Aouda Empires and Puzzles Season 4 Hero - Voyagers of the Underwild

Aouda is an Empires and Puzzles hero from Season 4, Voyagers of the Underwild. At fast mana, Auoda will become one of the best snipers in the game - dealing 435% damage, and an additional 500 extra damage on enemies that have had their health boosted. The base damage for Aouda is very high, and her attack stat also is high, so she will pack a powerful punch. However, her extra damage makes her an excellent counter to health boosters like Heimdall and Garnett. All in all, Aouda will be a great single hitting sniper. Likewise her high base attack stat makes her good for attacking purple titans.
Aouda Voyagers Hero Empires & Puzzles

Aouda Stats:

Attack Defense Health
811 782 1293
  • Power: 808
  • Mana speed: Fast
  • Class: Rogue
  • Element: Yellow / Holy
  • Legendary - 5*
  • Family: Underwild

Aouda Special Skill: Blade of Bundelkhand

  • Deals 450% damage to the target
  • Deals 500 extra damage if the target has boosted health.
  • Ability: Increased Special Skill Damage – The first time this hero casts special skill that does damage, additional 30% is added to its power.

Aouda Ranking / Grading:

  • Attack: A
  • Overall Defense: A-
    • Tank: B
    • Flank: A-
    • Wing: A-
  • Titans: A
  • Raid Tournaments:
    • Rush: A
    • Buff Booster: A
    • Bloody Battle: A+

Overall Aouda Rating: A

I have graded Aouda an overall rating of A because she is good sniper, and a decent counter against health boosting heroes. Do you think she should be upgraded?


Anonymous said…
I think it is an overall good grade so far. Powerful hitter with a boosted attack provided the appropriate conditions are met.
Steven said…
Why is she good against green titan? Do you mean dark?
Yeomen said…
I think Steven caught the mistake. Dark Titans. Not Green Titans
Unknown said…
Couple mistakes beside the titan comment. Her dmg is 450% not 435% and she is a Rogue not a barb.
TLK914 said…
Ive faced her a couple of times. She is a serious sniper. That 1st shot +30 can be a 1 shot 1 kill against tile weakened darks before they even get a shot off. Including FAST ones.(Very fast, nobody 1 shot 1 kills)

The extra damage against boosted health actually is not as big a bang as it sounds...once boosted, you are in for a long dragged out fight. If someone fired Heimdall or Garnet at 3x then that wont instant kill either of them or anyone else...but it chops them down regardless, and thats always the case with have to set up your specials to fire consecutives and chop down the boosts 1 hero at a time starting with ressurectors and healers. This will help...but its not an instant cure for the long battle time that health boosts bring.
Id say A is fair. Almost wanna drop to A- not for any lack of quality...but 400+ firing fast snipers used to be a they are like happy meal prizes. she doesnt stand out significantly from whats become a slightly crowded field despite on paper quality stats. But A is probably fair nonetheless because she also isnt really behind the many others that hit big and fast.Her stats are better than most of the s1 and s2 A is probably OK.
Telly said…
@Steven and @Yoemen: Yes, use her on purple / dark titans. Typo fixed!

@Unknown: Yes, typos fixed. Thanks!

@TLK914: Nice analysis. Yes, all the single-hit hard snipers are getting difficult to grade because the meta has changed in favor of AoE hitters. What I've done is downgraded the old single-hit hard snipers to A- or A, and the new ones that come with a relatively higher base attack stat and some extra skills, like Aouda, are getting A or A+. I still can see downgrading them a bit, as you're thinking about too.

Anonymous said…
Hi, I really need your advice. Zimkitha, Lady Loki and Saoirse, which hero will worth the ring? Thanks!
TLK914 said…
All 3 have uses and issues.
Zimkitha is a season 1 hero, hero solid and stable. She cleanses ailments, buffs all attcks a bit...hits all enemies a small amount, and even heals other reds a bit with the fire bonus. Nothing game changing or 1 turn swings the tides about her. but she is still a solid red utility especially on red stacks.

Ladi Loki is one of the games true GAME CHANGERS. Unfortunately its a situational game change that is harder to enjoy than others. she removes and returns status ailments to the enemy team so they get to do the suffering. Its a huge power against certain teams that rely on DOT heroes or cast defense down or attack down ailments. When your team gets 2 ior 3 curses a hero and she can be gamne over for the enemy. If they survive the boosted shot from ailments moved...then they get to deal with the ailments. She is a tough act. However, to do her damage...she needs the team to HAVE a pile of ailments...which means youve already been shot 2 or 3x by the enemy and you may already be so close to death its too late. But, when it works...its in only 2 or 3 heroes in the game can take a battle that looks like impending loss and suddenly switch it to impending victory in 1 shot. While not as easy to get that shot off as say Finley (Who is the very best tide turner in the game) Its still impressive if a bit more timing dependent.
Saoirse is the biggest immediate bang for the buck. also the slowest. She brings a BIG defense down on 3, defense down long being one of my favirite skills because it almost always comes attached to a decent 1st punch, and then all subsequent punches from all teammates for 3-6 turns are over 50% harder?!!? Its deadly.

BUT, shes SLOW...and SLOW is not great. If you had 2 other Fell Shadow heroes with her then the family bonus does funny things to mana. 1st hit will still be slow...but subsequent attacks may have up to a 50% mana increase! Slow becomes FAST! In THAT case, shes terrifying! (Or if you woke up in bed next to her...Sheesh shes rough looking!). BUT, unless you have 3 youll never see that jkinda mana you have to own her slowness. Perhaps on a team that can keep her alive a little longer, with a fast heal boost. Garnet ninja, or Toxicandra perhaps...then she becomes much more likely to get that big defense down-ing shot off...and then the enemy crumbles.

All have their things. its personal preference which will work for you.

Remember defense down works even for tile its truly hard on the enemy.

Unknown said…
I have her with Domitia on offense. When they both hit, they do some excessive damage. It would be cool to see her in costume and see what her costume would be like