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This is an index of all the game guides for Empires & Puzzles that I have put here on Telly's Game. The site has grown bigger and bigger, and people have been saying it is hard to find the specific guides for each of the recurring events. So, I thought I'd gather them all in one place. 

The recurring events and guides fall into two broad categories, that I have listed below. One includes the different game features and assessments, like buildings, Limit Breakers and hero grades / rankings. The other category is recurring game events in Empires & Puzzles. The recurring events also fall into different categories: Recurring Monthly Events, The five challenge events, and four seasonal events. 

I also welcome guest writers, if there is any subject you want to cover, which I may not be covering yet. 

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Apollo's Empire said…
Looking for some advice on October event Fables of Grimforest, Similar to the info that I found here for RoW in Sept. Specifically, rare, epic, legendary heroes that are recommended. Ty in advance!
Apollo's Empire said…
I found what I was looking for on the home page... Ty! U can disregard my comment.
Telly said…
Hello @Appollo'sEmpire, I'll be posting my guide for Fables of Grimforest around October 12. Of the Fables heroes, my favorite is PiB.
Hi, I'm working on lvling up just my 2nd team of 4* and 1 5* (I have so many but no mats so it's pointless), anyways, since I have so few high ranking heroes I don't want to waste feeders on 3* heroes that aren't worth it... What ones should I keep for tournaments and lvl up (I also keep almost 1 of every 3* I get in case I find out I should've kept it and have been lvling it..)

Soo to shorten that up, can you make a list of the 3* heroes worthy of lvling up and in order? So I can get a team for tournaments made? (And get some space back for 4* and 5*s so I'm not having to constantly take breaks to lvl heroes whenever feeders drop)

Telly said…
@BeautyRoomConfessions, that is a great idea for an article, and I'll think about writing it! But if you'd like to write it, I'd welcome the submission, as I could always use some help :). You can get a good idea of my thinking on the best 3* heroes by looking at the grades I put on allheroes.eu ... For easy reference, here's a link to all the "A" graded 3*s over there: Top Rare Heroes in Empires and Puzzles. Reviewing them now, I see that I need to update the list a bit. Some good ones to focus on first would be Bjorn, Kvasir, Grevle, Hawkmoon+C, Gunnar+C, Gato, Mneseus, Namahage.
Milo said…
Hi again, how about costume Renfeld, he is great as a manna control hero. Also, where is By-Ulf? His attack buff is great when paired with Bjorn and Agnes, which I use together with Jarvur and Ei-Dunn. This little team make for havoc when I use them to soften up 4 and 5 star teams in alliance wars.
Cernicalo said…
Hi Telly , Andy Information on the easter event coming? I know season IV is priority as it’s new :)
Cernicalo said…
Thanks, just saw the new Link to the springvale Event. Would be Great to habe a Link to ist from this site as well :)
Telly said…
@Cernicalo that's a good idea and I've updated the page to include Springvale.
Anonymous said…
Hi Telly, where are you? No more updates?