Lepiota Empires and Puzzles Season 4 Hero - Voyagers of the Underwild

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Lepiota is an Empires and Puzzles hero from Season 4, Voyagers of the Underwild. Lepiota is a fast mana hero and is a taunt hero buster. Increasingly taunt heroes like Black Knight and Krampus are being used on defense teams and can be very difficult to beat. Lepiota basically undoes their skill, as she removes all status effects including those that may be undispellable. Then the hit hero goes into a ghost form and continues to receive a moderate amount of damage for 4 turns.  Although that hero cannot be hit with normal attacks and special skills, it also cannot gain any mana. In effect, Lepiota takes out a powerful enemy for 4 turns. During that time you can power up the special skills of your attack team, and be ready when the target comes out of its ghost form.
Although Lepiota is a great raid and war attack hero, she is not as good on defense or against titans. Her problem on defense is that you cannot select the hero to attack. The AI typically is not intelligent enough to pick the strongest of the enemies, in effect rendering Lepiota's special skill less valuable. 

Against titans Lepiota provides decent tile damage, and the titan does not go into abyss ghost form, so it continues to receive tile and special skill damage. Lepiota has a decent base attack stat, and because of that she is usable against titans, but not outstanding.
Lepiota Hero Card - Empires & Puzzles

Lepiota Stats:

Attack Defense Health
780 778 1359
  • Power: 806
  • Mana speed: Fast
  • Class: Sorcerer
  • Element: Purple / Dark
  • Legendary - 5*
  • Family: Underwild

Lepiota Special Skill: Curse of the Abyss

  • Removes all status effects and stacks from the target. Removes even those status effects which are otherwise undispellable or uncleansable.
  • Deals 158% damage to the target.
  • The target switches into Abyss Ghost form.
  • While in Abyss Ghost form, the target receives 88 damage per turn.
  • While in Abyss Ghost form, the target cannot gain mana, can’t do normal attacks and can’t cast special skills but is immune to normal attacks, special skills, status effects and stacks.
  • Abyss Ghost form lasts 4 turns.
  • Last enemy left in the battle can’t be shifted to Abyss Ghost form.
  • Ability: Special Skill Damage Reduction – Received damage is reduced by -20% for the first 3 times this Hero receives damage from Special Skills.

Lepiota Ranking / Grading:

  • Attack: A
  • Overall Defense: B
    • Tank: B
    • Flank: B
    • Wing: B
  • Titans: B
  • Raid Tournaments:
    • Rush: A-
    • Buff Booster: A-
    • Bloody Battle: A

Overall Lepiota Rating: A

I have graded Lepiota an overall rating of A because of her great effectiveness on raid attacks and war attacks. Taking out the tank or other strong opposing hero for 4 turns is likely to make a major impact in most circumstances. I am considering raising her up to A+ overall because of that. However, I reduced her grading to an "A" because of her relative weakness on defense and against titans. Would you rate her as high for attack?


Anonymous said…
I have not tried her yet, still need to level her for Hero Battles, but Lepiota can ghost more then one Enemy at a time.

Screenshot is on NPC enemies, need to level her before I go against Heroes.

Anonymous said…
I will know more once I level her, but I am going to wager she will be formidable on Defense. (forgot to add above)
Anonymous said…
Can now confirm, Lepiota can ghost multiple Heroes as well. As a tank, regardless of the AI not picking best targets, she will be tough. If she ghosts multiple enemies, it is going to be tough to recover as the attacker. She also takes out all buffs beforehand, even undispellable, so it is a guarantee hit. Oh added bonus, if she spawns a special gem, that damage can hit the ghosted hero, doing damage even though it is a ghost. She is fast, fully emblem and with speed troop she is going to be formidable in the center spot.
TLK914 said…
Yup, faced a couple of her, and the -20 for 3 specials keeps her alive an extra round which is a 2nd ghost shot at a 2nd hero. It was very annoying. I shot what should have been kill shots both battles but just couldnt knock her down because of the reduction and then she started disabling enemies.

Not a singular force of nature like say Alfrike, but still frustrating.

Is immune to special skills in ghost form immune to Heal over time as opposed to immediate heal? I didnt switch off and try heroes of both types and on 1 battle my healer was the disabled one so it was already untestable. :(
Unknown said…
Ok, she's great with a few caveats: she is nearly useless against Titans (other than tile damage which is respectable) because her special dispels all status effects first, that means that she amounts to a very weak sniper. This same limitation applies to events and World Map, she's particularly bad in events because the Ghosted enemy can potentially slow you down, but I think she may be particularly helpful in Ninja Tower, because ghosting on of the Ninja Bosses at the highest levels will be very verrrrry beneficial
Telly said…
Valid points about Lepiota & titans. I've lowered her titan grade from B+ to B.
Anonymous said…
Putting her in tank or flank to get her ability off more and faster, she can cripple an attacking team's power, rendering matches and combos worthless beyond the tile damage. additionally, if you put strong single target snipers with her, you reduce the rng of who they hit (or regular attack) so they are more likely to focus fire the same target and eliminate them. Having 2 people ghosted means the difference between 1/5 and 1/3 getting chosen twice. Actually, my math is probably bad on that because it's rolled twice, but the point still stands, and it's significantly better odds. You have to avoid combining into her and feeding her too fast, or she will destroy your attacking team.
Anonymous said…
Currently maxing her as a counter against my Wolves defense : Octros Wolfgang Ludwig Quenell Ariel.A real nightmare with that 50% chance to make any of the specials of the 3 wolves UNDISPELLABLE.