May 2021 Calendar - Empires and Puzzles Quests and Events

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This is the May 2021 calendar for Empires and Puzzles, listing all the major events and quests in the game for the month. The Quest dates are not fixed and can change, so approximate dates for the major quests are given in this calendar. Major quests are the quests that drop unfarmable ascension items on the last two stages, so you don't want to miss them. The calendar is updated as additional information comes out. 

NEW: Summon Portal Ratings

Each of the monthly event hero summoning portals is now graded. The grading criteria include:
  • Quality of the heroes. 
  • The effective chances of summoning good heroes.
  • How well the heroes offered potentially could advance you in the game.
Now that the game developers have decided to quickly introduce a lot new heroes and events, the best strategy for players is to be selective! 

Follow these guides and Empires & Puzzles can become more enjoyable and less expensive to play!

May 1  Yang Mai is introduced as the May 2021 HOTM. She is a fast mana red / fire sniper, who is like a red version of Misandra. See the full Yang Mai Review.

May 1  Farholme Pass 2 (Tome of Tactics) (appx. date).

May 1-3  Tavern of Legends continues from April (HOTM that are over year old). Summon Portal Rating: F

May 1-7  Path of Valor continues from April. Valor Pass Rating: B

May 3-5  Atlantis Rises. Summon Portal Rating: D
  • Featured Heroes of the Month with grades:
    • Ranvir - A titan attack specialist, like a 5* Wu Kong. Rating: B.
    • Raffaele - A slow mana healer. Rating: B.
  • Featured Atlantis Heroes with grades:
    • Ariel - Considered the best, or one of the best, healers in the game. At average speed, cleanses, heals, and gives a big mana speed buff to all allies..  Rating: A.
    • Mok-Arr - Much maligned purple attack-on-everyone hero, was terrible until got buffed in mid-2020. Now is usable in a purple stack on attack. Rating: B.
  • View the 4 featured heroes for the November Atlantis Rises in All Heroes: Compare Ranvir, Raffele, Ariel, Mok-Arr.
May 6-8   Masquerade Costume Event. This event often is the best event for most people for summoning heroes since all the Season 1 heroes in this event come with costumes, making them more often desirable, instead of feeders as with all other hero summoning portals. Summon Portal Rating: A.

May 9-11  Valhalla Forever Summons Event with Season 3 Valhalla heroes - the second best of the summons portal, featuring some of the best of the 5* heroes. Summon Portal Rating: B

May 10  Shiloh Desert (Poison Darts) (appx. date).

May 10 - May 31  Path of Valor begins (Appx. Date). Valor Pass Rating: B; Enhanced Valor Pass Rating: F. 

May 13-17  Guardians of Teltoc Challenge Event. Summon Portal Rating: D.  Prize Value: B

May 17-19  Mythic Titan event - a fun alliance event, but with terrible prizes. So, recommended to have fun with this event, but don't use a lot of expensive battle items and don't buy the event "offer", since it does little to advance in the game. Have fun, but don't push to rank high, especially if your alliance can't make the top 10. Offer Rating: F.  Prize Value: F

May 20  Morlovia Quest (Royal Tabbard) (appx. date).

May 20-24 Season 4 Begins: "Voyagers of the Underwild. This will include one new event hero. Summon Portal Rating: C 

May 26-31  Ninja Tower Event. Hero Summon Portal Rating: B. Troop Portal Rating: A. 

May 30 Farholme Pass 1 (Damascus Blade) (appx. date).


nicolas said…
Telly, you typped Malicna instead of Yang Mai
Telly said…
@nicolas: You're quick! Got it, thanks.
Anonymous said…
Hey Telly - thanks for this!

I noticed that the Ninja Hero Summons is rated A, higher than Valhalla which scored B.

Would you say that the Ninja Hero Summons would be your 3rd best choice for pulls? I'm a F2P, so I my big pulls are very rare. Thanks in advance!

Keep up the great work! =)
Telly said…
That is a good question. For relatively new players, the costume chamber is by far the best because all the heroes come with costumes. Valhalla probably is second best, depending on who else you have, because of the possibility of getting a wider range of good heroes. Ninja portal is great for mid-upper level players because all the 5* ninjas are great (except Jade), so there is low variability. The problem with it is that you can also wind up with uncostumed Season 1 heroes, which are mostly feeders now for those players.
Alelí Peachum said…
Telly, i love u. You're the best
Telly said…
Thank you my friend!
Anonymous said…
Great content as always, very helpful and thank you for it! Only, Raffael is average speed, not slow.
Telly said…
@Anonymous: His card seems to say Raffaele is slow mana. When originally beta tested he was at very slow mana, but was changed to slow mana when introduced.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the great content as always!
Spar said…
I really like the addition of the summon portal ratings. Thank you!
Telly said…
@Spar: Glad people are appreciating them. I'm planning on rolling out the summon portal ratings to each event article as well. It's still in "beta" though, as I'm considering the feedback I'm getting, and additional factors to consider in addition to posted percentages, effective percentages, hero quality, 4* hero quality, cost, family bonus etc. With so many new heroes and portals being rolled out, everyone, including the top players, need to consider whether it is really worth chasing heroes, and instead to select particular portals to focus on. Of course always use the free tokens!
Javier said…
Estimados luego de meses de paciencia, me llego Espada de Damasco, y tengo estos héroes x ultima ascensión (5*) a quien ascenderían ¿??
Yang Mai 684
Quintus 657
Bai Yeong 673
Grazul 667
Alberich 662
Kadilen 656
Gracias x sus comentarios

Anonymous said…
depende de a quién ya tengas y de qué beneficiaría más a tu equipo. si aún no tienes un reviver, diría albreich.
Telly said…
@Javier: Congratulations on getting your Damascus Blade. As the previous response pointed out, which hero to level up next depends on who else you have. But, I agree that if you do not have Mother North, leveling up a reviver like Alberich could be great for you.