Slayers of Fell Shadows Empires and Puzzles Event and Stage Guide

Slayers of Fell Shadows Illustration
The Slayers of Fell Shadows event in Empires & Puzzles was introduced to the game in August 2021. It is another of the rotating Challenge Events, and re-appears every 8-10 months. Of course that infrequency is a problem if you want to build up a stable of Slayers heroes to take advantage of the family bonus. The heroes also are highly specialized, and not of great value for most uses in the game. So, the best strategy for savvy players is just to shrug your shoulders, have fun, but don't use your gems on the event summon portal. 

The reflect color is blue. So, when you play the event, leave your blue heroes on the bench, unless it is a Slayers of Fell Shadows event hero. 

Slayers of Fell Shadows Stages

This is the stage guide for the Slayers of Fell Shadows. As with other challenge events, there are three difficulty levels (Rare, Epic and Legendary). This event presently has 10 stages at each of these difficulty levels, with enemy monsters that are yellow, purple, and blue on every stage. 

During the event, I come back here frequently to plan out my attack teams for each stage. 
The stage guide for Slayers of Fell Shadows in Empires & Puzzles

(Thanks to @Cap for creating this graphic.)

Tip: Know the Reflect Color - Blue / Ice 

Slayers of Fell Shadows Portal Grading

The Slayers family of heroes all have slow mana and are highly specialized.  Their only significant use, as with other slow heroes, is for Rush Attack wars or tournaments, where all heroes automatically have very fast mana. In those events, their family ability helps to make them even faster. Their family bonus gives them a chance to actually build up an increased mana speed stack a bit each turn. In other circumstances, the family bonus builds up too slowly to make a big difference, and only raises them to about average mana speed.

BEST STRATEGY: Play and enjoy the game! Use your free token pulls, and feel happy if you get a good Slayers event hero, but remember the chances of a 5* Slayers hero are tiny - under 2%! DON'T SPEND on every portal. Pick a few that have heroes you want and focus on those. And, this one is not a good pick because of the overly specialized nature of the heroes. DON'T chase heroes, and understand for every hero you already pulled from that event, your chances of getting a new 5* you don't already have DROPS rapidly!

Portal Grades:

  • Quality of the heroes: Grade D
    • None of the heroes are "must have" and you will do better focusing your spending elsewhere.
  • Effective chance of summoning good heroes: Grade D
    • The percentages for the 4* and 3* are among the worst in the game.
  • 5* Heroes Impact: D.
    • These heroes shine in limited circumstances
  • Portal Frequency: F
    • The more frequent the portal, the better your chances of pulling multiple heroes and taking advantage of the family bonus using coin pulls. This event is expected no more than every 8-10 months making it too infrequent to accumulate the whole family, without overspending hundreds of dollars/euros for most players.  
Overall Slayers of Fell Shadows Hero Portal Grade: F

The "Rage" Event Mechanic

The enemy heroes in this event get "Rage" every time you use a battle item or fire a special skill. This makes color stacking even more important for this event, since tiles will be far more powerful than special skills in attacking the enemies.
  • Enemies deal increased damage based on the amount of the Rage they have: The more Rage they have, the more damage they deal, and the more immune they are to damage.
  • At maximum "rage":
    • all enemies receive 50% less damage.
    • your Battle Items deal 50% less damage.
    • status ailments of the enemies are cleansed at the beginning of their turn.
  • The Rage gets reduced if you don’t us any Special Skills or Battle Items during a turn.
  • The maximum "Rage” is 75%
  • The rage factor increases 15% each time you use a battle item or special skill.
  • Rage decreases just 15% if you do not use a battle item or special skill in a turn.

Slayers of Fell Shadows Heroes Event Bonuses

Slayers Heroes Get Increased Attack, Defense And Health

Every Slayers event hero has a 20% increased attack, defense, and health in this Event’s stages. As an example, if the event hero has an attack stat of 700, then for this event, its attack stat goes up to 840! This 20% buff also applies to the defense and health stats. This is a major increase and can significantly increase your score.

Slayers of Fell Shadows Heroes Bypass Elemental Barriers

Slayers family heroes bypass the Elemental Barriers. This means blue Slayers bypass the blue reflect, and can damage blue targets in this event.

Slayers of Fell Shadows Strategies: 

Bring Heroes That Are Strong Against the Mobs and Monsters in the Stage - But Not Purple in this Event!

If you've been reading my event guides, you know that a good strategy is to check the stage guide (see the guide above) and remember to put together teams that are strong against the monsters and bosses for that particular stage. 

Strategy: Go Mono

To score high, top players typically put together single-color teams. For Slayers of Fell Shadows, you should not use any  blue heroes unless they are in the slayers family. In this event I recommend bringing green, yellow or purple heroes.

Remember the Tips For High Scores in Challenge Events

These are the same as for other challenge events.
  • Bring Mono teams.
  • Play fast.
  • Make combos.
  • Bring high level battle items: time stops, tornadoes, bomb attacks and battle axes.
  • REROLL TRICK: you can play a level as many times as you want. So top players play each level until they get lucky and make many combos and diamonds. Some top players look at their initial board, and if they cannot make an immediate diamond, the flee and try again.
The Slayers of Fell Shadows adds one more tip:  
  • Bring Slayers family heroes.

Slayers of Fell Shadows Family Bonus

The Slayers family bonus for using 1/2/3 heroes is:
  • 50% / 75% / 100% chance to receive the following stacks at the end of each turn:
    • Stack (Max 10): The caster recovers 10 HP each turn
    • Stack (Max 10): The caster gets +5% mana generation


Anonymous said…
U Smokin that good stuff again hahaha F rating
Telly said…
Um, thank you?
Dave said…
"In this event I recommend bringing green, yellow or blue heroes." Typo about bringing blue heroes? Red instead, maybe, since you also earlier advised against purple ones, too? I beat all 3 levels with mono red teams, by the way, so mono seems to be a good strategy for this event.
Dave said…
I believe your F rating was for the portal frequency (every 8-10 months it shows up) and for the overall rating since the odds are so poor to summon any event hero, usually requiring a pretty substantial gem investment to get any 5 stars. It is much more difficult to get event coins since I never see them anywhere but the Challenge Events (or a few in PoV)so gems are the only alternative. At least with the Seasonal Events it takes Epic Hero Tokens, which are much easier to come by (I have 25 saved for Halloween right now), even if the odds are similar. I have to agree, too, that a bunch of slow heroes, no matter how powerful they become together or in Very Fast tournaments or war, are something I do not have the mats to ascend in lieu of others that are more useful overall. So any of these I would pull would be relegated to future leveling, perhaps in time for the next Slayers event. Limit breaking Krampus is a more profitable use of resources right now. Thanks for all your hard work here.
Anonymous said…
Rated Alfrike one of the best heros of the game...
Gives a portal where u have a bunch of almost alfrike likes (u gonna see in rush wars and tournaments) an f rating lol

Seems kinda strange doesnt it...
I know you said no purple, but…purple mono got me through Legendary. Proteus, Rigard c., Tibertus, Bera and Lepiota. I don’t even have strong troops. Mono is definitely the way to go. Pure power is not going to work in this event. Some people used a mono red that included Wilbur and Boldtusk. Some said they went mono yellow. All of us did much better than super high powered rainbow teams.

Seriously, the help and rethinking this event.
Telly said…
@Dave: Yes, thanks for catching that typo! No blue heroes.

@Bridget Robertson: That was a typo I've removed. Purple heroes are ok, but you'll face some stages where there are purple monsters, so the tile damage would be weak on them. But it sounds like you have a good purple lineup, so it could work.
Anonymous said…
This is simply another misleading entry, I am afraid. These are NOT „slow“ heroes. Their mana baseline starts out at slow, but increases dramatically and (more importantly) automatically each and every single turn (50-100% chance depending on your lineup). Their first charge will be closer to „average“. Add mana troops, emblems and support heroes and you are looking at a scary bunch of adversaries - and I am not talking very fast tournaments and wars. Also, let‘s not forget the stacking auto-heal + the crazy good passive + some of the scariest specials out there… but sure, let’s „shrug off“ those D heroes and ignore the F portal - good luck to all following such advice: your next chance to rethink comes in 5-8 months.
Unknown said…
I love this site Telly, appreciate your advice, keep up the good work!
Anonymous said…
My fellow Anonymous mate nailed it haha
Maybe telly is afraid of those scary rush defs thats why that portal did get an f
So some people might think these heros are not really worth it :D
Anonymous said…
Looking at those heroes, the only good one in my opinion I saw was Cathal with that 570% damage strike. Everyone else ranges from decent to meh.
Anonymous said…
I can understand Telly suggesting to F2P players to not spend gems on event heroes. The 1% chance is a sad joke and you have a better chance at other good 5* heroes in portals with more of them. (Costume, S3, etc). People that buy gems in game though, I don’t see why they wouldn’t want these heroes. Feedback in the forums seems to indicate that they gain stacks very fast, especially if you have 2-3 of them. I could see a good value on offense because of their beefy stats and strong specials. It’s not that uncommon to see raids or war fights last 10+ rounds and these heroes would be fast+ well before that… just my thoughts based on the forum responses. I did pull Soairse and an exited to see what he can do with his high attack and 315% on 3 heroes, plus the big def down. Will be good on Titans too!
Anonymous said…
Yeah, Saoirse looks pretty decent too, though I think Saoirse looks more female than male.
Anonymous said…
I meant she, I agree and think she’s a she lol. Rough looking group!
Mackenzie said…
You're right bro. Not going to spend a dime on this portal. These guys are good for 4800 fat cats who like to collect card and show off in raids, not any good for players.
GTBase said…
I don’t know if they’re good or bad, but they’re definitely the ugliest group of heroes so far.
nicolas said…
Got Aodhan on a Lucky pull. Its super fun to use. But now I understand the importance of Lepiota and her ghost ability. Removing stacks will be the way to battle this character.
Anonymous said…
No Slayers summons yet and the event is almost over. No new HotM too. Any eta?
Anonymous said…
I didn't realize how their family bonus worked until I've seen them in action. I'm going to try a few shots next time they show up. Very cheap to play here
Anonymous said…
Telly, where you at, no updates recently?
Ready Player One said…
Telly, I enjoy site and I am excited to see the ratings on the Slayer heroes. Appreciate all you do. Thank you!
Unknown said…
Hi Telly, I get the impression you are as unimpressed about the recent changes as I am! I ignored your summoning advice and spent a fortune and then quit the game. Best thing I have ever done. It feels like it has lost its way.
Pinot said…
We miss you, Telly!
Anonymous said…
Telly…you still here?! Haven’t seen an update in a month and no more grading either?!
Anonymous said…
I hope nothing bad has happened to Telly, but I have a feeling he/she is not returning (at least not anytime soon).
Anonymous said…
Telly you have a great site. Please come back and give us more updates.
Anonymous said…
I am beginning to understand how Telly is probably feeling about this game. I am about to take a long hiatus from it myself.
Anonymous said…
I hope you are doing well.
Anonymous said…
Hi Telly, hope you are well and hope you return soon. Missing your great blogs!
Unknown said…
Telly, chybí mi tvé rady a postřehy. Prosim, pokračuj v tom co jsi dělal. Pozdrav z Československa
Anonymous said…
Come on Telly, there are many people who support you, who enjoy your content. SG is getting a lot of things wrong and players like you are a reference. Do it for the community of players, we are many and you are one of our flags.
Anonymous said…
Hope all is well with you Telly!
Anonymous said…
Hello. Get the fuck back on here.
Anonymous said…
Hi Telly, a lot of people do appreciate your valuable comments and advises, so please, come back!
Anonymous said…
Come back Telly, we miss you!!!!!!!
Unknown said…
Looks like Telly is gone for good. It's a shame, because I really liked this site and the information he was putting out there. Would have loved to have heard his thoughts on the latest hero sets. COME BACK TELLY! COME BAAAAAAACK!
Anonymous said…
I agree, I think Telly has had enough of this game as well (I am taking a hiatus from it for personal and financial reasons). Unless he/she proves me wrong, then it is safe to say this site is officially dead.
Anonymous said…
Hey Telly are you okay bro??? I hope all is well with you and yours!!! Said a prayer for you. I am a pastor, If you are okay can you just let us know that you're doing okay and maybe you're just taking a break.
Anonymous said…
Fucking quitter
Anonymous said…
Miss you Telly!
Anonymous said…
Telly vuelve, por favor!!
We miss you!! Desde que descubrí tu página la visito cuando me canso del juego. Si no vas a seguir o necesitas un descanso me parece bien. Pero no desaparezcas sin más.
Anonymous said…
Miss you Telly
Anonymous said…
Must be a Biden supporter.
Anonymous said…
What would that have to do with anything? Stupid comment.
Otto said…
Still miss you Telly, come back when you are ready.
Anonymous said…
I, thankfully, gave this game up a long while ago (maybe over a year now) due to the increasing strain smallgiant wants to put on your wallet. I did have fun with the game itself and some of the events. I occasionally come here just to see what kind of stuff is going on and also what other ways smallgiant found to leech $$$ from ppl. Seems Telly finally got tired of it as well and either quite for good (hopefully) or wants an extended break from the shenanigans.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, it's the same for me. I now only return on occasion to finish the Underwild story and once I am done, I will take a much longer hiatus away from it all.