Prof. Lidenbrock Empires and Puzzles Hero - Voyagers of the Underwild - Season 4

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Prof. Lidenbrock is a very good health booster / healer hero from Empires & Puzzles Season 4, Voyagers of the Underwild, and this is my review. She has turned out to be the surprise favorite Underwild hero among many players, due to her cleansing ability plus initial free mana gain, and over healing due to a huge health boost.
Prof. Lidenbrock review Empires & Puzzles
At slow mana, Lidenbrock provides a good 600 HP health boost for allies over 4 turns, and also will cleanse all status ailments. Moreover, if the ally receives a status ailment during those 4 turns, the duration of the health boost is reset. This is particularly useful for raid attacks against teams that cast ailments, like Bera, Frigg, Telluria,  or Vela. It also is useful if your own allies cast ailments, such as with Killhare's or Master Lepus' special skills.  On the down side, this health boost is a dispellable, so if the opposing team brings a dispeller, your attack team may not get the full benefit of this health boost.  

Adding to the health boost over time is an additional health boost to all allies of 200 HP. Combined, this hero provides an 800 HP health boost, making Lidenbrock the greatest health booster in the game, exceeding Heimdall.  The overheal can make the difference in many battles, and because of it, I have raised Lidenbrock's grading.
Her high base defense stat makes Lidenbrock suitable for some defenses and will enable her to survive some strong hits, making her usable for raids or defense teams. Because she starts out with 20% mana, paired with a level 5+ mana troop, she in effect is an Average speed hero for the first use of her special skill, which is the most important use. This also has raised her rating on defense.

Against titans her base attack stat although decent is not great, so use other heroes if you have any with higher attack stats.

Prof. Lidenbrock Stats:

Attack Defense Health
745 807 1394
  • Power: 806
  • Mana speed: Slow
  • Class: Cleric
  • Element: Yellow / Holy
  • Legendary - 5*
  • Family: Underwild

Prof. Lidenbrock Special Skill: Glaring Grace

  • Cleanses status ailments from all allies
  • Boosts health of all allies by 200. If health exceeds max HP, it is added as temporary HP.
  • All allies’ health is boosted by 600 HP over 4 turns. The effect duration is reset if the target receives status ailments.
  • Ability: Start Battle With Mana - This Hero receives 20% mana at the start of the battle.

Prof. Lidenbrock Ranking / Grading:

  • Attack: A+
  • Overall Defense: A
    • Tank: B+
    • Flank: A
    • Wing: C+
  • Titans: B
  • Raid Tournaments:
    • Rush: A+
    • Buff Booster: A
    • Bloody Battle: C

Overall Prof. Lidenbrock Rating: A+

Based on feedback in the comments, and from in-game use, I have upgraded Lidenbrock from an overall rating of B+ to A+. UPDATE: Based on in-game use and a lot of player feedback, I have upgraded Lidenbrock to an A+ overall. I am still on the fence as to whether her defense grade should be an A or A+ though. Do you think she should be upgraded or left where she is?


Unknown said…
With slow mana and 'just' 600HP, I would rank this one lower than even some 4*, like Rigard C or Melendor C.
I'm not impressed by this yellow's abilities. There are far better healers in the game (Vivica, which I unfortunately don't have).
Greengoo said…
Do I understand her skill properly: at start she adds 200 hp and then she ads another 150 hp each turn for 4 turns. If she gets any status ailments during these 4 turns, the duration of 150 hp per turn healing is reset?
Telly said…
@Greengoo, yes, that's correct.
Kambala said…
I think she has the potential to be very powerful on offense. She starts with 20% mana, so the first cast happens at medium speed, not slow. Then her healing refreshes on a debuff, meaning almost any raid defense team would keep her healing. On defense her only weakness is that she could be dispelled (a weakness you could assign to any buffer), but on offense she should be a beast.
Anonymous said…
My experience with extra temporary HP: I rarely leave home without it. In my case, I have Gullinbursti-slow healer, and adds only 400 HP (though all at once as opposed to professor). On war defense: I often have teams scoring 0 against my team (though my war team didn't have any 5-star except an unleveled lianna. When I check on my war team following an attack against it, I often see that my team has more HP than at the start-Gullinbursti's temp HP at work. I would NEVER be able to survive some quests without Gullinbursti. He takes a weak hero and doubles their potential HP. Heroes that would get sliced and diced during the final stage of a quest will be able to survive hits that otherwise would snap them in half. Last word: I have fully emblemed costume rigard and used him a lot. If you think costume rigard (healing in installments) is good, this new hero will blow him away.
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Anonymous said…
another benefit: opponents will avoid dealing ailment-all specials and potentially just not bring ailment-all dealing heroes.
Anonymous said…
The 20% initial mana gain is unfair in very fast wars ...Have they ever thought about that ?
Telly said…
The 20% initial mana is a big boost, making her in effect an average speed hero at the beginning.
Anonymous said…
Also if my math is correct you would only need a level five mana troop to drop her down to 9 tiles on the first charge.
TLK914 said…
I will vary from enemy to enemy. status effect heroes are all thats on some teams. You may have telluria in the middle flanked by Vela and Gravemaker or Jean Franc, and then a hitter with a built in effect like Finley or Kingston or Alice or take yer pick. MANY of the snipers supporting the 2 or 3 pack of DoTs bring ailments. That means the heal doesnt end unless you stop firing specials till it stops. That could be quite a strategic benefit against CERTAIN teams. Not all of course.

Will be an interesting hero to see in the field. Could go either way between the 20% starting mana and the never ending reset against many enemies (And the AI of course will NEVER EVER respect the wait till the healing bonus stops rule, so defenses will always be vulnerable to that)
Anonymous said…
I think I like this hero. She's definitely very good on offence. Don't have her yet. Btw how do you compare her with Raffaele ? I'm going to level him up next
Anonymous said…
Btw I have only one maxed 5* healer Costume Vivica at present. Aeron is at 370
Anonymous said…
On offense I think she should be graded like she had average speed. She starts with enough mana to make the first shot average speed and since the vast majority of defense teams have significant status ailments, her buffs will likely be constantly rolling and subsequent casts can be saved in case of a dispel. Since its boosted health instead of healing, she never gets rendered ineffective by targeting decisions.

Better than Vivica, and on par with cVivica.
Anonymous said…
I see. I do like my CViv a lot.
Raff has both instant heal and the strongest heal over turn in this game. Since I have managed to bring my blue mana troop to lvl 17,I suppose it will make him faster
The best thing about Prof Lidenbrock is her initial 20% mana gain and ongoing heal over turn as long as status ailments persist.
I like all three 😍😊
Anonymous said…
In Jules Verne's book,Lidenbrock is a MAN.
Anonymous said…
I just tested Lidenbrock and I can sa without double that the boosted health is actuelle LIMITES TO 200%,although NOT mentionned in the her's card.Just like Heimdall or Gullinbursti.
Anonymous said…
Sorry for the terrible English. My autocorrector is French.
Anonymous said…
Just watched a video testing out the Professor. That 600 hp over 4 turns is also added as temporary health. 😨 The initial 20% mana gain makes her average speed. Not sure what it will be like in actual raids but definitely excellent on map stages.
Is she the best healer in this game and will she get a nerf ?
Telly said…
I think people are still trying to figure out just how effective Prof. Lidenbrock will be. Regarding the comparison to Raffaele, I think she's a better option due to her higher base stats, overheal, and initial 20% mana.
jkrumm said…
She is spectacular and will be the best hero in the game. Phenomenal on offense and when you can go up against teams that have buffs the heal is almost never ending. I have finished raids against top 100 and had the hole team above 2500 HP totally incredible.
Telly said…
@jkrumm: A lot of people think Lidenbrock is great. I pulled her and am evaluating further. Probably will raise her a bit, but want to see how she plays in-game a bit more before doing so.
Kambala said…
@Telly- I think it's time to reconsider this ranking. I've faced off against her several times and she is an absolute beast. I was surprised how effective she is on defense. Probably the best tank since Guinevere.

On attack she dominates most purple configurations including Bera and Freya. Absolutely a top healer.
Kambala said…
Errr.... gold tank since Guinevere
Telly said…
@Kambala: Yes, you're right. I've just finished leveling up my Lindenbrock, and have found her very powerful for attack. Have not tried her on defense yet, but will put her in and see how she performs. I will be revising her ranking up.
Anonymous said…
She is somewhat of a counter against bera. Bera's minions will constantly refresh the heal, and it heals for slightly more than the damage and poison do, so it helps cancel out her effectiveness.
TLK914 said…
Well its been a bit over a month since Lidenbrock appeared, so the numbers have continued to rise. She is showing up more and more as a tank. I think many people who got her (like me) the 1st week or 2 left her sit as we debated "Meh, do I really wanna use resources on ANOTHER slow healer??"
Time proved out that yes, she is worth the investment.

People like her as a counter to Bera and Freya teams. keep in mind, that team makes A LOT of minions very quickly, and though your team will keep healing pretty much as long as they are doing it...when they get to 5x3 minions on the board wailing away, the big problem is killing them fast enough to make your perpetual heal mean something. They are hard to kill at 15 minions all with freyas boost.

Her defensive very good, I dont think her healing is defense, and she isnt BK or Krampus as a raw defender or shot stopper/absorber. I think A is about right and A+ overall is also right...till they possibly nerf her just because randoml;y they do that...sigh
Telly said…
@TLK914: Exactly my thinking too. It wasn't clear how good she is when first introduced. She's aged well.
Anonymous said…
Do you have a recommendation on her emblem path? Health/defense I assume? Thank you