Phileas Fogg Empires and Puzzles Hero - Season 4 Voyagers of the Underwild

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Phileas Fogg is an Empires and Puzzles hero from Season 4, Voyagers of the Underwild.  At fast mana speed, Phileas Fogg is one of the top snipers in the game, if not the top sniper. His base attack stat is among the highest in the game making this a high review. That stat, combined with the 420% damage to the target makes his hit devastating, whether on attack or defense. Likewise, Phileas Fogg dispels all buffs from the target before he hits, making all of his hits count. As if that was not powerful enough for a sniper, his special skill also imparts a -58% defense down against green / nature attacks on the target. Although many targets will be killed just from his damage in raids and wars, the defense down ailment sometimes will help as well.
On defense, this hero will prove to be an excellent sniper positioned on wing, or anywhere on the defense team really, since his defense and health stats are respectable as well. Although his defense and health stats are at the low end for Season 4 legendary heroes, they are respectable compared with other heroes in the game and should be sufficient to provide some longevity both on attack and defense.
Phileas Fogg Review Hero Card - Empires & Puzzles
Phileas Fogg's greatest strength may turn out to be on titans. The -58% green elemental defense down will make Phileas Fogg highly desired against blue titans, and will play even better than Evelyn due to his better elemental defense down ailment and higher base attack stat.

Phileas Fogg Stats:

Attack Defense Health
832 727 1339
  • Power: 807
  • Mana speed: Fast
  • Class: Fighter
  • Element: Green / Nature
  • Legendary - 5*
  • Family: Underwild

Phileas Fogg Special Skill: Jab of a Gentleman (ahem!)

  • Dispels buffs from the target.
  • Deals 420% damage to the target.
  • The target gets -58% defense against Nature for 4 turns.
  • Ability: Special Skill Damage Reduction – Received damage is reduced by -20% for the first 3 times this Hero receives damage from Special Skills.

Phileas Fogg Ranking / Grading:

  • Attack: A+
  • Overall Defense: A
    • Tank: A-
    • Flank: A+
    • Wing: A+
  • Titans: A+
  • Raid Tournaments:
    • Rush: A
    • Buff Booster: A+
    • Bloody Battle: A+

Overall Phileas Fogg Rating: A+

I can not say much more about Phileas Fogg and review him as a solid A+. He may have earned that rating on his titan or attack values alone, but he is a great all-around performer. Is that even debatable?


Unknown said…
Is this correct? He first dispells the buffs, like defense up, and thén hits with 420% at over 800 base attack??? On top, he is an elemental defense down (nature) hero.

Wauw... That is quite awesome.

Very strong against titans then and in any green mono team. Wonder how long it will take before he is nerved because of being overpowered.
Telly said…
He’s still in Beta, but for the second time. So, there’s still a chance he’ll be changed before available in-game. But, I wouldn’t count on it. I think they want to introduce a very powerful sniper and this guy is it. Sort of like Season 4’s Gefjon.
Unknown said…
Holy crap..I mean are u kidding me?? those base stats are bananas..feels like these heroes might make most S1 and even some S2 heroes kinda obsolete..I could be wrong but WOW..I don't spend alot..I buy all the small packs and keep saving up my gems for a couple months until I've got enough for 3 or 4 10x pulls..probably be a good idea to save every gem I can until these heroes drop..but final thought is this..if they're gonna keep coming out with new heroes at a breakneck speed?? why even pull until they somehow make asc mats at least slightly more obtainable..I get it..they're 5* and not meant to be easy to get/lv up..but I think mats are a bit too rare..already have like 10 5*'s waiting for asc mats..%100 my own fault for pulling i admit..but I think myself and many others would feel better about investing more in pulls IF asc mats were slightly more fair..paying $99 for a pack with a Damascus Blade? how many of us can do that?
Telly said…
These are valid points, and I think we all need to think about how we time out pulls for the next few months. For example, originally I was thinking about hitting Springvale hard. However, now, I may focus more on Season 4.
Anonymous said…
I have saved up some hero tokens for Springvale though I actually don't really like them having uncleansable status ailments. LOve Phileas Fogg. These S4 heroes render So heroes almost completely useless ......😐
Telly said…
You, me and a million others want PF!
Unknown said…
Got him today together with Elizabeth and dr Moreau! Lucky day :) ...!!!!
Stanimal0372 said…
For those lucky enough to pull him, I would recommend throwing all emblems towards his defense since his base attack stat is already high. Sure, it's tempting to try and get his attack over 1000 but longevity should be your main objective. Afterall, he can't deal massive amounts of damage if he's dead. His passive ability to reduce damage received by 20% on the first three hits should help him last a little longer as well.
Stanimal0372 said…
As a Fighter class hero, he also has the chance to revive when fully emblemed, which could be really annoying to opponents.
TLK914 said…
Since really only 1 or 2 other heroes in the game dance around the 800 plateau for base attack, its hard to measure because of different color/skills/defense ratings as to say "best" emblem route.

A very good example is Krampus, his base defense is already extremely high, 852. Emblem for defense and he goes over 1000 before you even get to level 19! (Not toi mention crazy high hitpoints!)

But he is by no means un-killable. Yeah, he stays alive pretty stoutly against 2 big hits, but 3 will kill him at 1000 defense just like at 800 or 900.

So then the question is, is the best path to take all 800 stat heroes higher in that stat to max of that stat?

As always in this game..."Depends on the goal".
Against titans, Absotively posilutely dont even consider any path other than max attack! He makes bigger hits and bigger points. Period.

In wars? Hmmm. Survivability is just as important as slugging power. In many cases moreso. a year or 2 ago, 727 would be considered extremely solid bordering on great base defense especially with the godlike offense that he brings. But nowadays? Less so absolutely. (And his health isnt particularly high, though far from the worst 5 star). Id almost like to split the difference with him. push his defense up to 800 and offense up to 900 may be more valuable than 1060 and 720. At least where the enemies can aim carefully and you dont have healing potions available.

I was lucky enough to pull him (Got all the big 3 with my last 30 pull...ridiculous!) but its gonna be awhile to level him, and I have Heimdall at 3-60 so I have to decide if I wanna shelve Heimdall for a few months to bump sniper Fogg up, or stay the course on the Tank Hero thats nearly finished.

Decisions decisions
Anonymous said…
Got Phileas and Lidenbrock. But they may have to wait for ascension as I am presently ascending Frigg and Poséidon. Please consider that I only feed with the samedi color,as it is 20% more effective.
Telly said…
Congratulations on the great pulls! As for Phileas Fogg v. Heimdall, personally I'd go for Heimdall if you do not have another reviver, like Mother North or Alby. Even then, it's a borderline call. If you do have another reviver, then I'd surely go for Phileas Fogg, as he's outstanding for titans.
TLK914 said…
I actually have a fully levelled Alby already. And yes, at times he saves the day. Weve all seen an enemy or ourselves on the ragged edge of death, 4 dead and Alby the last on a wing with under 100 hitpoints. He gets 1 shot off and revives 4, and turns the tide! Its awesome!

But just, not seen all that often. Not that he never revives people, mostly because hes slow and you dont get shots often enough when you are desperate. One rule of this game is speed is still king. Slow for a tank used to be OK, even normal(3 years ago Azlar was the #1 tank in the game, followed by Justice!). Now its rare that 1st teams have a slow tank. Average or fast tanks are the thing. And it matters. Fogg I think gets the nod, after much debate. Just because there will be too many battles he gets a shot off where Heimdall wouldnt. Plus Im in need of a hitter for wars more than a tank. You dont have to defend against enemies who are already dead.

Lets see how it works. :)
Telly said…
@TLK914, I agree that in *most* situations Fogg > Alby for defense. With VF wars and tournaments, that might not be the case, depending on your line-up. I usually swap in a slow reviver for those. Also for some formations you may prefer a reviver, again depending on who else you have to protect or heal the reviver long enough to fire.
TLK914 said…
Garjammal dropped today. Im not entirely sure how to rerate Fogg, because if you pair him with Garjammal with him shooting 1st, its not just unfair, it will border on obscene. :)

That elemental DD just refuses to not he huge.
Telly said…
he's another good green sniper. I'm going initially to rate him an A, as I don't view his secondary effects as powerful as Foggs. Review will come out later today or tomorrow.
Aki said…
P.F. is a great sniper, but not the best. Lianna is the top (dog ?!?) still. of course, C Lianna is a bad joke. anyway, this is another discution...
i know he have minus def against nature skill, however this is not important. any lucid mind will use a rainbow team, so he is the only green. chances are the targget will die until he fire (no pun intended) again.
conclusion: only damage count. max damage: 832 x 420% = 3 494,4. (Lianna have 3,8 k).
Unknown said…
I do not agree at all about Lianna being the best sniper. You need to take into account minions and buffs on ennemies. Phil and Kage debuff first then hit very hard. Gefjon first steals minions, then hit very hard. Coupled with Fenrir, the best Finisher in the game it is huge.
Telly said…
@Aki: As for Lianna, I prefer original Lianna + costume bonus, over Costume Lianna as well. The mana ailment generally is of little value once Lianna hits, because the target is dead, or close to dead after getting hit. So, the extra damage by Lianna-CB gives greater likelihood of a kill.