Top 15 Best Ads of the 2021 Super Bowl

These are 10 of the best ads of the 2021 Super Bowl, including the funniest commercials as well as the serious.  Super Bowl LV - i.e. Super Bowl 55 takes place February 7 in Tampa, Florida. I have listed below all the contestants, and my final selections will be in the actual video of these ads I post on the game day.

Which do you think should be #1?

Spoiler Alert: Do not proceed further if you want to wait to see the actual commercials broadcast in the game first.

In order, these are the ads that I have gathered for the Top 15 video:

#15 General Motors, "No Way Norway"

Featuring Will Ferrell, advertising that orway has a higher per capita rate of electric vehicle sales and General Motors making a big push in the electric car market.

#14 Guaranteed Rate, "Believe You Will"

The online mortgage lender with a powerful message of believing in yourself. Featuring UFC champ 
Dustin Poirier, Nascar Daytona 500 Champ Ryan Newman, Erik Weihenmayer who climbed Mt. Everest while being blind, NHL Columbus Blue Jackets' star Seth Jones, mixed martial arts Rose Gertrude Namajunas, and figure skater Starr Andrews.

#13 Scott's Miracle Gro, "Keep Growing"

John Travolta does a Tik Tok dance with his daughter, and is admired by Martha Stewart.

#12 Jimmy Johns, "Meet The King"

Featuring featuring Brad Garrett as “The King of Cold Cuts” Tony Bolognavich, who is ready to declare a gang war because Jimmy Johns is making inroads on his sandwich empire.

#11 Vroom, "Dealership Pain"

The online car buying service Vroom depicts going to a car dealership as being like a horror movie. I think this one strikes a nerve and some people will love it, others will not.

#10 Bud Light Seltzer, "Last Year's Lemons"

A humorous COVID-19 themed commercial, with 2020 being a "lemon" - in other words sour. It is advertising Bud Light's hard lemonade seltzer product.

#9 Amazon, "Alexa's Body"

Featuring Michael B. Jordan doing a voice for Amazon's Alexa assistant. A woman imagines what it would be like to have Jordan be her Alexa.

#8 Michelob ULTRA Hard Seltzer, "All-Star Cast"

Featuring Don Cheadle and Sylvester Stallone look-alikes.

#7 Pringles, "Space Return"

Another humorous commercial, this one featuring a space capsule splash down, but the retrieval ship does not show up. Why? Well, NASA was too busy eating Pringles' stackers potato chips. 

#6 M&M's, "Come Together"

Shows people apologizing for different wrongs and sharing their M&Ms.

#5 Cheetos, "It Wasn't Me"

Featuring Mila Kunis and Aston Kutcher, this funny ad has Kutcher trying to find his missing bag of Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix, and Kunis swearing, "It Wasn't Me." Featuring Shaggy with clips of his song.

#4 Uber Eats, "Eat Local"

Featuring Wayne's World stars Mike Myers and Dana Carvey, and their local friend, Cardi B.

#3 Samuel Adams Beer, "Horses"

This is Samuel Adams beer's take-off on the famous Clydesdale horses from another beer company. In their "Your cousin from Boston" series of ads, this Super Bowl entry features the Clydesdales coming loose and wreaking havoc.

#2 Dr. Squatch, "You're Not A Dish, You're a Man"

The online direct to consumer male products brand, makes a viral commercial that stormed the Internet. Featuring James Schrader and Mike Langsdale.

#1 Toyota, "Upstream"

By far the best of the feel-good Super Bowl commercials for 2021.  Featuring double amputee Paralympic champion Jessica Long. She's a 13 time gold medal winner.

Honorable Mention: Doritos, Flat Matthew

Featuring Matthew McConaughey

Here's something else I compiled:

Best of All Time

This is a compilation I made of some of the best and funniest Super Bowl Ads of all time. My favorite is the Coke one. What do you think?