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Limit Breakers Empires & Puzzles
Limit breakers are the controversial feature of Empires & Puzzles introduced in June 2021, along with the Mirages of Omega quests. They allow you to "limit break" fully maxed heroes using Aethers, and advance them 5 more levels - the so-called advanced hero levels. In effect limit breaking gives a 7%-15% increase in base stats, 10%-20% factoring in emblems. These elevated attack, defense and HP stats have a surprisingly large impact on game play. 

UPDATED FOR Current Best Limit Breaker Strategies, and Mirages of Omega Quest.

This feature significantly changes the economy of the Empires & Puzzles game. Savvy players will adapt quickly to this new feature, even though the community did not want it. 

BEST Limit Breaker STRATEGY Summary

Read below for all the details. Here's the summary:
1. STOP using gems to summon heroes (at least for a few months). Stat inflation now has been elevated to a whole new level. You could say stat inflation has been put in overdrive... gone haywire ... EXLODING. You need to adapt to that first. New Powerful heroes will be introduced in late 2021 that will render your non-limit-broken heroes obsolete. These new heroes are so overpowered by current standards, that even a lot of limit-broken heroes are obsolete.

2. Focus on limit breaking in the short term. 

3. Be selective about who you limit break. First limit break your most versatile heroes, such as those you use a lot for attack, defense teams and events. Then focus on your favorite attack heroes, and maybe even a few 4* superstars. 

All that will take time, and a lot of food, iron, feeders and other resources. Then, by the time you make progress limit breaking, new powerful heroes and costumes will be introduced in the game. Those new heroes will make most other non-limit-broken heroes obsolete.

Read below for the urgently important new game-play strategy, so you can quickly adapt to this new disrupting feature.

Limit Breakers Break Open Advanced Hero Levels

Limit breakers are basically an expensive way to "pay" with rare in-game items for the ability to raise heroes up another 5 levels. For example, you can raise up Level 80 5* heroes up to what is in effect "level 85".  

Aether Items

In order to "limit break" a hero, first you have to gather enough "Aethers". Those are a new type of token entered into the game. You will be able to get those Aethers by playing in "Mirages of Omega" quests. There are 5 different Mirages of Omega quests, one for each color of hero (red, blue, green, yellow, purple). So you will need the Aether items of the same color as the hero you want to "break". At the time of introduction in June 2021, you could also get Aether items from war loot and raid tournament loot once in a while. 

Raising Up Limit Broken Heroes

Once you limit break a hero, you need to level it up in the same way you always have. All that limit breaking with Aether tokens does is open up 5 more levels. So, you need to use huge amounts of food, iron and feeder heroes to fully raise up the broken heroes.

20 Limit Break Levels, but Only 5 Released Now

Limit Breakers will be released in 4 waves. The first wave only provides for 5 level increases. However, there still is space for 15 more - 5 for each of the 3 remaining level stripes on heroes. So, we can expect more level breaks to be released in the future. 

How To Limit Break A Hero:

The steps to Limit Break a hero are:

1.    Max the Hero: 

For a 5* Legendary hero that means to fully level up the hero to 4/80. For a 4* hero, that means level 4/70. 

2.    Optionally Put Emblems on the Fully Leveled Hero: 

As a practical matter, you should only limit break heroes that you also want to fully emblem. Otherwise you are wasting part of the benefit of limit breaking. Because resources like Ascension Materials and Aether Items are scarce in-game you should carefully select the hero you want to bother limit breaking.

3.    Limit Break The Desired Hero: 

  • First, click on "Limit Break" for the fully levelled up hero.
  • Spend the Aether Items and Ascension Materials, food and iron.

4.    Level Up The Limit Broken Hero:

Once you have limit broken a hero, you should fully level it up. That is the same mechanic as leveling up any hero - using up your food, iron and feeder heroes.  It will take huge amounts of food, iron and feeders to complete these 5 new levels, especially for 5* heroes. You should only limit break heroes who you then plan to fully level up in the newly opened levels. And, do not waste food / iron on heroes you never plan to max or limit break.

How Limit Breakers Forever Change The Game

Unlike pre-limit breakers, the number of 5* heroes you have now is meaningless. Instead what counts is how many you have managed to limit break. Yes, they make that much of a difference in the game economy!

Adjust Quickly to the New Game Strategy

Stop pulling like crazy from hero portals! That no longer is a good strategy. I can not be any clearer than that. Stop summoning! 

I'm not talking about free coin pulls. Go ahead and do those, and have fun. Maybe you will get lucky and get something good. However, at least through Fall 2021, the days of doing 10-, 30- or more summons pulls should be OVER for most players. A lot of players in mid- and upper-tier alliances go crazy pulling on every event portal. That now is just plain foolish. 

The heroes you pull now will be obsolete by September-December 2021. Why obsolete? Three reasons:
  • New Over-powered Heroes already have been announced and put in Beta testing. 
  • Limit Breaking heroes creates overpowered heroes. Most old heroes that have not been limit broken will appear underpowered compared to the new boosted (broken) heroes. You will lose  way way way more wars and raids using regular heroes against limit broken defenses with 5100+ total power. 
  • New Over-powered costumes on powerful event heroes, like Killhare and Finley already have been in Beta testing. So, if you pull a Finley or Killhare now, it may be good, but it will be underpowered compared to the costume you don't have, and to most limit broken heroes.

Best Limit Breaker Strategy

A lot of people are surprised at how limit breakers completely change the existing game economy in Empires & Puzzles. Here is the best strategy for coping with the new reality:

1. Stop Using Gems to Pull New Heroes - Focus on Limit Breaking and Wait for the New Costumes and Powerful Heroes Coming Soon

At least for a few months, the best strategy is to focus on existing heroes and stop trying to get new heroes, other than using free coins. There are a few important reasons for this:
  • Current Heroes Will Be Obsolete Soon:  Powerful New Heroes Have Been Tested in Beta, and will be introduced in September-December 2021.  Also powerful new costumes are coming. These new heroes and costumes will render a lot of the existing heroes obsolete, including even rare event heroes and most Underwild, Valhalla and Atlantis heroes. So, focus your energy and resources on emblems and limit breaking for now.
  • Limit Broken Heroes Are Important: They are very difficult to kill: So you need limit broken heroes to have a lot of success in events, wars and raids. This was one of the reasons most beta testers opposed limit breakers.
  • If You Want to Use Gems, Only Use For Limit Breaking: You can have a lot of success playing Empires & Puzzles never buying gems. But, if you want to use gems, the best strategy for now is to use them only to focus on limit breaking and raising up your previously maxed heroes.
  • Limit Broken Heroes Need HUGE Amounts of Food and Iron: Food is the most "scarce" in-game resource, and Iron also can be scarce. You need a lot of food to level up troops (another important strategy), and now to level up your limit broken heroes. Do not waste your food on leveling up large numbers of other heroes. Focus on quality, not quantity!

2. Versatile Heroes on Attack and Defense Team First

The first place to focus your limit breakers is on your most used heroes. Typically those will be 5* heroes that you use a lot on your attack teams, and on your defense teams (war and raid). Those are the heroes you use the most and will make the greatest impact. 

3. 4* Heroes You Use A Lot

A lot of players use some of the better 4* heroes a lot. It is a lot cheaper in terms of food, iron and Aethers to limit break 4* heroes, so don't forget those. Some of the 4* heroes that might be worth limit breaking include: 
  • Wilbur
  • Costume Rigard
  • Boldtusk 
  • Proteus.

4. Play Smart & Strategic

Most of all: realize that Limit Breakers have created a short-term imbalance in the game, and take advantage of it using the strategy above!

Mirages of Omega Quests

The monthly Mirages of Omega Quests are where you will get the most Aethers - the Limit Breakers. It is kind of sneaky that you can only get 4 of the 5 Level III Aethers you need to limit break a Legendary 5* hero. You will need to get the fifth one from a chest, or to buy it. Even worse, you may need to wait 6 months for the next Mirages of Omega in that color to get the fifth Level III Aether.  
This artificial scarcity has caused a lot of resentment among mid- to upper- level players who view that as a fake scarcity designed to make them pay more! Over time, we will see how badly this hurts the game, if it does.

Anyway, here's what you need to do in the quest:

One Color Per Quest

Each Mirages of Omega quest is for just one color. For example it may feature one of blue, green, red, yellow or purple limit breakers (Aethers). 

Bring Same Color, Not Strong Color

Unlike tournaments, you should not bring the strong color. The reason is that strong colors are de-buffed for this quest. However, the same colors are buffed up. For example for the blue Mirages of Omega, bring blue heroes. The blue heroes get automatic buffs for the quest. In contrast green heroes (normally strong on blue) are weakened for this quest.

Costumes and Limit Breakers Strategy

Heroes that have costumes have to be limit broken twice - you have to limit break the hero and costume separately.

If you only want to use the base hero, don't bother limit breaking the costume, since doing that will not provide an added bonus. However, if you want to use the limit broken costume you will need to limit break the base hero also.

The costume bonus applies to the raised stats of the limit broken hero. This means that you get the benefit of both limit breaking, and any costume bonus you have.

What do you think? Any other limit breaker tips and strategies?


Anonymous said…
Man I'm glad I quit playing this game months ago :P Obviously I still like to check on this site on occasion just to see what's new with the game. The level of greed by Small Giant has already been "Limit-Broke" perhaps 2 years ago LOL
Telly said…
@Anonymous: Great to see you checking in now and then. The limit breakers definitely are very frustrating for a lot of players, as they should be. After all, nearly everyone in the beta program and in the player community as a whole did not want them. But if we all adapt quickly to the new strategy, it may actually become less expensive and maybe more fun for a lot of players. The days of pulling for a lot of new 5* heroes should end for most players.
Anonymous said…
How do you level break? Do you need a certain building to do it? I have a level 25 CASTLE and a level 20 tower. Where do you trade in these gems to level break? Where do I go to see if I have them? I don't see any instructions that are detailed on where to go and how to do it Can you please help. Thanks! Your website by the way is phenomenal!
Odog said…
They’ll appear once the Version 39 update is forced to all users, in about a week or two.
Unknown said…
Well said! Thanks for the info, I'm looking forward for a heroes name-priority list in your opinion, besides defence teams and 4* low cost mostly used. Keep going the good job!!!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for your excellent web site, and for providing this highly important info!

Sir Aardvark
Telly said…
@Sir Aardvark: Good to see you, and you're welcome.
JanG said…
This feature should only be available for the now almost obsolete s1 and s2 heroes, not for the already overpowered s3, s4 and event heroes.
Telly said…
@JanG: That certainly was a part of the pre-release debate and would have been a wiser implementation IMO. However, the game developers have decided otherwise. As players, the debate is over, unfortunately, and the question is how to adapt quickly to this significant change in the game. I've put the best strategy in the article, but also welcome other ideas for other good strategies.
Cernicalo said…
Thanks for this helpful information. I just thought about costume summoning but this is now obsolete :D when you think about 5* to limit break , do you think about Garnet and Co? Or would you even wait until the new hero’s will be introduced to see which heroes really make sense? And collect the Aether ryokans so long.
Cernicalo said…
And another question, what would you do with the unleveled S1 heroes, hero academy seams to be not really better to use them if the ones you can get instead will still be underpowered to the new meta? Do you think they will receive buffs or the hero academy will provide more of the current best hero’s to get ?
Unknown said…
My favorites are Elena,Freya,Frosth will they be worth breaking or should I focus on some of my other 5* ???
Telly said…
@Cernicalo: Yes, I do think it's safe to limit break Garnet and Cobalt. Even though stat inflation will make them less dominant than they currently are by the end of 2021, they still will be top tier. Regarding limit breaking S1 heroes, that's a good question. For me, with a fairly deep roster, no, I would not use limit breakers on any of them, except perhaps some of the good 4*, like Rigard or Boldtusk. As for S1 costumes, yes, stat inflation is starting to make a lot of them less desirable. For now, for most players, the costume portal still is a good option. However, like other portals, a lot of the costumes are not even worth resources now.
Telly said…
@Unknown: Determining whether it is worth limit breaking those heroes really depends on who else you have, recognizing that the aether tokens will be another bottleneck, just like the 4* ascension materials. My best guess is that Freya will remain a relevant top tier hero for a long time, and probably is worth limit breaking. Uncostumed Elena, no, and I have my doubts about costume Elena. Frosth is decent, especially if used with Freya, but I do not see any great advantage to Limit Breaking him versus many other blue 5*. But again, it depends who you have.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for all your excellent info. Do you think I should use limit breaker on Richard (non costumed, but with additionnal costume bonus) ?
Anonymous said…
Thank you, Telly, for your clear and honest assessment. My alliance has not been happy about this, but i feel like your advice is something I can pass along to them for some hope!
Telly said…
@Anonymous: Not sure about limit breaking Richard. It depends on who else you have.

@Anonymous: I hope it helps the discussion in your alliance. The discussion in mine has been "lively" to say the least. People are not happy about the artificial scarcity created by how they structured the aether drops in the Omega event, which is sad for the game.
Dave said…
Thanks for the info as I used a mono Ice team, per your recommendation, to pretty easily complete all the levels for the first "Mirages of Omega" quest. Not sure what all the fuss is about since, by my calculations, I received only enough aethers to limit break either 2-4 star ice heroes and 2-3 stars or 10-3 star ice heroes from the event. If I want to break a 5 star I will have to wait until the Ice quest comes around again to get enough aethers to do so. The info I have says it is expected to be a monthly quest so every 6 months the element will repeat. By those numbers one can expect to limit break 1-5 star hero of each element once a year. There is a possibility to get aethers from war and tournament play but the III version will probably be a pretty rare drop. Even limit broken 4 stars are not much of a match for leveled and emblemed 5 stars and with the new non-season 1 costumed heroes coming out and the much more powerful heroes in new events also on the horizon I see limit breakers as more of a way to keep your old favorites relevant in the new meta over the next few years' This quest, like the Starfall Circus event, was a lot of fun and I hope that continues forward. My 2 cents!
Anonymous said…
Your thoughts, now that the first event is over, would you recommend break limiting 1 or 2 4* heroes OR save them until you break limit 5*?
Anonymous said…
I will hold the aethers and see what will come out later.And I like my Costumed Richard. He will be on top of the priority list at least at the moment ☺
Telly said…
@Anonymous: I am saving my Aethers until I can limit break a 5*. A lot of people are limit breaking a 3* because you still will have enough to limit break a 5* when you get the last Aether III. However, I don't see the point of that personally, and think it's better to save up food/iron for a week or two or three until you get the last aether.

BUT the MOST IMPORTANT thing for now is to just hold on to your gems, and don't do any paid hero summons. The heroes coming in a few months are RIDICULOUSLY OVERPOWERED. Whatever you pull now will look outdated, with very few exceptions. I can't emphasize that enough. Even some limit broken heroes will look outdated, so be selective.
Anonymous said…
Hello. Thanks for the info. Could you make a list of what current 5* are worth breaking? Or at least the minimum hero grade required?
Anonymous said…
Hello and thanks for all the great work.
Where will new overpowered heroes be summoned? Is it good idea to save EHT, legend coins, and all other coins or there will be new coins introduced in the game?
Anonymous said…
Telly, what are your thoughts on limit breaking Miki? Since the upcoming heroes will be OP, seems like breaking my existing defense might be premature. But... if there's no new titan killer then Miki might be a sound investment?
GamerrFreddie said…
No matter how powerful a limit broken hero is, they are still at the mercy of the boards and the hero specials. Defense down, attack up, negative mana generation or mana stop, mindless attack, etc. There's nothing in this game that can't be figured out and beaten.
E&P crazy said…
Telly you’re awesome. Thanks for your efforts.
Telly said…
@Anonymous: As far as heroes recommended for limit breaking: a lot depends on how you like to play the game, and your roster. What might be good for some players might not be for others. Generally speaking a good place to start is with the hero grades I put on All the A+ heroes are good candidates for limit breaking. You can find them here:
Telly said…
@E&P Crazy: Thanks, I appreciate it!

@Anonymous: As for Miki, no, I would not limit break him. He's a titan specialist, and limit breaking would not convey a significant advantage over just fully leveling him.

@Anonymous: The new heroes coming in the Fall... some will be put into current portals, some will be in new events. Already 2 new events for later in 2021 have been in beta testing. Existing coins will work for some of the new heroes and one of the events events (maybe), not all.

@GamerrFreddie: Of course, that's the nature of the game. The RnG factor means sometimes you get great boards and can crush a mush stronger opposing defense. But all things being equal the power and synergy of the heroes on the opposing defense is a significant factor in whether you win or lose a raid or war hit.
Anonymous said…
I'm very curious what those new overpowered heroes are.They sound so scary but I agree no heroes are unbeatable.Not to worry about too much .Games should be for fun 😀

As for the aethers, I got a 4* fire aether from war loot and other nice stuff. But I don't always opt in and suck at tourneys 😅 Like emblems,it's very probable I'll never get enough of them for my heroes

I like the masquerade portal the most. I'll get bored if I have no new heroes to play with. I'm cheap to play and am saving for new interesting heroes. Thanks for the advice ☺
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
Would you limit brake Sartana or The Black Knight?
Anonymous said…
Can you explain the overpowered heroes? Is that they will appear on challenge event and costume event only? If currently I got 5* heroes, should I level them or wait till overpowered heroes come out first?
Anonymous said…
What happens to emblems on a hero when you limit break that hero? Do they stay and confer a bonus on the limit broken base stats, do you lose them, or are they obsolete? Any info greatly appreciated.
Anonymous said…
@Anonymous: Emblems on a hero stay and confer a bonus on the limit broken base stats.
Hybride_ian said…
Is there some information available somewhere on those overpowered heroes coming in the fall?
PPR said…
Just saw a limit-broken Grampus on defence. When C-Joon hit him, the damage dealt Was 740ish that is much less than I expected. But with favourable tiles and decent heroes,it doesn't strike me as too hard to take him down
Anonymous said…
I'm new to the game. Zero 5* heroes, but a handful of decent 4*. I'm saving gems for a 10-pull summon. What's going to be the best upcoming summon event for a weaker player?
Telly said…
Costume Chamber is the best for new players.
Anonymous said…
Is the upcoming magic tower the new heroes you were referring to??
Unknown said…
Is het de bedoeling om nu zoveel mogelijk zetters te gebruiken of kan je er beter een aantal houden tot level 2 opengaat?
Anonymous said…
If you limit break a hero and decide you want to reset that hero to upgrade a different hero, do you get your limit break items/gems back?