Elizabeth Empires and Puzzles Hero Review - Season 4 Voyagers of the Underwild

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Elizabeth is an Empires and Puzzles hero from Season 4, Voyagers of the Underwild. I find Elizabeth to be deceptively powerful, for both attack and defense. She also introduced a new type of minion into the game - the Fiend.
Elizabeth Hero Card - Empires & Puzzles

Elizabeth Stats:

Attack Defense Health
768 753 1448
  • Power: 807
  • Mana speed: Average
  • Class: Monk
  • Element: Fire / Red
  • Legendary - 5*
  • Family: Underwild

Elizabeth Special Skill: Widow's Kiss

  • Deals 175% damage to all enemies.
  • Summons a Spider Fiend for all enemies. The Fiend damages the enemy with 43% attack every turn.
  • The Spider Fiend absorbs healing and disappears when it has absorbed health equal to 28% of the target’s max health.
  • The Spider Fiend gives -24% mana generation for its owner for as long as the owner has Spider Fiends. This effect cannot be cleansed.
  • Ability: Increase Buff Duration – Duration of the first 3 buffs this hero receives from special skills is increased by 1 turn.

Elizabeth Hero Review

Elizabeth is a new and interesting hero. Her special skill is difficult to understand, but once you figure it out, it is a lot of fun, and quite powerful. First the easy part: she deals a moderate amount of damage on her direct attack, at 175%. Then the complicated part - she hits each of the enemies with a Spider Fiend minion.

Elizabeth's Fiends

This is the first 5* hero that spawns a "Fiend" in Empires & Puzzles, and fiends are new to Season 4 of the game. The fiend is sort of like an anti-minion. Elizabeth spawns a Spider Fiend on to each of the enemies. The spider fiend has several lasting effects on any enemy who has one. These effects last for as long as the fiend is still alive, making Elizabeth's ailments among the longest lasting in the game. The effects for Elizabeth's spider fiends are:
  1. Damage: Each Fiend hits the enemy with 43% attack at the end of every turn. In actual operation, this amounts to 40-55 damage per turn on a 5* hero.
  2. Healing Absorption: The fiend absorbs any healing that is applied to the hero who is afflicted with the fiend. The Spider Fiend lives until it has absorbed health equal to 28% of the target's max health. In practice this amounts to about 400-500 HP for a 5* hero.
  3. Mana Ailment: The Spider Fiend also afflicts the owner with -24% mana generation as long as the hero has any Spider Fiends. This is uncleansable.
On first impression, this does not seem very impressive. However, in practice it significantly slows down the opposing heroes. And, because so much HP is absorbed, they cannot be healed very well, leaving them vulnerable to direct damage from the opposing team. The spider fiends can only be defeated using healing or health generation. However, the fiends absorb the health, meaning your healers are neutralized. 

The fiends can be defeated in two ways: one is by healing, and the other is to spawn minions that push out the fiends. Each hero has a maximum of 3 minions or fiends. So, if you can spawn minions you can push out the fiends, or if you can heal, you can kill the fiends. However, if you do not bring a healer or minion spawner to a battle against Elizabeth, you never can defeat her fiends, and every turn you are hit with the minor damage, plus the mana generation ailment.  This makes the spider fiends particularly fiendish to deal with!

Against titans, the Spider Fiends are not very useful, since titans do not heal, and the amount of damage is insignificant. The mana ailment can slow down the titan a little bit, so that can be useful, but not much in practice.

Elizabeth's Synergy With Uraeus

In addition to everything else, Elizabeth has a new and powerful synergy with Uraeus. Uraeus' special skill now has been buffed to inflict sand damage not only on opposing heroes with minions, but also on opposing heroes with fiends. So, one strategy is to fire Elizabeth first, to put a fiend on all the opposing heroes, and then fire Uraeus to inflict sand damage on any opposing hero with one of those fiends. That one-two punch will be effective in raid and war attacks, but not much on defense, since it requires specialized timing of special skills that is not available on defense.

Elizabeth Ranking / Grading:

  • Attack: A
  • Overall Defense: A+
    • Tank: A
    • Flank: A+
    • Wing: A
  • Titans: B
  • Raid Tournaments:
    • Rush: A+
    • Buff Booster: B+
    • Bloody Battle: B

Overall Elizabeth Rating: A

I have graded Elizabeth an overall rating of A largely because of her effectiveness on defense and I consider her a borderline A / A+ overall. I originally graded her a bit higher, but with in-have experience people are developing ways to defeat Elizabeth. I may consider lowering her defense rating down to an A, but for now have left her at A+ for defense. However, I am receiving feedback that she is not over-powered on defense.What do you think?


Unknown said…
I'm assuming fiends do not count as minions (for maximum minion count or skills that affect minions)?
Anonymous said…
I think on Bloody Battle she should be A+, because you can't heal her fiends will always be there.
Anonymous said…
The uncleansable mana generation debuff is brutal....It lasts for 4 turns ! Plus decrease in healing...My heroes can't survive...Wonder if heroes that resist status ailments can help or need someone that has an innate resistance against mana generation debuff
Telly said…
I see your point, and I'll be considering raising her Bloody Battle grade after she's introduced. However the fiends don't hit very hard, and her slow mana argue for B, which is why I'd originally put her there.
TLK914 said…
I almost wonder if somethiog else will be done. Essentially in Bloody battle the fiends are a permanent affliction? No healing anyway big deal, but PERMANENT -24% mana is a little unfair. I might suspect they will either make a new way to kill the fiends, (Undispellable ailment dispel heroes like Gazelle?) or simply have them die ALSO when they absorb a certain max amount of mana. Other idea could be if Liz dies the fiend transmutes to turn based. Say 3 turns and poof?
Im sure they will figure it out because as fun as it sounds it does wreck bloody battle fairness somewhat.

But ASIDE from Bloody Battles, Ill have to wait and see. Average speed heroes are very luck dependent, and slow are even moreso. One thing the new Super-Hero based release theory of the past year is that speed is even more important. every other hero that drops is 800ish power and defense and can 1 shot kill enemies or massively enhance its team to do so. The net result is, whoever shoots 1st/more wins most battles. Regardless of special skills. So lets see. Im kinda liking Uraeus against minion dealers, but if they have 2 fast snipers and 2 minion dealers, he sometimes too often dies (average speed) without getting a shot off.

So Im less a fan of powerful but average speed than I was say 2 years ago when 1 or 2 shot killing was a much less likely event in a battle. Now its only a shock if at least 1 hero DOESNT get sniped before you charge because all snipers have killer hit power.

We will see.
Telly said…
@TLK914, I agree that the reception for these spider fiends is a big unknown. I suspect people will figure out how best to deal with them, but in practice once you're hit with them, they are awfully hard to shake without someone like Garnett or other fast healers.
Anonymous said…
After watching some gameplay the fiends can be pushed out by other minions. So a team that creates lots of minions can get rid of them without a healer.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the discussion and love your website. So ... fiends can be pushed out by newly created minions? Interesting. I haven't seen any game play yet but that is useful. I pulled Elizabeth with coin pulls (SO LUCKY) and can't wait to ascend her. She definitely looks like a game changer.
Telly said…
Congratulations on pulling Elizabeth! I think you'll love her, at least until they come out with an effective counter. For now, as the previous comment said, one of the ways to counter her is to spawn minions and push her spider fiends out of one of the three minion slots. Also healing is a counter.
Anonymous said…
I don't have any fast minion-spawners.So I have to rely on healers. Do 4* hot healers work as well? I have Raff and C Viv. I'm thinking if Aeron's resist status ailments can help or not?
Anonymous said…
Does anyone know if fiends stack, can there be multiple spider fiends on a hero effectively doubling the effect.
Unknown said…
Spider will be replace with minion so having healer does not only way to remove them any hero who summon minion can remove them too. Edit your data
Anonymous said…
Elizabeth's Fiends do stack.

Screenshot below is on NPCs, have not tried on heroes yet, waiting to ascend first.

Anonymous said…
Not sure what emblem path to use with her. Thinking attack, but not sure. Any thoughts?
Anonymous said…
Depends on the usage. I plan on going a defensive route so she can sit on left of tank. Ureus will go right of tank for me when they are leveled all up in a few months. Her spiders will do the work for you, so keep her alive. As was said on the PF page, you can't do damage if you are dead.
Unknown said…
I think that she's going to be a force, particularly with a bit of team construction, if you paired her with Skadi, you could create a dilemma for an attacking team, as creating a slew of minions will be the quickest way to clear the fiends, but Skadi will potentially capitalize on that circumstance
Telly said…
This responds to some of the questions people posted: Fiends do stack, although their mana ailments do not stack. So, you can have up to 3 fiends on an opposing hero.

Emblem Path: I'd go with defense-health. The reason is that the amount of damage her fiends impart is relatively low. So you want her to stay alive as long as possible, and also give a little HP boost to the fiends.

Synergy with Skadi: I agree. The opponent may bring minion dealers, and Skadi inflicts a lot of pain on them!
Anonymous said…
Not sure if mentioned or not. I played skadi with Elizabeth, skadis special took out a hero with 3 feinds and surprised to see it gave 4 frost stacks!
Anonymous said…
Does Grimble wipe them out? There are so many minion teams that I roll with him a lot. The mana boost comes in handy on bad boards.
Telly said…
Grimble only wipes out minions, not fiends.
Unknown said…
Thanks for the comments. I pulled Liz yesterday and immediately began to use her after maxing Vanda. And I've been immediately thinking about how to counter this beast. So it looks like if I have to face her, I'd align my Frosth Freya Seshat Grazul. BTW, how does the immunity to ailments affect the fiends ? - Vanda and Grazul in mind.
Telly said…
If the player you are attacking has immunity to ailments, yes, that would block the ailment from the fiends, but not the fiends' attack.
Lei said…
Nice review! What emblem path do you think she should take?
Telly said…
@Lei: You want this hero to stay alive as long as possible, and to strengthen her fiends. So: HP > Defense > Attack.
Lei said…
Cool! Thx man! But the fiends only benefits from her attack right?
Unknown said…
There is another fiend caster in Underwild VOLLERMOCK 4* red. Got him and used before Liz.
MIB said…
I just noticed this, a guy from my alliance put Elizabeth and Uraeus together in def. Elizabeth put the fiend, Uraeus will inflict sand damage to those who have fiend. Its quite the combo.
Unknown said…
That's why Elizabeth teamed with bera is the best cuz bera keeps the enemies from getting their minions
Kalkine said…
I think there might be some synergy with vampires like Vanda or Victor, and with sand heroes like Yunan or Rana.The first steal healing, the latter lower healing significantly. As I am Lucky enough to own all these heroes, I will give it a try and report.