Dr. Moreau Empires and Puzzles Season 4 Hero - Voyagers of the Underwild

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Dr. Moreau is an Empires and Puzzles hero from Season 4, Voyagers of the Underwild. Dr. Moreau is kind of like Drake Fong on steroids and that makes this a positive review of this new hero. Like Drake, he hits 3 with an accuracy ailment, but has much higher base attack stats. His damage percent at 270% is the same as Drake's, making his hit more powerful due to his high attack stat.
Dr. Moreau hero card - Empires & Puzzles
In addition, his ability gives a 20% damage reduction giving him some protection both for raids and defense teams. All in all, Dr. Moreau is a stronger, higher defense and health version of Drake Fong, and increasingly he will start to appear on defense teams, in much the same role as Drake.

Dr. Moreau Stats:

Attack Defense Health
774 751 1439
  • Power: 807
  • Mana speed: Fast
  • Class: Paladin
  • Element: Purple / Dark
  • Legendary - 5*
  • Family: Underwild

Dr. Moreau Special Skill: Blinding Wisdom

  • Deals 270% damage to the target and nearby enemies.
  • The target and nearby enemies get -35% accuracy for 3 turns. Chance to miss also applies to special skills. The effect duration is reset if the target is healed.
  • Ability: Special Skill Damage Reduction – Received damage is reduced by -20% for the first 3 times this Hero receives damage from Special Skills.

Dr. Moreau Ranking / Grading:

  • Attack: A
  • Overall Defense: A
    • Tank: B+
    • Flank: A+
    • Wing: A+
  • Titans: A-
  • Raid Tournaments:
    • Rush: A
    • Buff Booster: A+
    • Bloody Battle: A

Overall Dr. Moreau Rating: A

I have graded Dr. Moreau an overall rating of A and like this hero a lot. I consider him a borderline A+ and could be persuaded to grade him higher! What do you think?


Anonymous said…
He's like a dark Drake Fong, but more strong...I already love Drake, so I will love him!!
Telly said…
I agree with that.
Anonymous said…
looks like they swapped his 20% damage reduction for reset status effect if target is healed
Unknown said…
Hi and thanks for your review :) ... lucky enough to pull out him today, I was working on jabber to put him on right wing but now don’t know what do do :/ ... what do you think would be best..? Other heroes on defence are cobalt, frigg, garnet and Odin ... thanks in advance !
Telly said…
@Anonymous: The skill damage reduction is his passive skill, and you can find it by tapping on the passive skill icon.
Telly said…
@Unknown: Congratulations on the great pull! Moreau is great. As for Jabberwock v. Moreau... I like both of them a lot, and Jabber is one of my favorite heroes in the game. You can't go wrong with either one. For defense, Jabber still may be better, but Moreau is also very good. For attack, I'd still say Jabber is a bit better, but Moreau is more flexible, because you can target your attack wherever you want. If your alliance uses purple tanks for war, I'd pick Moreau, who I think will be a better tank than Jabber (unless you have a better purple for tank).
Unknown said…
Great! So I’ll go with jabber and Moreau will follow... as we run green tank :) ... thanks again!
Anonymous said…
I think you should consider changing him to at least A as a tank, a real beast when you go defense path for emblems.
Telly said…
I'm still considering this hero a bit more. I have to say that his hit turns out to be a little weak, which may mean he's a better defensive than attack hero.
nicolas said…
Telly, thanks for this reviews. I love them and the site. I wanted to ask a question. I had a Lucky pull Last month and got Lepiota, whom i'm leveling. But today on another Lucky pull got Dr. MOREAU. So, now I wonder which one to ascend. I have only 5 tabards.
Telly said…
@Nicolas: That's a tough choice. I think all-around Moreau probably is better. But, Lepiota can be very effective in attack. Do you have Drake Fong? If not, then maybe you'd benefit more from Moreau, since he's very similar.
nicolas said…
Telly, no, I don`t have Drake. The game insist on giving me purple heroes. Kageburado, Clarissa, Alfrike, Freya, Malicna, Zulag, Sartana, Obakan, Quintus C, Domitia, Lepiota and today, Dr. Moreau. Soy i`ll take your advice. Gonna ascend Moreau first and keep Lepiota on the bench. THANKS!
nicolas said…
With the battle formations, this heroe is even better. Facing the double formation, now attacks and blind 5 enemies. 270% and 774 attack is 2090 on each enemy on fast mana. Same thing with Guinevere and Clarissa.
Telly said…
A lot of people are moving away from the double formations because of their vulnerability to hit-3 heroes like that.
Anonymous said…
You are right and I personnaly discourage my team to use this formation for that reason. Unless they have heroes that can add value to it, like Sif or Elena.
Telly said…
Yes, Sif is a monster in the double formation. Elena too, although her slow speed makes her a little less desirable than Sif.
Anonymous said…
I love the malicna, proteus, Moreau combo against the Sif centre in double formations...