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Voyagers of the Underwild and Underwild heroes banner
Voyagers of the Underwild is the Season 4 map and hero portal in Empires and Puzzles, introduced in March 2021. These Underwild heroes and the map stages have an underground exploration adventure theme about them, and originally were called Explorers of the Abyss. With an old-time science fiction aura, this is reminiscent of Jules Verne novels - from undersea to mysterious islands and caves. The base stats provided to Underwild heroes are mostly higher than those of Valhalla heroes of Season 3 and Atlantis heroes from Season 2 of the game. Despite that, a lot of the past season heroes reman among the best in the game, but Underwild also offers some very powerful heroes to play with in Empires & Puzzles. 
By the way, "Underwild" is the correct spelling, and many were wondering if it was a typo of "Underworld."
Warning: I do not recommend pulling in the Underwild portal, except with your free pulls! The reason is that the percentage of getting one of the good heroes is so LOW (under 2%) and you could get stuck with just feeder heroes. None of the Underwild heroes is so outstanding that it is a "must have," and you can hit the top ranks with the heroes you have already. I decided to post this warning after hearing about players who did 10, 20, 30, 100 or more summons and wound up with nothing.

30x Underwild Summons Pull

I did a 30-pull in the Underwild portal when it was introduced, and here's the result. What do you think? Worth it? Not worth it?

Underwild Hero Family Bonus

Thus far, all Season 4 heroes are in the Underwild family. This family gives a type of bonus that is new to Season 4. This bonus gives a chance to spawn an Underwild gem. These gems are discussed more below. 

The Underwild Family bonus for 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 Heroes is:
  • A percentage chance to spawn spawn an Underwild Gem on board when an Underwild family hero casts Special Skill. This percentage varies, depending upon the mana speed of the hero firing the special. The faster the mana speed, the lower the likelihood of spawning a gem, but still it is significant:
    • Very Fast Heroes: 16% / 19% / 23% / 26%/ 29%
    • Fast: 20% / 24% / 28% / 32%/ 36%
    • Average: 25% / 30% / 35% / 40%/ 45%
    • Slow: 30% / 36% / 42% / 48%/ 52%
    • Very Slow: 36% / 43% / 50% / 57%/ 64%
  • Underwild Gem deals 50 damage to a random enemy each turn.
  • Underwild Gems can only be spawned on a normal shield on board that has the same element as this Hero. They cannot spawn on special tiles, like bomb or diamond.

Underwild Gems

An Underwild Gem is a tile (also called shield) on the board that gets converted to a special tile, called the Underwild Gem. Each gem hits a random enemy at the end of each turn, with 50 damage. This damage can add up fast. For example, if there are 4 Underwild gems on the board, the opposing team gets hit with 250 damage total. That can hit a single enemy, or be spread out among some or all of the enemies.

Same Color Only

Underwild Gems can only spawn on the same color tile as the hero casting its special skill. So, if a yellow hero casts its special skill, but there are no yellow tiles (shields) on the board, then an Underwild Gem cannot appear.

Both Attack Team and Defense Team Can Spawn Underwild Gems

Any Underwild Family Season 4 hero can cause an Underwild Gem to appear - whether it is in the attacking team or the defending team. If a defense team hero causes the gem to appear, then that particular gem will attack the attacking team with the 50 damage. Of course, if the attacking team has an Underwild hero and causes an Underwild Gem to spawn, then that gem will hit the defense team with 50 damage. 

Both of these type of Underwild Gems can appear on the board, but not on the same tile. So you may have attack team Gems and defense team Gems on the board at the same time.
Underwild Gems also get cleared off the board when matches are made, or when bombs explode or diamonds are activated. 

Underwild Gem Strategy

There are two different strategies to use, depending on whose gem is on the board:
  • Your Underwild gems on the board: you will want to avoid making matches that include the Underwild Gem as long as possible. 
  • If the other team spawned gems, match them as soon as possible to avoid damage to your own team.

Biome Effects

Biome Effects are the equivalent of "special stages" in other Seasons, except that every stage of Underwild has 2 types of Biome effects:
  • Passive Ability: for the monsters in the stage. For example, resistance to a type of ailment, like resistance to blinds
  • Status Effects for your heroes: Examples are +50% attack for yellow heroes, and -50% for purple heroes in one stage.

Underwild Summons

The Voyagers of the Underwild heroes are available through the Underwild summon portal. The portal appears only during the monthly Underwild event. Check the event calendars that I post to see when the this event takes place each month. Generally it starts the week after the monthly challenge event.  

As with other portals, you can get pulls from the Underwild portal with Empires & Puzzles currency gems, or with Underwild coins. It takes 100 of the Underwild coins to get a single pull and you can get these coins as reward when you complete a Season 4 map stage for the first time, or from other events and chests in the Empires & Puzzles game. You get 3 coins Season 4 normal mode map stage and 5 coins from a hard mode map stages.

NEW: Portal Rating: C

NOTE my WARNING that I do not recommend this portal, except for your free pulls. And really you can do great in this game without doing any paid pulls! 

Underwild Summon Strategy

This is the mid-late Season Strategy: As with Seasons 2 and 3, I expect that the stronger / better Uunderwild heroes will be introduced in the middle and end of the Season. So, one strategy is to wait a few months for the best heroes to be introduced and then use your coins, or bought pulls. That is a good strategy for lower to mid-level players. Upper level players can do that too, or, try with each event to have Season 4 heroes on hand to level up all the time.
You can use the All Heroes Summon Simulator for Underwild before using your gems and coins in-game. I also like the summons trick using the simulator. Try it for yourself ;).

Underwild Heroes List and Overall Grade Summary:

These are the Underwild heroes, with their overall grades on our Telly's Game grading scale. For the grading breakdown of attack-defense-titan for each hero, go to the hero cards at All Heroes. UPDATE: I have regraded Prof. Lidenbrock, Akkorog and Russula to reflect player experience in-game.

5* Underwild Heroes

HeroOverall Grade
Akkorog B
Captain Nemo
Dr. Moreau A
Elizabeth A
Garjammal A
Lepiota A
Phileas Fogg A+
Prof. Lidenbrock A+
Russula C+

4* Underwild Heroes

Hero Grade
Griffin A-
Mack B
Rokkamush C
Tettukh A-
Zila LeiB-

3* Underwild Heroes

Hero Grade
Helo B+
Gramps A-
Morris C
Poppy A
Vollermork C
A lot of the grades of pre-introduction heroes are preliminary, and for some I already have done review articles of them. What do you think? How would you grade or revise the gradings?


Unknown said…
Do you think with the season 4 release there will be an increase in the stronghold max level, buildings or watchtower? I'm hoarding feeder heroes & food but wonder if I need to hoard iron also?
Telly said…
No. Although they may introduce new levels of buildings, or the stronghold eventually, nothing like that has been in Beta testing yet. So, if they're going to do it, it won't be in the next few months. It definitely will not be introduced along with the Season 4 release in late March.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for this super helpful!

Will you being doing the reviews of the 4* heroes as well?
Anonymous said…
I'm very curious who the redheaded woman holding the golden skull idol in the season 4 announcement picture is. I am familiar with the artwork of all the female heroes yet to be released and she is not any of them (Aouda, Russula, & Zenobia).
Telly said…
I haven't seen her or the pirate guy from the first announcement anywhere else either.
Telly said…
As for the 4* Underwild heroes, I put grades for all the 4* and 3* heroes in All Heroes, and the link to those is in the article above ^^^. If one comes along that I find particularly interesting I might do a longer review, but am not planning on any right now.
Anonymous said…
I am currently ascending Lidenbrock. She is awesome. Definitely better than both costumed Vivica and Heimdall. She definitely deserves an A grade,if not A+.
Anonymous said…
I see the warning, but this is the same percentage as other portals but with higher stat heroes. Why not pull here? Where would you use gems instead?
Anonymous said…
Don’t buy gems at all. Total scam. You can do 100 pulls and it’s most likely you wind up with just feeders.

I think Telly put up the warning because this one is the worst of all because the heroes aren’t that great compared to events and Season 3, which has the best heroes, like Bera and Odin.
Thanks for all your work!! Do you know if new heroes are coming this april?
Telly said…
@NachoMartin: It's not known yet.
Telly said…
@Anonymous: About the Warning I put up: In fact the effective percentage of a portal goes down if you do not factor in the mediocre heroes. This one advertises itself as having the newest, strongest heroes, but in fact that is not true. So, I decided to put up a Warning to help the people who come to this site to avoid spending gems where it really does not confer much benefit if you already have a few 5* heroes to work on. This portal was rushed into the game and was not designed or thought through very well IMHO. So, I just want people to pause and think before getting too excited about it thinking that because it is new the heroes must be way better, which they definitely are not.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for warnig. But in wich portal you will spend gems on?
Anonymous said…
I appreciate the warning and get that this early in a season there are fewer chances then S3 which has all its heroes out. I could use Frigg but I also like how many fast snipers S4 is offering. Fogg is out now, perhaps this month garjammel or another sniper will come out - aren’t those strong heroes? I did get Elizabeth and Dr morou last month - Elizabeth is already in my def team. Morou is being leveled, but I’m low on dark ascension items. But S3 having all its heroes also increases chances of getting heroes I don’t need...

I’d like Fogg, Garjammel or Nemo still.

Frigg and Odin have not been S3 featured heroes yet. Not worth it at .6% using gems on them... ninja event still gets pulls because I’d like cobalt.

I guess I’d think all portals are worth some pulls!
Kambala said…
@Telly et al

I think the evaluation of the good/bad of this portal might depend on the heroes you have already. My personal disappointment with the Underwild heroes thus far is simply the lack of new mechanics. If you look at the first round heroes you could essentially sum them up as 'Purple Drake Fong, Yellow Cheshire Cat, Green Kageburado, and Raphael and Vivica's love child.' Only Lepiota and Elizabeth are bringing something new to the table.

Having said that, if you don't have Drake Fong, Dr. Moreau is a nice catch. Phileas Fogg is super even if you have Kage. And you know already my opinion on the Professor. What I mean to say is, the value of the Underwild summon might depend on the depth of your bench.

If you're only going to go in for one summon, however, Valhalla is still currently your best bet probably (at least in terms of percentage chance of getting something great).
Telly said…
@Anonymous: You asked which portals are worth the gems. Good question and a lot of players wonder about that. I am thinking of writing an article on that, because of all the new shiny portals (like Underwild) that the game developers are rushing out to lure people into spending a lot of real money on sub-par portals. The short answer is NONE of the hero portals are worth spending real $ once you have around 20 4* and 5* heroes in your inventory. At that point the odds of pulling worthwhile heroes go way down, to under 2% for most players. Free pulls, sure, use your free coins and have fun of course! The only portal of any real value is the troop portal where every time you get something valuable - a 3* or 4* feeder troop (or you can keep and play with them). If you want to advance to the top ranks of the game you need high level troops and that's the way to do it. A level 29 troop is far more valuable than another sniper hero when you already have 10, for example. Yet you could do 30 or 100 pulls just to get that sniper, or my may not even get it. That's 10,000-30,000 gems wasted, and real money better spent elsewhere.
Unknown said…
Last month pulled Phileas and Lidenbrock. Yesterday pulled Garjammal and √Člisabeth. All are awesome and fun to play. I have a very deep bench with 79 different 5*. But i always appreciate the fun of playing special heroes.
JanG said…
Why rate Gramps as A-? I don't see his added benefit. If he would heal next to resurrect, then OK. But only at low chance of resurrect, I don't see his use.
Anonymous said…
Has anyone noticed that Captain Nemo has the handguard on the wrong side of the sword?
Telly said…
Not until you mentioned it, but yeah!
Telly said…
@JanG: Revive is a very powerful skill. Gramps is best used with a healer on the same team, for the reason you mentioned.
King Arkin said…
I have 3 Elizabeth's 2 from 1 10x pull and another on a single pull. Plus 2 akkorogs. Never did a 30x or anything crazy. Just 2 10x and a handful of single pulls and got pretty lucky and that's what it really all comes down to is pure luck with pulls in this game. Although I would say I do favor season 3 heroes more but if you got an abundance of gems i'd say these heroes are worth a shot. Also of I may add, the guy with the pirate hat is Captain Nemo
Anonymous said…
Hi. Can you advise which hero is better? I just got Bera and Elizabeth. Thanks!
suvrat said…
Hello telly, hoping you would reply.
What is the best summoning portal in your opinion?
Anonymous said…
Hi Telly, will you be providing a detailed review of Russula? Thanks!
Telly said…
@Survat: Hard to say. For most mid-upper level players it's the Ninja troop portal, by far.

@Aonymous: Between Bera and Elizabeth: both are great, and which is better for you depends on your roster. Bera is increasingly used on defense teams as tank and is good in minion attack too. So all things being equal, Bera.

@Anonymous: I haven't written an in-depth review of Russula as yet, and I probably won't as people don't seem very interested in her.