Starfall Circus Empires and Puzzles Event and Stages Guide

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The Starfall Circus event in Empires & Puzzles was first introduced in June 2021. The event enters the rotating Challenge Event calendar in the game and is expected to re-appear every 8-10 months. 

The reflect color is yellow, like Guardians of Teltoc, so leave your yellow heroes out of your attack lineup for this one - unless it is a Starfall Circus event hero. In addition, because of the "Starfall" effect, you also need to avoid purple heroes. This guide will show everything you need to know to succeed in this new event.

UPDATE: I have regraded all the new Starfall Heroes, and have added them on All Heroes as well.

Starfall Circus Stages

This is the stage guide for the Starfall Circus. As with other challenge events, there are three difficulty levels (Rare, Epic and Legendary). This event presently has 10 stages at each of these difficulty levels, with enemy monsters that are yellow, purple, and blue on every stage. 

During the event, I come back here frequently to plan out my attack teams for each stage. 
Starfall Circus Stage Guide Empires & Puzzles
(Thanks to @Cap for creating this graphic.)

Tip: Know the Reflect Color - Holy / Yellow

Tip: Don't Bring Purple or Yellow Heroes

Generally speaking, you should not bring any yellow heroes on any stage that includes yellow monsters or bosses, since the reflect color is yellow in Starfall Circus. In addition, due to the "Starfall" effect, you should not bring purple heroes, because every few turns they will be converted to yellow and will be useless.

Exception: The Starfall Circus heroes themselves bypass the Elemental Barriers. This means that the yellow reflect does not affect them. You can bring the yellow Circus heroes to battle in this event  without fearing the elemental color reflect. Howver, even though the yellow Circus heroes bypass the color reflect, their tile damage still is weak against yellow targets. 

The "Starfall" Falling Stars

A new event mechanic is introduced, the "Starfall." A "Starfall" occurs every 5 turns, and it looks like falling stars. This "Starfall" has three effects:
  • Element Change: Changes the element of each hero in your attack team to the color it is strong against. This is similar to the color change effect of Guardian Chameleon. For example, your Purple heroes turn yellow and your red heroes turn blue.
  • Minor Damage: each hero gets minor damage:
    • Rare: 100 damage.
    • Epic: 150 damage.
    • Legendary: 200 damage.
  • Battle Item Interference: two battle items are interfered with and cannot be used for 3 turns.

Starfall Circus Heroes Event Bonuses

Starfall Heroes Get Increased Attack, Defense And Health

Every Starfall event hero has a 20% increased attack, defense, and health in this Event’s stages. As an example, if the event hero has an attack stat of 700, then for this event, its attack stat goes up to 840! This 20% buff also applies to the defense and health stats. This is a major increase and can significantly increase your score.

Starfall Circus Heroes Bypass Elemental Barriers

Starfall family heroes bypass the Elemental Barriers. In other words, yellow Starfall event heroes bypass the yellow reflect, and can damage yellow targets in this event.

Starfall Circus Strategies: 

Bring Heroes That Are Strong Against the Mobs and Monsters in the Stage - But Not Purple in this Event!

If you've been reading my event guides, you know that a good strategy is to check the stage guide (see the guide above) and remember to put together teams that are strong against the monsters and bosses for that particular stage. For Starfall Circus, however, do not make the mistake of bringing purple heroes, even though they may be strong against yellow. This is because the "Starfall" effect turns those purple heroes yellow, and they become useless.  

Another  strategy is to use a mana controller, or a special skill blocker like Miki in your attack teams in order to keep the bosses neutralized. The blue mana potions can keep your mana controllers ready to fire when needed.

Strategy: Go Mono

To score high, top players typically put together single-color teams. For Starfall Circus, you should not use any purple or yellow heroes, unless they are in the Starfall family. Yellow is the reflect color, and of course that eliminates yellow heroes. And, the "Starfall" mechanic also operates every 5 turns to convert purple heroes to yellow.  One way to counteract this is to cleanse the ailment, so you could bring purple heroes if you bring a cleanser or bring along lots of green potions. Otherwise, stick with blue, green or red heroes.

Bring Starfall Circus Heroes Strategy

The Starfall Family bonuses are significant, and can hugely increase your stage scores in this event. In fact, the highest scoring strategy is to bring an attack team full of Starfall heroes. Of course, this strategy will probably not be possible for most players because it completely depends on your good fortune in the event portal! So, still I think the most likely best strategy is to bring the strongest color (see below). The Starfall Family event bonuses are:
  • +20% Attack, Defense and Health Buff.
  • Reflect color bypass.

Remember the Tips For High Scores in Challenge Events

These are the same as for other challenge events.
  • Bring Mono teams - avoid yellow and purple for this event.
  • Play fast.
  • Make combos.
  • Bring high level battle items: time stops, tornadoes, bomb attacks and battle axes.
  • REROLL TRICK: you can play a level as many times as you want. So top players play each level until they get lucky and make many combos and diamonds. Some top players look at their initial board, and if they cannot make an immediate diamond, the flee and try again.
The Starfall Circus adds one more tip:  
  • Bring Starfall family heroes.

Starfall Circus Portal Grading

Starting with this event we are doing  portal grades for each portal in the game. If you have been playing the game for a while, you probably have heard horror stories of people over-spending to chase shiny new heroes. We hope to help people easily control their spending on the game by pursuing the best strategies for summoning heroes. 

BEST STRATEGY: Play and enjoy the game! Use your free token pulls, and feel happy if you get a good event hero, but remember the chances of a 5* Starfall hero are tiny - under 2%! DON'T SPEND on every portal. Pick a few that have heroes you want and focus on those. DON'T chase heroes, and understand for every hero you already pulled from that event, your chances of getting a new 5* you don't already have DROPS rapidly!

Portal Grades:

  • Quality of the heroes: Grade C
    • The artwork for Starfall heroes is very well done. However, none of the heroes are "must have" and you will do better focusing your spending elsewhere.
  • Effective chance of summoning good heroes: Grade C+
    • The 5* heroes are all situational and none will change the game meta. However, I have raised this grade from D to C+ because the 4* and 3* heroes all are decent. It would have been a B-, however, the percentages for the 4* and 3* are among the worst in the game.
  • 5* Heroes Impact: C+.
  • Portal Frequency: F
    • The more frequent the portal, the better your chances of pulling multiple heroes and taking advantage of the family bonus using coin pulls. This event is expected no more than every 8-10 months making it too infrequent to accumulate the whole family, without overspending hundreds of dollars/euros for most players.  
Overall Starfall Circus Hero Portal Grade: C

Starfall Circus Heroes

The Starfall Circus heroes bring new skill mechanics into the Empires & Puzzles game. The 5* heroes are situational in use, and accordingly are not in especially high demand. I have ranked and graded all of them. 

Starfall Hero Level Grade
Bobo 5* A-    
Director Zuri 5* A-
Eiora & Fluffy 5* A
Emilio 5*A
Faline 5*A-
Theobald    5* B+
D'Andre 4*A
Eichbelborg 4* A-
Marcel 4* A
Candy 3* A-
Whaker 3*    A-

Starfall Circus Hero Cards and Stats:

To view the hero cards and stats go this link at our All Heroes database: Starfall Circus Heroes.

For a side-by-side comparison: Compare all Starfall Circus Heroes.

Starfall Circus Family Bonus

The Starfall family bonus for using 2/3 heroes is:
  • Cleanse:  40% / 60% chance to cleanse the Hero’s most recent dispellable status ailment at the end of each turn.


Anonymous said…
Hi Telly,
I have a question regarding your comment, “ DON'T chase heroes, and understand for every hero you already pulled from that event, your chances of getting a 5* DROPS rapidly!”

If I have three 5 star hero’s from Valhalla event and the percentage that is advertise to pull a 5 star featured hero that is 1.0%, dose that drop even lower because I already have three 5 stars from that event?

Thanks for keeping your web site updated. Awesome website.

Lord raiden said…
Hai classificato faline B- sei sicuro??statistiche alte 784 di spada emblemata arriva 918 scudo 751 emblemato 787 vita alta colpisce 3 nemici con un danno del 290% e se hanno stessa velocità gli blocca la rigenerazione mana per un 44% oltretutto rapida e secondo me visto e considerato che ha statistiche e colpo migliore di Drake assolutamente da difesa ovvio d attacco soprattutto per rallentare i nemici ed è anche da titano...mia opinione ma mi sa che devi rivederla bene....immagino ti sarai basato sulle prime statistiche viste....
Anonymous said…
I would change Faline to at least A after getting her and fighting her. If the three she hits has the same mana speed, she Will decrease the speed of all 3 of them. 3 ninjas in a row, no problemo, -44 mana generation for all 3.
Anonymous said…
Why is Director Zuri only a B grade? She is a direct upgrade (better stats, stronger minions and a cleanse) from Delilah, and Delilah is graded as an A.
Aqila said…
I think The starfall effect os chance color 2 The one it's strong against nota weak. The rotation i'm observing os Green > Blue> Red. THX 4 tour blog, extremeño useful
Aqila said…
Sorry 4 The mistakes, i have corrector set 2 spanish. I'm finding It easy with monocolor avoiding elemental defense down heroes spending The color tiles of muy héroes and preparing board tiles 4 Next color
Spiritdark said…
I like Griffin from S4 for this event. His ability to always bypass reflection on special, means he's decent when Holy, and an absolute killer when 'Starfalled' to Dark.
Telly said…
Now that the heroes are officially released, I have updated the grading to reflect performance and changes from the beta tested versions.
Telly said…
@Anonymous: I've cleared up some ambiguity: Each time you get a 5* hero, the chances of pulling a 5* hero you don't already have drops rapidly. For example, if a portal has 4 5* heroes, and the percentage is 1%, that means the chance of pulling any one of the 5* heroes in that portal is 0.25% each or 1% total.

To give some context, that's just 2.5 chances in every 1000 pulls of getting a particular 5* hero if there are 4 different heroes! Don't chase heroes! You could pull 100 times for over $250 and still not get the hero you want.

Then, if you get lucky and manage to pull one of the 5* heroes, that means that there are only 3 of the 4 that you do not have. That means your chances of getting one of the 3 you don't already have now has declined to 0.75%, down from 1%.

This is why your chances of getting a hero you don't already have drops drastically for each hero you get lucky and pull.
Anonymous said…
Bobo should be rated higher to A. High defend,decent attack, highest attack all ever at 320%, and would be very very good for titan too for the -60% attack and def to opponent.
Telly said…
@Anonymous: Regarding Bobo, you can find my rating breakdown on All Heroes. You'll see there that I gave him an A+ for titans, and agree that the -60% defense is very good there. The reason he gets knocked down a bit in grading is he's too slow. That limits his usefulness on defense and in raid attacks. However, for VF wars and tournaments, he'll shine, which keeps his rating in the A- to A range. Not sure he should go up higher, but will keep it in mind to see how he performs more in-game.
Telly said…
@Aqila: You're right, I updated it to indicate the Starfall changes the heroes to the color they are strong against.
Dave said…
Your hero in the summons and on this page has a spelling error. The hero is named Eichbelborg, not Eichelborg. FYI!
Telly said…
@Dave: Yes, good catch. I'll be going in and fixing that typo!
Anonymous said…
Kills me to see you have Theobald as the lowest rates of the new 5* Starfall heroes. I’m guessing the slow mana is the reason. He seems better than that to me. Reflecting status ailments and attack up is a nice combo. I guess at some point I understand the need for mana speed but I got him and I am thrilled. I believe he will make a fine tank (my alliance uses blue tanks and I don’t have a great one (Glenda)). But I was hoping to see him A- at least. I hope you prove wrong.
Telly said…
@Anonymous: Congratulations on the good pull! Let me know how he works out for you once you have him fully leveled up. he certainly seems like a better tank than Glenda. And he should help your titan scores.
Unknown said…
Ok, my input, taken collectively, that is the best group of characters in the game, there's not a bad/pointless one in the entire group, the low odds on Event pulls does make chasing them pretty discouraging, but I won't be surprised to see several of them start showing up in high Diamond
Anonymous said…
Got BOBO. Tested him.
Great on Titan. I even try going 4 purple + Bobo on 11 star yellow titan
average 40k each flags. The 4 purple being Rigard Costume +19, Malicna, Freya +20 and Tiburtus costume. As Bobo's def down is uncleansable, so i do need to worries Malicna's or Tib's def down overwrite the def down by Bobo.

Tried Bobo on map. When there is multiple bosses like 3 bosses at final wave, ALL bosses will be inflicted with the def and atk down. Yes. ALL OF THEM. Bobo will be great on challenge events at the late stages where you will be going against 3 bosses. Not sure it will work on all though. So far Im testing Bobo at Underwild map hard mode.
Telly said…
@Anonymous: Congratulations on the great pull. And yes, I agree with you on Bobo, and am reconsidering his grades.
Anonymous said…
I got Marcel and Emilio, and am super happy with them. Marcel hits really hard (I don't have a lot of good offensive heroes) and Emilio, when you can get his special to fire twice, is a hidden gem as enemies just go poof after a few turns.
razhobkil said…
Telly... just came across your site. 1,000 thanks for the compilation! I look forward to improving my game, and have already sent your link to my alliance.