February 2021 Calendar - Empires and Puzzles Events and Quests

February Empires and Puzzles
This is the February 2021 calendar for Empires and Puzzles, listing the major events and quests in game for the month. As usual, the quest dates are not set and can change, so approximate dates for the major quests are given in this calendar. The calendar is updated if any new schedule information comes out.

Feb. 1  Uraeus - the February 2021 HOTM is introduced. An average mana speed yellow - holy hero dealing heavy damage and minion destruction damage over time. See the full Uraeus Review.

Feb. 1 - March 9  Path of Valor 7 continues from January.

Feb. 3  Mount Umber (Mystic Rings).

Feb. 4-6  Atlantis Rising.
  • Featured Atlantis Heroes with grades:
    • Tarlak - Green tile attack buffer, great against blue titans. Rating; A+ on titans, B+ overall.
    • Mitsuko - Red mana controller, dealing moderate damage on three targets, with reflect of damage from special skills from blue / ice attackers. The latter makes her known as a great counter to Finley. Rating: A=.
  • Featured Heroes of the Month with grades:
    • Telluria - Green average speed tank, still a great tank, even with successive nerfs in 2020. Rating: A+.
    • Frida - Average speed blue damage dealer and defense down ailment. Great in challenge events and against titans. Rating: B+.
  • View the 4 featured heroes for the December Atlantis Rises in All Heroes: Compare Frida, Telluria, Tarlak, Mitsuko.
Feb. 11-14   Challenge event - League of Villians (expected). Originally Riddles of Wonderland was scheduled, but it likely is replaced by the new League of Villians event. Possibly both will run in February. I'll update this once scheduling is finalized.

Feb. 13  Shrikewood (Mysterious Tonic) (appx. date).

Feb. 15  Raid Formations become available in the Hero Academy.

Feb. 15-17   Masquerade Costume Event, including the 25 new costumes will be introduced last month. You can find a listing of them in the event guide.

Feb. 17-21  Ninja Tower event and summons, featuring Ninja heroes and Ninja troops. 
  • Tavern of Legends: not scheduled for February , since the Tavern now is every other month, alternating with the Ninja Tower event.
Feb. 22  Frostmarch (Farsight Telescope) (appx. date).

Feb. 25 - Feb. 28  Valhalla Forever Summons Event with Season 3 Valhalla heroes.

Feb 27-28  Mythic Titans Event #3 (Updated).


Remon said…
I think February challenge event should be Wonderland, rather than Avalon.
Telly said…
@Remon, You're right ... fixed it.
Anonymous said…
Is there farholme pass in Feb?
Telly said…
Farholme Pass 2 is currently expected at the end of January. So February is unlikely to have a Farholme Pass quest, unless Farholme Pass 2 is delayed and lands at the beginning of February.
Anonymous said…
and i was hopeing that this new event is gonna happen in febuary - league of villains. Any prediction when is gonna happen this event?
Telly said…
It could appear as early as February, but nothing has been announced on that. It will be in version 35, which will come out some time in February, probably. But that version still is in Beta testing.