Elradir June 2021 HOTM Review and Grading - Empires and Puzzles Hero of the Month

Elradir is the June 2021 Hero of the Month in Empires and Puzzles.  He is an average mana speed hero, that can gain mana by his special, making him faster than first appearance might indicate. He also recasts damage from "damage over time" ailments back at the entire casting team, making him like Lady Loki, but without Lady Loki's added benefit of removing the DoT ailment from his allies. Note, pre-release his name was changed from Elrohir, to Elradir, perhaps to avoid a legal issue with the Lord of the Rings franchise.
Elradir Empires & Puzzles June 2021 HOTM

Elradir Stats:

Base Stats:
  • Power: 791
  • Mana speed: Average
  • Class: Wizard
  • Element: Green - Nature
  • Origin: HOTM - June 2021
  • Level: 5* Legendary

Elradir Special Skill: Nature's Payback

  • Deals 255% damage to the target and nearby enemies.
  • The caster reflects 100% of the damage received from status ailments to all enemies for 3 turns.
  • Element Link gives all Nature allies a small amount of mana at the end of each turn for 4 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.
  • Innate Resistance: Resist Special Skill Blocking: This hero has an innate resistance against status ailments that Block Special Skills.
  • Innate Ability: Mana From Ailments - This hero receives a small amount of mana when they receive a status ailment.

Elradir HOTM Review:

At first glance Elradir's damage reflect special skill can be difficult to understand and evaluate. Basically, if you get hit by a DoT ailment, such as Gravemaker's, each turn that ailment tries to hit Elradir with damage, instead it is cast to the entire opposing team. For example, this is what happens with a Gravemaker ailment:
  • Gravemaker hits Elradir and 2 other allies with a 255 damage for two turns.
  • On the first turn: 
    • Elradir hits every enemy hero with 255 damage, and takes no damage himself. So, if the opposing team still has all 5 heroes, then each one of them is hit with 255 damage.
    • Elradir's 2 allies are NOT cleansed, and receive 255 damage each.
  • On the second turn: Same as first turn.
  • On the third turn: Nothing happens because Gravemaker's DoT is only a 2-turn ailment.
NOTE: Elradir will reflect DoT damage ONLY if his special is activated BEFORE he gets hit. So in the above example, if Gravemaker hits Elradir two turns after Elradir has fired his special skill, then Elradir only reflects the first 255 damage. The second one hits Elradir because Elradir's special skill only lasts for 3 turns.

Elradir's special skill is situational, because you want to time it to be fired just before the DoT caster on the enemy team fires its special skill. Because of that Elradir will be better on attack than on defense, since on defense you cannot time the firing of the special skill. Instead, as soon as a defender hero is ready to fire, it automatically fires. In addition, attackers who face Elradir on a defense team can simply leave their DoT heroes on the bench, thereby rendering the most powerful part of Elradir's special skill of no value. 

Elradir's element link gives a slight mana boost to green allies, and his innate ability also gives a mana boost to himself. This can in effect make Elradir a bit faster than Average mana if he manages to fire his special skill in a timely fashion, or receives some ailments. In a green stack, the 4 turn elemental mana buff could help speed up some allies in some situations as well. The innate ability also creates a small synergy with Killhare, because Killhare gives a 20% defense ailment to all allies, which in effect will speed up Elradir a bit.

Elradir also hits the target and its nearby enemies with 255% damage. That is a relatively light hit, however, since it hits 3 defenders, there is some good value to it as well.

Against titans, Elradir does not rank as very good. However, his base attack stat is decent so he can bring a good tile damage to a titan battle.

Elradir Emblem / Skill Path:

Elradir is primarily a support hero, with his powerful DoT reflect. Because of that you want to keep him alive as soon as possible in a battle. However, his damage also is decent so some players may prefer to raise up his attack stat with emblems. On balance, I recommend going a defense-HP emblem path on the Wizard talent tree for Elradir.

Elradir Grading:

  • Attack: A-
  • Overall Defense: B-
    • Tank: C
    • Flank: B-
    • Wing: C+
  • Titans: B
  • Raid Tournaments:
    • Rush: A-
    • Buff Booster: B
    • Bloody Battle: B
Overall Elradir Rating: B+
Note:  Elradir provides an interesting new mechanic to the game - damage over time reflect. Because it is a new type of skill it is relatively difficult to rank its effectiveness. However, based on testing to date, he appears to be properly graded as a B+. I'll be interested in hearing other assessments of this hero as well. What do you think?


Kambala said…
I feel like there's potentially a strong synergy with Prof. Lidenbrock here. Elrohir reflects the damage from the DoTs (does he really take no damage himself?) and each one also refreshes Lidenbrock's healing.

He essentially becomes a pain factory at that point, taking all their punishment and turning it into mana and healing for himself while turning out huge amounts of damage. Assuming you had a group of something like GM, Jabba, and Vela, you're talking in the range of nearly 400 damage per turn. If he really takes nothing at all from these DoTs he could easily be a one man army against certain defense metas.

A bonus synergy would then be Bertila, whom he would feed mana to. She could remove any defense and attack ailments and provide him with a bit of protection through her minions. The combo would be incredibly strong against most kinds of debuffing teams (which is most of them) and then an Evelyn could be added to the mix to also dispel buffs and (presumably) ramp up the damage from the other two.

At any rate, I'm interested to see how he performs.
Telly said…
@Kambala, Thanks for the great analysis. I agree that Elrohir could be a lot of fun to play with, especially on attack. He's not very effective against defenses that lack DoT ailments. However, most defenses these days do inflict some DoT, especially a the top levels where Bera is very popular on defense teams. I don't think he'll render Bera obsolete, but will certainly be an interesting counter if you are not using a yellow mono team against Bera tanks.
Anonymous said…
I think this hero was originally called "Elrohir" in beta-test, but it turns out that's a Tolkien character so they must've had to change it for copyyright reasons.
Telly said…
That's a likely explanation. ^^^
Anonymous said…
Consider rephrasing “keep him alive as soon as possible.” Good review though Telly!
Grimm said…

thanks for the analysis, one thing to reconsider is his elemental link, which you left out completly.

This mana boost can be a massiv gamechanger and is one of the most usefull things these Hotms got. Same as Malicna/Frosth/Redladyiforgotthename.

Especially in attack, you would bring at least one or two more green heroes or even a mono team. If you can get Elradir to 9 tiles, he will make your fast heroes kind of very fast with only 6 tiles and some times or/and make your average heroes fire one or two turns after him (depends on the mana troops)

this is quite a good elemental link that should be at least mentioned i think.

Telly said…
@Grimm: Good suggestion. I added in a few sentences about the innate ability and elemental link. Both give some small mana boosting. In use, I have not seen a great advantage in these small mana boosts that some heroes give. In contrast with that, the big mana buffs that some great heroes give can be quite significant. Those are heroes like Odin, Sif and Ariel. Nevertheless, if you pull Elradir, I'm curious if it confirms or changes your initial impression.
Grimm said…

just one additon about the elemental link. i absolutley agree that heroes like Odin, Sif and Ariel give a quite signigicant mana boost, but the thing is, in this case, it is not a mana regeneration boost but 0,5 tiles flat mana your get every turn and it is even more important with the right mana troops.

one example i testet myself and use very often, is a purple mono team in which i use Malicna and Killhare. Malicna has a lvl 23 Mana troop (i only have one) to bring her down to 9 tiles, while Killhare has lvl 5 Mana troops, which gives a 7% mana. With this mana troops malicna fires within in 9 tiles and is therefore kind of fast. with this same 9 tiles, Killhare gets about 9,60 tiles of mana, so she is 0,4 tiles short.

Because of the elemental link of the current hotm, i can fire malicna and after my next move of any other tile color, killhare is ready to fire.

you most likley knew that already, but i just wanted to clear that up in case you missed that somehow.

I think this is mostly importent to players that dont have access to more than one good mana troop like myself.

i just lvled yang may just for this elemental link because i plan to use her with willbur, falcon and probably guardian kong on titans, where her tile dmg and elemental link will make her a great addition to the team.

elrodir will need lvl 23 troops to shine in this scenario i guess

Unknown said…
Got Elradir and will ascend him to 2-60 as i do for all my 5* heroes, for the sake of testing them. I do have a very deep collection of 5* (84 different ones) and my comment should reflect this and may not apply to players with less options.

I don't like this hero. Lady Loki outweighs him by far with a much more efficient effect.

About pairing with Killhare, I find it a crazy idea. Getting -20% defense just to trigger Elradir's special is to high a price. Personnally when i use Killhare, I always pair her with Vanda or Grazul, Who prevent ailments to be applied when fired just before Killhare.

I find the recent HOTM quite dissapointing compared to seasonal heroes, especially S3 and S4. Frigg Heimdall Phileas Garjammal all get my ascension materials, while this guy will probably stay 2-60 forever.
TLK914 said…
I suppose I am not a huge fan only because DOT reflect is simply a small portion of reflect, as controlled by immediate damage to be reflected for however many turns it hits, couple that with the fact we have "full" reflect heroes (Mitsuko, Ursena) who have been out for years so the potential of reflect is already widely known and feared. Doing it in a lesser form, is more strategic, and less board dominating...

Perhaps thats good?

I dont know. I just suppose it sets up even more chess playing...
You bring dot reflect, Ill pull out a dot and add a sniper...so there!

The only thought is, chess is a long slow game. a cerebral game. planning many moves in advance in order to set up your enemy for later attack...
Sometimes we just wanna fire the BFG9000, and move on. This is definitely a move away from that.

But hey, at least it promotes some planning rather than a strictly power only approach...which the game was sadly headed towards a year ago.

As to Killhare, is it just me or does your defending enemy with a killhare always seem to kill 3 or 4 of your heroes at once with her nuclear level hit 5 shot, meanwhile you on offense fire and she hits really hard...but never as hard as you get hit?
suvrat said…
@telly, hel or tyr as a tank???? On defence!
Telly said…
@Suvrat: As usual, it depends on who else you have. By and large, I'd say neither of them are good tanks. If I had to pick one, Tyr, but still not very good at tank.
Anonymous said…
Does the special reflect the DoT from Bera’s moth minions?
Unknown said…
About KILLHARE, I will never use her in defense because the drawback of uncleansable defense down is too dangerous, although it could prevent the attacker to inflict more defense down like Athena.
Telly said…
@TLK914, Unknown: My initial impression of Killhare was that the defense down ailment she inflicts was a big drawback. However, as the discussion above indicates, in practice, after a lot of use, I found she's a very effective wing. Perhaps the best in the game until heroes like Cobalt and Onyx came along. Exactly why she's so effective probably is for the reasons mentioned above, like by the time the wing fires, Killhare just decimates whatever remains of the opposing team, or the 20% defense down has little impact, or it counters the larger defense ailments from heroes like Frigg, Athena etc. Maybe all.

@Anonymous: Yes, if there is a damage from an ailment, Elrohir reflects.
Mad said…
Hey, Telly !
I am back with another question for u …
I just pulled Elradir, and I am not sure if I should max him or Kadilen (no costume), Margaret , Bertila or Morgan le Fay !
I already have Ratatoskr maxed with emblems to level 20, Lianna costume maxed with emblems to level 9, Frigg maxed with emblems to level 18 and Heimdall maxed with emblems to level 3…
What do u think ?
Mad said…
I have also Evelyn maxed to 70… I forgot about her …
So Evelyn, Elradir, Kadilen no costume, Bertila, Margaret , Morgan le Fey or Zocc?
Unknown said…
A few points:

- Having a level 5 mana troop on Elradir is enough to make him functionally fast (9 tiles) as soon as he gets one ailment - which is when he needs to cast his special. So that little mana gain is very useful
- Bera's minions give a small mana gain each turn which can be helpful
- The passive mana gain and the elemental link are also particularly useful when Bera/Freya do their mana cut (also Neith, although that is not as common a scenario)
- One Elradir is OK - 2 is better - 3 is amazing. The reflect stacks with itself so if you face one JF you will basically melt away the opposing team in 2 turns if you are runing 3 Elradirs. GM, Clarissa, Jabber, Emilio, Vela, Bera are all good too although not as devastating as JF
Telly said…
@Mad: Evelyn is great on red titans, and has good synergy on a green stack. I'd go for her.

@Unknown: Yes, a 3 Elradir attack on a DoT heavy defense is a lot of fun, if you have 3.
Unknown said…
It doesn't even have to be a DOT-heavy defense... with 3 Elradirs one JF will ensure victory in 2 turns. One GM or Clarissa can also be enough if you have a bit of luck or you can easily re-trigger the 3-hitter if the first hit doesn't get at least 2 of your Elradirs
Kambala said…
@Telly - regarding your note, Elradir actually reflects any DoT on him regardless of if it was applied before or after his buff. I found this out when I Skadi'd myself to death today....
Anonymous said…
What about Elradir with Toxicandra. Could be a great combo