Akkorog Empires and Puzzles Season 4 Hero - Voyagers of the Underwild

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Akkorog is an Empires and Puzzles hero from Season 4, Voyagers of the Underwild. Akkorog is a fast mana hero that does a moderate amount of damage, and re-arranges the opposing team. He is like a cross between Cheshire Cat - who rearranges the opposing team, and Norns who also hits with 280% damage.  The rearranging function can be quite useful to move the opposing team's tank to a different position, giving some advantage in raids and wars. However, it also has some disadvantages, such as moving a hit-3 to a hit-2 or hit-1 if the rearranging of the heroes leaves an opening next to the targeted hero.
Akkorog Hero Card in Empires & Puzzles

Akkorog Stats:

Attack Defense Health
782 772 1371
  • Power: 806
  • Mana speed: Fast
  • Class: Ranger
  • Element: Yellow / Holy
  • Legendary - 5*
  • Family: Underwild

Akkorog Special Skill: Colossal Chops

  • Rearranges the enemy positions randomly.
  • Deals 280% damage to the target and nearby enemies.
  • Ability: Increased Special Skill Damage – The first time this hero casts special skill that does damage, additional 30% is added to its power.

Akkorog Ranking / Grading:

  • Attack: B
  • Overall Defense: B
    • Tank: B
    • Flank: B+
    • Wing: B+
  • Titans: B
  • Raid Tournaments:
    • Rush: B+
    • Buff Booster: B
    • Bloody Battle: B+

Overall Akkorog Rating: B

I have graded Akkorog an overall rating of B because of his unique special skill, moderate amount of hit-3 damage and relatively high base stats. However, the disadvantages of the way his rearranging heroes applies creates a lot of uncertainty in the use of his special skill. Do you think he should be higher or lower?


Anonymous said…
valeria doesnt rearrange anything. you're thinking of cheshire cat.
also what seems an important thing to note is that the positions are changed before the spell goes off. since i havent had a chance to play, does it target the slot, or does it target the hero? if it targets the slot, then you can always ensure you're hitting 3 people, but if it targets the hero, then you might end up targeting a wing after the rearrange, and miss out on a whole hit.
Telly said…
Yes, Cheshire Cat! As for the rest of your question, unfortunately Beta is closed now, so I can't check this now.
Kambala said…
I drew him, so I can confirm damage is after the rearrange.
Anonymous said…
Since he hits after positions are changed, does he hit the hero selected or the position selected?
TLK914 said…
He is the only Underwild 5 I have not laid ANY eyes on yet? Is that because nobody who got him wanted to speed level him or because he hasnt dropped much so few people even got him?

Cheshire cat has been out for 2 years, but few ever run him because aside from the on paper interesting-ness of moving pieces around the chess board, it didnt play out as well as it sounded. They even bumped up his poison damage, and still nobody was a big fan (Though he is actually not as weak as he seems if you commit!).

We do have a few tanks that MUST be Tanks to really do their thing and if they get moved the defense is history. Telluria, Hel, Black Knight to a slightly lesser Extent, Krampus maybe a bit. The heroes who pull the taunt card can still be useful even if they get moved though obviously if say Magni was safe beside BK who was Tank and absorbing the bulk of damage and Magni got moved to tank and BK to wing its a serious issue for the defense. However, now we have a 5 star Cheshire that actually brings some bigger immediate hitting than the kitty cat's slow dispellable poisoning.

But again, only against certain tanks is it really game changing. Against all sniper lineups or 2 or 3 healer lineups it ,ay accomplish little or nothing or even make it worse for the attack because it may move the hit 3 aim to the wrong 3.

I think your score is right where it should be. He just isnt quite dangerous enough on offense (after the boosted 1st hit) to be seriously scary, though even one 364 x3 shot can shift the balance of power enough to tilt the scale and decide the remaining battle. If a hero is protected from status ailments ala Gato et al...does that hero still get MOVED? Since moving is not really an ongoing ailment Id expect he still does. Havent tried yet.
Kambala said…
He hits the enemy targeted. In my opinion this hero is a bit of a misfire. You have no guarantee to hit three targets and the damage though good isn't going to shift the odds. The repositioning doesn't add enough value for the rng of hitting 0,1, or two targets. I'm usually more the optimist when it comes to new heroes, but this one is not high on my list to level.
Unknown said…
It seems like there should have been some sort of debuff after the scramble, as he stands right now, he doesn't really compare to the others
Unknown said…
Ok, so I have him to 18 on the Talent Grid, and I can tell you that he's fantastic as a cleanup kinda guy on a Raids if the opposing team just has their two Wings left, he unfailing seems to pull them together, which makes wrap up a bit more simple