Chakkoszrot August 2021 HOTM Review and Grading - Empires and Puzzles Hero of the Month

Chakkoszrot is the August 2021 Hero of the Month in Empires and Puzzles. He is a slow speed hero that does a light damage to all enemies, and has other skills related to mana generation speed of enemies.

Chakkoszrot Stats:

Base Stats:
  • Power: 793
  • Mana speed: Slow
  • Class: Druid
  • Element: Purple - Dark
  • Origin: HOTM - August 2021
  • Level: 5* Legendary

Chakkoszrot Special Skill: Stalling Spell

  • Deals 235% damage to all enemies.
  • All enemies with dispellable mana generation buff get -54% mana generation for 4 turns. This effect can’t be cleansed.
  • All enemies are immune to new buffs for 4 turns.
  • Element Link gives +10% increase for any healing received for all Dark allies for 4 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.
  • Innate Resistance: Resist Direct Mana Reduction - This hero has an innate resistance against direct Mana Reduction
  • Innate Ability: Mana Buff per Status Ailment - This hero receives the following status effect when they receive a status ailment: The caster gets +24% mana generation for 3 turns.

Chakkoszrot HOTM Review:

All in all, at slow mana speed Chakkoszrot is basically useless for raids or defense, except for use in Very Fast wars or tournaments. Like recent heroes of the month, he has a has a complex set of skills, none of which is particularly desirable alone, but unfortunately for Chakkoszrot, they do not make much of an impact together, except in Very Fast wars or tourneys. 

So the bottom line on this HotM is do not chase after him, but if you get him, he may be worth leveling up if you need to fill out your teams for very fast mana situations.

Chakkoszrot is an AoE hero, meaning he will hit the entire opposing team with his damage and other specials. His damage is relatively low, at 235%. Pair him up with other purple buffers and that could be decent damage. So, Costume Rigard can give his attack some help with the attack buff, and Tiburtus (both costumed and un-costumed) helps by casting a defense down ailment on the opposing heroes. However, the same could be said of other AoE heroes, or hit-3 heroes, so you may be better off using those paired with C-Rigard or Tiburtus in a lot of situations.
Theoretically Chakkoszrot could be a good counter to mana generation buffers, like Odin or Ariel. However, at slow speed, Chakkoszrot rarely will get to fire his special skill in time to make much of a difference.

The best aspect of Chakkoszrot is that his special skill makes all enemies immune to any new buffs for 4 turns. That can be a great skill against buff-heavy opponents, like Sif, Odin, Black Knight to name a few. However, again, Chakkoszrot's slow mana speed always is a problem for him. In Very Fast wars and tournaments, Chakkoszrot will shine because of this particular skill. So if you need a hero to fill out your teams in such situations, this one could be a good addition.

Chakkoszrot also gives a small 10% boost to any healing received by purple heroes, making him a nice addition to purple stacks. However, this still is relatively small boost. His passive abilities also are relatively small, but also nice little additions. 

Chakkoszrot has an innate resistance against mana reduction, which makes him a counter to popular tanks Bera and Freya, and also to Guinevere.  However, Bera and Freya both are purple, against which he is weak, rendering Chakkoszrot less desirable in most situations against them.  Chakkoszrot also gets a nice 24% mana generation buff for 3 turns if he is hit with a status ailment. This often effectively will make his mana speed Average in a lot of situations IF he gets hit by a status ailment. Of course most opponents will figure this out and just avoid hitting him with status ailments if they can.

Chakkoszrot Emblem / Skill Path:

Chakkoszrot is best used as a support hero in most situations. You want him to stay alive long enough to fire his special skill. So, I recommend a defense-HP emblem path.

Chakkoszrot Grading:

  • Attack: C+
  • Overall Defense: C+
    • Tank: C+
    • Flank: C+
    • Wing: F
  • Titans: B-
  • Raid Tournaments:
    • Rush: A
    • Buff Booster: B
    • Bloody Battle: C
Overall Chakkoszrot Rating: C+
Chakkoszrot is a borderline B to C+ hero because of his utility in Very Fast tournaments and wars. However, that specialized use every 5 weeks makes him mediocre at best. Do you think he should be upgraded or downgraded?


Anonymous said…
Probably best as a C+ as there are far better heroes out there to use for what he can do.
Anonymous said…
surpised by the B rating, i dont normally disagree with your reveiws Telly, but this one sounds a bit off. i'd go with C+ at best too
Telly said…
@Anonymous: Hmmm let's see if there's any change upon introduction. I see your points.
TLK914 said…
I have leaned heavily on Malosi for attack teams strictly because of his buff block on enemies for 3 turns at very fast.

It prevents them from doing time based anything...attacks,,,defense downs...heals...whatever.But the key for Malosi is the very fast blocking. His middling power stats make him only soso as far as enemy killing ability...but he stays on my top team for his ability as a neautralizer.

At slow speed...I would notsee enough use. For career players who have 100 hero rosters he has some use as a specialist only for speed tourneys...

But for f2p and casual players who have 30 or 40 heroes on down and wont be buying more space...he may be an ascension materials luxury I wouldn't recommend.
Unknown said…
The fact that 235% is now light AOE damage probably says everything that can be said about the current state of this game
Milo said…
Maybe c+ certainly not too much worse than Obakan himself. Granted Obakan's hit and attack are higher, but this game has progressed from plain damage dealers to heroes with more nuanced skills.
ffeineandsugar said…
Hard pass on this lizard - there are too many other heroes worthy of Druid emblems. Too slow and too specialized - the mana reduction isn't all that great in a rush war. Thus, I'd probably retrain ASAP. C+ is generous.
Telly said…
@Milo, @ffeineandsugar: Thanks for the assessments. I am regrading.
Unknown said…
Just pulled him...
I didn't even wanted him.
Maybe if they change his speed to average, he would be a little more useful (like what happened with atomos, i didn't use him at all but when he got changed to average speed... He is awaome now!!!)
Hope they will reconsider...
Unknown said…
HOTM will not improve, not accidentally weak. He’s even so much better than Jade, who is a premium hero.
Anonymous said…
Well, they did give Uraeus a buff shortly after his release, so there is still a glimmer of hope for this one too.
Denisse said…
Hi , Telly !

I have Malicna maxed with emblems to 19, Seshat maxed with emblems to 9, Sartana to 18, Freya to 10!
I have pulled 2 Chakkoszrot ! And I have also Domitia costume, Quintus constume, Zulag, Aeron, Myztero , Sargasso , Obakan costume
Which one of these will u choose to level next ?