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We invite guest posts from authors who wish submit their articles to write for us. Our website delivers high quality content relevant to gaming and related topics, like gaming technologies, consoles, accessories and of course games themselves. 

By publishing on our site, you have access to our thousands of gamer users and thousands of organic daily page visits. 

Examples of Topics for Guest Post Articles Submitted

Some of the topics available for guest posting are:

  • Game walk-throughs, guides, tips, and strategies. We LOVE these!
  • Game tech, for example game consoles and other gaming devices.
  • Gaming PC's
  • Sony PlayStation
  • Nintendo
  • Microsoft XBox
  • Games, for example online games, console games, phone apps, whether for iPhone, Android or Tablets.
  • Education and learning related to software and technologies.

Guest Post Guidelines and Policies

We do not charge any fee for article submissions and in return, we require you to contribute original, and exclusive content, which meets our quality standards, and provides some real information and value for our readers.

Here are the guidelines for sending a blog post to us.

Quality Requirements:

These are our mandatory submission requirements:

1. Length: 850 or more words.

2. Original: All submissions must be original, and the only place it is submitted is here. No "spin" articles. If we accept and publish the submission, then it cannot be published anyplace else.  All submissions must pass copyscape.

3. Images: Must include at least one copyright-free image, with a link to the source, so we can check it. We suggest you use Pixabay or Unsplash, which are good sources of such royalty free images. Image size: 1200x800 pixels minimum.

4. Language: English.

5. Style: Use subheadings, bullet points, and short paragraphs. A good recommendation is to limit paragraphs to 50-100 words. 

6. Links: 3 link maximum. Two links must be to an authority site, or an internal link somewhere on our site. The third may be to yours, and can be included in the author bio, and yours must be of an acceptable quality. No affiliate links. We do not pay fees for the guest posts.

7. Quality: We require informative & original content for our readers. Although you can include your keywords, no keyword stuffing! Someone coming to our website should want to read your article, and be interested in doing so.

8. (Optional) Author Bio:  Optionally, we will include your name and a brief (under 15 words) author bio. You may submit this bio with your name, and an optional link. 

Procedure for submissions:

1. Get Topic Approved: First use the Contact Form to send us your desired topic and a brief description. 

2. Submit Article: If we accept the topic, then you may submit your article. We will provide the e-mail address for submissions once you're accepted.

3. Promotion! After the article is published, you should also promote the piece on all your social media accounts. This will help its search positioning. 

Revisions / Copyright:

By submitting an article that we accept for publication, you consent to our publication, you give us full copyright ownership, agree that we may edit, revise or modify the article in any way we se fit, and that we do not guarantee any length of publication, so we reserve the right to remove or revise the article at any time for any reason.