Springvale Empires and Puzzles Easter Event

Springvale is the annual Easter holiday event in Empires and Puzzles. It is one of the four seasonal events found in the game, along with Santa's Challenge, Return to Morlovia, and Sand Empire. This guide covers the event heroes found in the summons, and the stages for this event.
Easter Event Springvale Empires & Puzzles

Springvale Easter Event Update for 2021

As with the other seasonal events now, Springvale 2021 includes three difficulty levels:
  • Easy Mode
  • Normal Mode
  • Advanced Mode
There are no new heroes in the 2021 event although a Costumes for Killhare and Master Lepus were teased by Small Giant Games. However, they will not be introduced in 2021.

When is the 2021 Springvale Event?

The event runs for 28 days starting in 2021:
March 29 to April 25 (Or April 11 if only two weeks).

Springvale Stages

The stage guide chart below lists all of the stages of Springvale. There are three difficulty levels - Easy mode, Normal mode, and Advanced mode. Each difficulty level has 20 stages, running from easiest to toughest - making 60 stages for the whole event. 

There's no repeats, so you can play each stage once. Each level has the same color monster waves and the same bosses in the final wave - for each of the difficulty levels.

Come back and refer to this chart during the event to build your most efficient attack teams for each stage.

TIP: The last few levels of the Advanced mode can be difficult even for mid- to upper- level players. Select your attack team to be strong against the colors you find there.

This is the stage guide for Springvale. The guide lists each of the stages with their monsters and final wave bosses: 
Springvale Event Easter Stage Guide
Thanks to @Cap for making this guide. 

Below is a more detailed guide, showing all rewards for each stage, also from @Cap. It is very huge, so you need to click on it to blow it up and view it. Personally, I use the more streamlined one that is located above ^^, but I thought the additional information could be useful, so have included it here:
Large Springvale Stage Guide

Special Event Heroes

There are seven event heroes for Springvale, including some of the best heroes in the game. I particularly like Killhare and have included her among the Best Heroes of Empires & Puzzles.  The other two 5* heroes also are outstanding. All theses heroes are in All Heroes.

    View Springvale Hero Cards  at All Heroes.

    Compare Springvale Heroes side-by-side in the hero compare tool at All Heroes.  

Legendary 5* Springvale Event Heroes:

  • Killhare - One of the most powerful attack on everyone heroes in the game. Hits so hard that this hero also gives a small defense ailment to allies.
  • Master Lepus - Fast mana with sniper power, but also gives minor damage to enemies next to target.
  • Sir Rostley - heavy damage hitter, with tanky base stats.

Springvale Family Bonus

The Springvale heroes family bonus, for 2 / 3 heroes the bonus is: 

10% / 20% attack.

Seasonal Summon Portal for Springvale

The Springvale heroes can be obtained through the seasonal summon portal. You can try it out in the All Heroes summon simulator before doing your real in-game pulls. 

Egg Bombs

Use the Egg Bombs! The boards include these Egg Bombs, which are healing tiles. They have a countdown timer, if you make a match before the counter runs down, your team gets some healing. The higher the counter the more healing you get.


Anonymous said…
Why do Killhare and Master Lepus need a costume? I have some hero tokens. Thinking whether to spend on this event or not ?
Unknown said…
Jack o'hare isnt slow, its fast.
Telly said…
@Anonymous: I don't think Killhare or Master Lepus need costumes. They are great as is. As for your tokens, it is good to save them for the seasonal events, and if you do not use them for Springvale, the next chance will be the summer event. There will be costumes for those heroes I hear. Right now they all are mediocre.
Telly said…
@Unknown: Yes, Jack is fast mana. Thanks for pointing it out and I corrected the typo at All Heroes.
Anonymous said…
@Telly,I'm very happy and surprised to get Master Lepus on my first pull from a hero token.😊 Fortunately I have just enough scopes for him and some Druid emblems. I'm going to work on him later. 😀
Btw I dont6like the idea of giving non s1 heroes costumes. Why can't the devs just buff their general statistics? And what about those underwhelming hotm?
Good luck in your pulls ☺
Telly said…
Nice pull. Lepus is great, although glassy.