just got 2 Vollermorks and I'm wondering if both of their worm attacks can be active simultaneously. Do you know? I presume it could be effective in a 3* rush tournament. Otherwise, it's a pretty ineffective hero that is outperformed by a lot of others. Thanks for hosting this site. I reference it often.
Unknown said…
Just checked Vollermork myself, and you're allowed a 3-worm max, regardless of from where they come. This makes me think worms (and spiders, etc.) can be blocked with minions. If so, minions become more powerful and Vollermork less effective, unless you can throw worms early to block minions. Which leads me back to my original thought which is that Vollermork is useful for 3* rush tournaments, and that's about it.
Telly said…
@Unknown: You are correct that Vollermork's minions can be pushed out by minions. He might be good in bloody battle tourneys where healing is not allowed. That leaves just minions as the opportunity to defeat his fiends. He has good synergy with Kvasir, who blocks enemies from creating minions.
ffeineandsugar said…
Another omission - Frank isn't in the list. Thanks for all you do!
Telly said…
@ffeineandsugar, Frank added. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Hey I was wonder why the Francine was missing from your line up on the all Heros Link. You do a great job on your website man. Thanks for any help. The wise goat app gives Francine an "A" Grade And you may have it on here and I just don't see it and I needed to get some glasses. But I've looked a couple times and I don't see her
Anonymous said…
Hey this is the same guy that asked about Francine not being in the lineup. And your opinion if you were to level up Bera which path would you take to level her up. Kind of in between? All attack? All shield? Appreciate your input. You do a great job and awesome on Your website. It's the best out there. I hope and pray that you're making a living from it.
Telly said…
@Anonymous: Added Francine...good catch. For Bera, I'd level her up defense>HP>Attack, because you want her to live as long as possible to cast her minions, and the HP beefs up the minions. Going HP>Attack>Defense is another option if you want he minions to have more attack, but the attack gain is rather minor IMO, and not worth sacrificing more defense.