April 2021 Calendar - Empires and Puzzles Events and Quests

April Empires & Puzzles event and quest calendar banner
This is the calendar for April  2021 in Empires and Puzzles, listing the major events and quests in the game for this month. As usual, the quest dates tend to vary a bit, so the dates provided are approximate. The calendar is updated if any new schedule information comes out.

Apr. 1  Frosth - the April 2021 HOTM is introduced.  A fast mana hero spawning medium-powered minions. See the full Frosth Review.

Apr. 1 - Apr. 5 Ninja Tower Event continued from March (no April Fools Joke!)

Apr. 1 - April 25 - Springvale Easter Event - continues from March.

Apr. 1 - May 7  Path of Valor 7 continues.

Apr. 4-6  Atlantis Rises.
Apr. 8-10   Masquerade Costume Event, including the 25 new costumes will be introduced last month. You can find a listing of them in the event guide.

Apr. 9  Mt. Umber (Mystic Rings) (appx. date).

Apr. 11-13  Valhalla Forever Summons Event with Season 3 Valhalla heroes.

Apr. 15-19   Challenge event - Fables of Grimforest featuring Puss In Boots and Snow White. 

Apr. 19-21  Mythic Titans alliance event.

Apr. 19  Shrikewood (Mysterious Tonic) (appx. date).

Apr. 25-29   Voyagers of the Underwild Season 4 event. This will include new Season 4 map stages 4-6 and at least one new featured 5* event hero available in the Underwild summons portal.

Apr. 29  Frostmarch (Farsight Telescope) (appx. date).