Yang Mai May 2021 HOTM Review and Grading - Empires and Puzzles Hero of the Month

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Yang Mai is the May 2021 Hero of the Month in Empires and Puzzles. At fast mana speed, she is a relatively soft hitting sniper, with an potential chain hit, like Misandra.
Yang Mai Hero of the Month in Empires & Puzzles for May 2021

Yang Mai Stats:

Base Stats:
  • Power: 790
  • Mana speed: Fast
  • Class: Monk
  • Element: Red / Fire
  • Origin: HOTM - May 2021
  • Level: 5* Legendary

Yang Mai Special Skill: Flaming Fury

  • Deals 280% damage to the target.
  • Has a 50% chance for additional hits on random enemies up to 4 times. Additional hits deal minor damage.
  • The caster gets the following status effect for each hit:
    • Stack: The caster gets +5% attack. The maximum size of stack is 10.
  • Element Link gives all fire allies a small amount of mana at the end of each turn for 4 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.
  • Innate Resistance: Resist Water Damage - This hero has an innate resistance against Water damage.
  • Innate Ability: Status Effect on Mana Reduction - This hero receives the following status effect on Mana Reduction: The caster gets +30% attack for 3 turns.

Yang Mai HOTM Review:

Yang Mai is like an lighter hitting version of Misandra. She hits with a modest amount of damage, and then, has a potential to hit other enemies - a 50% chance for each additional hit, up to 4 times. Each additional hit deals minor damage and is relatively insignificant in raid or war attacks.  This attack chain makes Yang Mai relatively fun to use, to see if you get fortunate enough to get a good attack chain. But even then, a relatively low amount of damage is inflicted on the opposing team.  The low damage percent can be increased 5% each time Yang Mai manages to hit an enemy with her special skill. So, after firing twice before she is killed in a raid, her stack would most likely go up just 10% or 20%, which still is a relatively soft hit for a sniper. Theoretically it could go as high 50% (it is very unlikely - around 5 or 6% chance of going that high after firing twice). 

Her element link is a nice, but small added dimension to Yang Mai's special skill, giving each red teammate a small amount of mana at the end of each turn, for 4 turns. Yang Mai has an innate resistance to  water damage, which can be useful against blue heroes who deal water damage, such as Vela. Unfortunately, it is rare to see Vela on defense teams since she was nerfed, so I do not see much value in that innate resistance. 
Against titans, Yang Mai brings a modest tile damage, so can be acceptable if you do not have a higher attack stat hero on your roster. 

Yang Mai Emblem / Skill Path:

Yang Mai is primarily attack or damage oriented, even though she still is relatively weak for that. So, an attack / defense emblem path is recommended.

Yang Mai Grading:

  • Attack: C+
  • Overall Defense: C
    • Tank: C
    • Flank: B-
    • Wing: C+
  • Titans: B
  • Raid Tournaments:
    • Rush: C+
    • Buff Booster: B
    • Bloody Battle: B
Overall Yang Mai Rating: C+
Note:  I may have been overly generous in giving Yang Mai a C+ review, and am considering lowering her further, especially in comparison with other new heroes coming out. Do you think Yang Mai should be reduced?


Cernicalo said…
I think compared to others she is not a B or B- . She might be if the 30% attack would be on all allies after mana reduction. Then she would be helpful in some raid attacks where the opponent had this skill of mana reduction. In Defence the AI would likely pass the right moment.
I first thought , cool a red Misandra with some additional passive skills, but as you said the hit is too low.
Telly said…
@Cernicalo - Thanks for your comment. I agree, and have reconsidered her grade.
Unknown said…
I was honestly quite excited for this hero before I read the review and realized that her attack is a bit weak for a sniper which is a bit dissapointing considering the chain of less than excellent HoTMs (excluding Uraeus and maybe Frosth). I also want to add that the fact that you do these reviews before the heroes are even available is really useful and I greatly appreciate the effort!
Anonymous said…
Hey Telly, you are wrong.
The card says every time she hits, she gets a 55-Stack.
Her Special is 1. Hit a Opponent, than 60% Chance of hitting another one, so in 13% she hits all 5 Enemys and her stacks are at 5.
After firing her spezial two times. She should have already 3-6 stacks normaly.
I had the chances for that in my video ->https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7CljVVwVYQ
It's in german, but u can find the Chances at 06:07 and the Stacks at 06:51. Feel free to upgrade your Article if u want.
The Card is different to mireweave. Thats why Yang mai is way better then normal stackbuilding Heros.
Greetings from Germany

Anonymous said…
Hello again Telly!
Oh again it's me.
Her passiv Innate Ability: Status Effect on Mana Reduction - This hero receives the following status effect on Mana Reduction: The caster gets +30% attack for 3 turns....
is realy good. I mean 80% of purple Tanks reduce Mana when they die, so i'd rank her clearly higher than C+. In PVE, Events and Farming she kicks ass! I agree with u on titans, cause every special she gets only one stack, but in PVE and PVP (3 to mono Teams) she kicks hard. Really hard in therory.
Greetings again from Germany
Telly said…
@Siegmund007, thanks for the further explanation on Yang's stacks. I still view the stack as having little effect as it is a low %, and to get to the higher percent it really is a matter of a low percent chance of RNG working in your favor. That makes her unreliable. I view her kind of like Malicna, another hero that can be good, if RNG is favorable, but not reliable.
Kambala said…
@Telly @Siegmund007 I feel like the real potential for Yang Mai might be in her tile damage if used in synergy with Boldtusk (and maybe another Attack buffer like Wu Kong, Ranvir, or Miki). This is simply because her stack will work together with those and could push her base attack far beyond the potential defenses of whoever she hits. From what I've read, damage from tiles and special abilities works on a power function, which is good for defenders when defense is greater than attack and good for attackers when attack overwhelms that. So let's consider Yang with some stacks and Boldtusk's 48% buff.

Base Attack + BT: 1,099
2 stacks + BT: 1,210
4 stacks + BT: 1,320
5 stacks * BT: 1,375

Now let's consider that I want to hit Frigg(def 836) with some tiles. Yang's damage per tile would be:
Base: 100* (1,099/836)^1.35 = 144 dmg/tile
2 stacks: 165 dmg/tile
4 stacks: 185 dmg/tile
5 stacks: 200 dmg/tile
10 stacks: 250 dmg/tile

This is all theoretical, of course, since there are no troops taken into account and I haven't included stacking bonuses for multiple reds nor the damage bonus for red being strong against green. When you consider that, properly kitted she could hypothetically take Frigg out simply by flinging three tiles at her. Her move is decent hitting, but I think the real draw here is simply using it to generate stacks. If she fires twice, regardless of number of chains, she should start destroying targets from tile matches alone.
Anonymous said…
Now that she's released her chance of consecutive hits is reduced to 50 % ? What do you all think?
S-Kaliber said…
I've been waiting for a good fire hero for awhile to come out. There's a reason that I have a few Marianas fully leveled. That being said I will not be leveling up this one...waste of asencion items in my opinion.
Telly said…
@Anonymous: the reduction of to 50% is a significant decrease in the value of Yang Mai, and I've reduced her defense grade from C+ to C.

@S-Kaliber: I definitely agree Marjana is better. Sometimes I just prefer greater variety though, so there would be an argument to level up Yang Mai instead of a 3d or 4th Marjana, if you have enough ascension materials for another red 5*.
nicolas said…
Here's me again, looking for Advice. I got a weak red heroes rooster. I have Tyr and Jean Francois fully leveled, and a couple of heroes on 3/70. Today I got Yang Mai, and I don't know if she's worth the rings. My whole red bench is Azlar, Elena, Marjana, Khagan, Noor and Natalia. All of them at 3/70. Who should I ascend?
Anonymous said…
Am curious what will your rating be if SG did not nerf her during beta - meaning 270% with 70% chance on consecutive hit.
Grimm said…
Hm... i watched a bunsh of reviews on her from Anchor to EPB to TCcap12 on Youtube. It seems that everyone else thinks she is a quite good/balanced charakter. Rankings a from B+ to A- there.

I still don't know what to think about her... But i would definetly rank her higher than C+ for the elemental link alone. This might not sound like much, but you get 0,5 tiles every round for 4 rounds.

most of the players dont have multiple high mana troops, so if you take a mono team with, lets say willbur, boldusk, guardian kong, anzog and yang mai, you could start her special after 9 tiles (i know, its 8, but most of the time you will match three) and even without a further match or mana troop, you can fire all other heroes two rounds later. that makes quite a differenze to me.

her skill itself seems underwhelming to me as well though...

as i said, i don't know for my self, but i find it quite interesting that the oppinions are completley differnt in this case.
Telly said…
@Nicolas: Of those on your bench, Marjana is the best all-round choice - a decent fast sniper. You'll probably get the most use out of her raids and war attacks. If you have a deep enough roster to build for VF tournaments or wars, Khagan could be a good option. Even then, I'd go with Marjana over Khagan.
Telly said…
@Anonymous: The original beta version was a bit better with a 70% chance of additional hits. Still, she would not have gotten above C+/B range.
Telly said…
@Grimm: I try to give clear distinctions between heroes in my grading. If a hero is mediocre I'm going to come out and say it, and rate it low, so people can come here and get clear assessments and then make their own decisions on how/if to expend game resources. I really can't speak to others' assessments, but it seems everyone I know who's levelled her up are underwhelmed to say the least.
SCBrain said…
I think she’s better than C+ against titans. I just got her and she’s still at 1.1 for me, but I just tested her out against 8-7. When there was one boss left, I triggered her special. The additional random hits, when they occurred, hit the lone remaining enemy. So it’s theoretically possible to hit a titan five times at one time: base 280 + 140 + 140 + 140 + 140 = 840% hit! Of course, half the time it will just be a soft 280% hit, but 25% will be 420, 12.5% will be 560, 6% will be 700, and 3% will be 840 - all the while with mana bonuses. She could be GREAT in mystic titans, where items are used to fire specials constantly.
Kambala said…
@Telly @SCBrain I agree with SCBrain. I just tested her in a PVE map and she never fired less than 3 times. I think that there's a slightly different underlying mechanic here than Misandra. I think what's happening here is the game rolls a dice 4 times, and every roll over 50 is taken as a success and supplies an extra hit. If that's the case, 3 hits per fire should be the average result.

I'd ask others to test this out and, if that's the case, this hero's score needs to be reconsidered. If she's hitting for 280% x 1 + 140% x2 consistenly, that is a far higher output than expected, not to mention the faster escalation of stacks: 15% for the average first fire, and by two to three fires you're at the cap of 50% most of the time. If verified this might end up being a much better hero than previously though.
Aki said…
her name is Yang May...be.
her link doesn't matter. even in mono red team, you heave other 5* with better skills.
not me, but a average moneyplayer yes.
hit to soft to count. sure, if i get her, i will maxed out. simply cuz i don't have any 5* red hero. but if i have, for ex. Marjana, is many times way better then Yang Mai..be.
SCBrain said…
I just ran a text with n=100 and the results were almost exactly as a formula would suggest : 50% single hits, 25% double hits, 12.5% triple hits, and so on. Weighting the various probabilities with the damage dealt (280 for first hit, 140 for every hit thereafter), the expected mean damage from her special would be 408%. That’s a little low for a sniper, but the mana boost and the attack increase stack are significant. I’d say she’s good against titans and very good against mystic titans.
Telly said…
@SCBrain, thanks for the calculations. The damage part of titan grading is mostly based on tile damage. The damage from special skills is considerably lower than that of tile damage, even with the hardest hitting heroes. Special skills that are of value with titans are skills like defense down, elemental defense down and tile damage enhancement. Based on the tile damage, I agree that Yang Mai is a B or B- for titans, and moved her up a bit from the original grade, as you pointed out.
Telly said…
@Aki: "Yang May...be" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
SSMcBain said…
So who should I ascend: Reuben or Yang Mai? I have JF, Elena, and Tyr currently.
Telly said…
@SSMcBain: I've never levelled up my Reubens, so can't speak from much personal experience. In beta he seemed quite weak. I've run across him on defense a few times, and view him as an easy win. Everything I've heard is he is just ineffective. Yang Mai seems to have a bit more acceptance, so if I had to choose between the two, I'd go with Yang Mai.
nicolas said…

I've been testing her on a mono-color team (Yang Mai, Emilio, Marjana, Jean Francois and Tyr) and her elemental link works wonders. Fast becomes very fast, and very fast doesn't need a level 11 mana troop to accelerate the speed to 6 tiles. I'm definitely going to give her rings after Emilio.
Telly said…
@Nicholas: I'm thinking f raising her up a bit. Let me know hw she works out for you.
Dan said…
I have Khagan and Yang Mai. Both seem just okay with Khagan having a better special skill IMO but his mama speed is slower than Yang Mai. He is maxed out and I just got her. Should I max her out and swap them or just stick with Khagan. Who do you guys think is better for passing Map Stages? Thank you!
Telly said…
@Dan: They are both very different heroes. Khagan can be great in very fast wars and tournaments - one of the hardest hitting heroes in the game in those situations. For map stages, personally I prefer heroes that hit-3 or hit-all, so I'd still prefer Khagan for those. For raids, I prefer Yang Mai due to her fast speed.
Anonymous said…
I've got Yang Mai 2-60. She sucks. She probably never get past 3-70. I've got so many other good 5* reds: 2 Gravemaker 2 Gefjon 2 Marjana Natalya Ares Elizabeth Elena Mitsuko Zimkitha... All are better.
Anonymous said…
I pulled Yang Mai but I don t think I will upgrade her …
I already have Azlar costume maxed with emblems to 20, Asterius maxed with emblems to 6 and Marjana maxed with emblems to 11…
I need to choose who to upgrade next between Santa Claus, Lady Loki, Yang Mai, Khagan costume, Mitsuko ,Natalya, Reuben and Noor…
I was thinking Mitsuko …
What do u think? Who would u choose?
Mdcernicalo said…
@anonymous, the answer depends as you might know. Do you have already good def/attack down and minionspawners, then Santa might not be the one to go for. If not than he is a real good one and If you have other winter heroes, the family bonus might be an additional argument for him . He can be used both in def and attack
Mitsuko is a good one too as I like the mana red and her ok hit on 3 which could go to 5 in new def formations. However her other special is only against Ice, but then strong. So for an ice heavy enemy Team (or blue Titan) she could help out in case she can activate before the others.
Lady Loki I like much, because of her specials and her great base stats (fully emblemed mine has 777,925,1423, the 925 def can easily be increased with troops to >1100. She is more an attack but also can be difficult as Tank if you do not have other red tanks like BK or Garnet which of course would be preferred in many situations.
If you need some good hero for a rush tournament I’d go with Khagan. He hits hard and is a hard enemy in rush.

So depending on your goal and what hero’s you miss I’d decide for the one or other. I’d go for Santa as I do not have a red with these skills, but good snipers, and lady Loki already so mitsuko won’t add too much to my roaster.
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
Hey Telly,
I like Yang Mai a lot. I have her now at +12 and use her in my main red mono team, in combo with BT (LB+C+20), Khagan, GM and QoH. It's an awesome team and I win against most teams (if red tiles come). The Attack up from GM, BT and YM also come on top of each other. This gives her an awesome attack stat. Def stat is also quite high.
When she hits multiple times, she also hits the same hero again if there are no other heroes. So in some cases, I end up with one enemy hero, which she hits with in total ~1.000hp. Game Over then. The stacks also increase with 3 if she hits 2 additional times (yes, I say times instead of heroes).
Against titans, she hits the titan multiple times as well.
She's also fast, so the stacks add up very rapidly.
Unfortunately, I only have one red mana troop (which is for BT), so I use a 4* crit troop at lvl 6.
I clearly rate her higher than C+. More like a B or even B+.

Once my Captain Nemo is maxed, I will probably replace Khagan and keep YM in my red team.

Greetings from Belgium,