UPDATE: NOT HAPPENING - 100 Ninja Troop Portal Summons Pulls - Empires & Puzzles

Ninja Troop Summons Portal
The Ninja Tower event is coming back to Empires & Puzzles, and that means the Ninja Troop Summons Portal. The Ninja Troop portal is probably the best of the summons in the game - the only one that is 100% certain to improve your power.


I have changed my recommendation for the November 2021 Ninja Troop Summons. DON'T DO IT! Here's Why:

New "Trainer Troops" have been announced. However, the exact implementation has not been announced. BUT, for certain, they will make it LESS EXPENSIVE in terms of resources snd gems to raise up your troops. IF, as seems most likely, the trainer troops are added to any of the troop summons portals, they probably will further CHANGE the economy of troop leveling up. So, until more details are released, it could really be a bad move to use up all your troop tokens on the Ninja Troop Summons in November 2021. The 5% gain by using the Ninja Portal vs. the regular portal (or the Jan-Feb Ninja troop summons) is FAR OUTWEIGHED by the likely impact of trainer troops being added to portals. So, no harm in just sitting this one out!

Here's my old post on the Ninja summons, but I won't be making this video, unless info on the new trainer troops is released before the Ninja event.

I had saved up over 100 troop tokens during the months long wait, and the video below is the result of my pulls (coming soon, once the event starts!). I did not do any pulls with gems, just with the troop tokens that fell my way over the past few months.

What is so Great About the Ninja Troop Summons?

Three things make the ninja troop summons the best in the game.

1. Guaranteed Results, not Just Small Percentage Random

This first reason is not just the ninja troop summons. For both of the current troop summons - the regular one and the ninja, you are guaranteed to get at least a 3* troop. You also have a chance at a 4* troop. It is these troops that you can level up to enhance your power, or you can use them as the best troop feeders.   

2. No Stat Inflation

Thus far, there has been no stat inflation with troops. So, if you level up your troops, using the troops you pull from the Ninja troop portal, they have retained their relative strength in the game. Heroes on the other hand, have been weakened due to stat inflation. So, it really makes no sense to pay for summons from the hero portals at this time, until the people who run the game stop the crazy stat inflation (hopefully by 2022, for reasons I've discussed in other posts). 

3. Best Troop Odds

Here is what makes the ninja troop summons better than the regular summons: 

15% chance of a 4* troop v. just 10% chance in the regular summons.

Best Troop Strategy

The Empires & Puzzles game drops troop tokens in regular game play.  Save all those tokens and only use them when the Ninja Tower event comes along.

Video: 100+ Ninja Troop Summons Pulls

I saved up over 100 troop tokens, and used them all in the Ninja troop summons. Here is the video of my 100+ pulls.  (Coming soon, once the event comes in a few days).


Anonymous said…
Do anyone know if we will be able to use the ETT for the trainer troop event on Nov 24-25?
Odog said…
Good question. Nothing has been announced. I doubt it though. But, you never know.
Telly said…
Good comments. These trainer troops will change the economy around leveling up troops for sure. SG has decided to be cagey about the details ... until after the Ninja event. So the savviest thing to do is just wait, and hang on to troop tokens for now, until all the details are out.

I'm waiting. So, no 100 pull video :(

Inflation/deflation strikes E&P again!
D K said…
thanks for update
Shere said…
Hey Telly… Thanks for keeping us updated. I’ve also been saving Epic Troop Tokens for months and now have 200+ ready and waiting. Will take your advice and continue to wait for trainer troops.
Anonymous said…
I seriously doubt they will add trainer troops to any portal. They will sell them in packs, just like the Sunday deal for trainer heroes. They aren't stupid!