Uraeus February 2021 HOTM Review and Grading - Empires and Puzzles Hero of the Month

Uraeus is the February 2021 Hero of the Month in Empires and Puzzles. He is an average speed sniper with the added benefit of powerful damage against minion-heavy teams. Perhaps the first top tier HOTM introduced into the game in many months, Uraeus is likely to be widely used as a counter to minion-heavy defenses, such as those including Bera, Freya or Noor.
Uraeus - February 2021 HOTM.

Uraeus Stats:

Base Stats:
  • Power: 786
  • Mana speed: Average
  • Class: Sorcerer
  • Element: Yellow / Holy
  • Origin: HOTM - February 2021
  • Level: 5* Legendary

Uraeus Special Skill: Strike of the Cobra

  • Deals 485% damage to the target.
  • Damage bypasses target's minions.
  • All enemies who own a minion or a fiend receive 315 Sand Damage over 3 turns.
  • Element Link: Summons a Holy Minion for all Holy allies with 5% HP and 10% attack inherited from the caster.
  • Innate Resistance: Resist Sand Damage SandTrap - This hero has an innate resistance against Sand Damage.
  • Innate Ability: Health from Dead Minion -This hero gains 50 HP when a minion owned by them is destroyed.

Uraeus HOTM Review:

Uraeus is an average speed sniper that inflicts huge damage over time on enemies that have minions. On attack Uraeus' special skill set is formidable.  The damage percent combined with high base attack stat means that Uraeus ranks among the top snipers in terms of raw HP hit on an opposing enemy. His mana speed at average is a disadvantage, however, in comparison with the great fast mana snipers. But, his other skills make up for this speed deficiency.

If the enemy team has any minion spawners, like Telluria, Glenda or Noor, Uraeus inflicts 315 sand damage over 3 turns. With emblems and a mana troop, this sand damage works out to a massive 150-240 damage per turn. Not only is that enough to kill minions, but also inflict considerable damage on the enemy team.

On top of the damage Uraeus inflicts, his element link also spawns minions on any holy allies. If you bring Uraeus to an attack with a yellow stack team, each of his allies gets one of those minions. In effect they all get a 5% meat shield, that also inflicts some additional damage on the enemy team. If any minion on Uraeus himself is destroyed, Uraeus gets a 50 HP heal. That is not much, but it could enable him to live long enough to fire once more sometimes.
The heavy damage plus minions dealt by Uraeus also can be of great use on defense. He can easily take the spot of a yellow sniper on any defense team. Plus with a level 23 or higher mana troop, he in effect moves up to a fast mana hero. The mechanics of mana troops are explained in the Mana Bonus Guide.  One downside of Uraeus on defense is that a skillful opponent will avoid bringing minion spawning heroes to an attack. That takes away one of his most potent weapons - the DoT inflicted on minion bearing enemies. However, minion heroes are becoming so prevalent, that not everyone has the bench depth to avoid bringing a minion hero to battle. In addition, for many players, their best heroes spawn minions, so having Uraeus will either make them vulnerable, or they will have to weaken their attacks by leaving some great heroes off their attack team.  

For titans, Uraeus has a high base attack stat, which makes him a candidate for a high attack slot on your titan attack teams. However, minions can slow your titan attacks as you wait for the minions to fire. Because of that, Uraeus is somewhat downgraded in his titan attack grading. If you have other high attack stat heroes to bring to titan battles, they may be better than Uraeus due to his minions.

Uraeus' Emblem / Skill Path:

Uraeus is a great damage dealing hero. All three components of his special skill damage benefit from increased attack, including his direct damage, damage over time sand damage, and his minions. Because of that, I recommend applying emblems to Uraeus on an attack / damage path on the Sorcerer talent tree.  

Uraeus Grading:

  • Attack: A
  • Overall Defense: B+
    • Tank: B
    • Flank: B+
    • Wing: B+
  • Titans: B
  • Raid Tournaments:
    • Rush: A+
    • Buff Booster: B
    • Bloody Battle: A-
Overall Uraeus Rating: A-
Note:  Thus far, I am comfortable with rating Uraeus as an "A" on attack. However, I do consider him a borderline A+, and only have knocked him down to an A due to his average mana speed. What do you think? Should Uraeus be upgraded to an A+ for attack?


Anonymous said…
Confused as to how he can deal more sand damage over time? Normally flat damage and DoTs doesn't scale with anything.

Also I would rank him at least solid A, if not A+ for bloody battle due to his minion interaction. Minions are the best substitute for heals, so there is more incentive to set up your defense team with minion makers, and he excels at subverting that advantage.
Telly said…
The way DoT increases is by using emblems or troops. The DoT increases as the attack % increases. For example, the attack bonus from troops increases the DoT by that %.
Anonymous said…
Wow, I had no idea things worked that way. I thought flat damage stuff was just flat, with the con that it can't be buffed, but the pro that it can't be mitigated.

They don't increase based on attack boosts like boldtusk or wukong, right?
Telly said…
Not based on other hero's attack boosts. So, no, Boldy's attack buff won't increase another hero's DoT.
TLK914 said…
Not to beat this up, just clarifying for my own obsessive compulsiveness. :)

SO, inherent increases like troops increase fixed damage over time. Does it show in the numbers when you browse the enemy hero as the numbers are higher on their card screen, or does it only appear in the damage amounts shown when the actual damage hits? I was always under the impression that fixed number damage heroes like Proteus 9who Ive had since he was released, still one of my all time faves) benefit from attack percentage boost only because it will crank up their tile damage regardless of special...and for most heroes, tiles actually end up doing as much or more of your damage than specials. Even if people dont tend to notice thats how it ends up working.
Telly said…
@TLK94. That's right. The DoT is increased by the troop's attack boost. It shows up once you start the raid or map stage. You can find it in the special skill statement, which will show the correct amount of DoT, which includes the base DoT and the amount from the troop's attack boost. It also shows up in the attack stat shown, which includes the base attack increased by the troop boost.
PPR said…
He looks pretty good.Would love to have him.Does he hit even harder than Lianna with costume bonus? BY the way,I have only three minion spammers,namely Rudolph,Buddy and Reuben
Telly said…
No Lianna + CB hits harder. But Uraeus still hits hard.
Unknown said…
So, should I put him in my defense team or Thor? And where should I put them? Which positions?
Telly said…
It really depends on who else you have. Generally speaking, I think Thor is a safer bet for most defense teams because of his very fast speed. However, Uraeus probably is better form most purposes in the game.
Unknown said…
Finley, BK, Telluria, Ursena and eifhter Thor or Uraeus. What do tou say?
Telly said…
Only looking at defense, I'd say Joon or Drake Fong, if you are looking for a yellow hero on wing. Lacking either of those, Thor, but just because I prefer Very Fast for defense teams in the current meta. Uraeus is probably the better all-round hero vs. Thor.
Unknown said…
well, I have Thor, Guardian Gazelle, Guinevere, Uraeus, Sif, Justice, Norns, Onatel, Neith, Guardian Owl.

Which one should go to the right wing?
Thank you for your help.
Anonymous said…
Telly said…
@Unknown The best thing to do is experiment and see which one works best for you with your other heroes that you use on defense. For wing, probably your best picks would be one of Thor, Onatel or Uraeus. Gurdian Owl can be interesting as a come from behind hero, but his very slow speed is a problem on wing.
Elena said…
It is too funny when u said I put A because of average mana, do u really except he should be fast mana :)) he is already overpowered he killed one hero and damage all enemy with minion on attack which made him so powerful and average mana is good enough. He is so much better than all fast mana and with troop and 9 tile there is not much diffrence between average and fast mana. Wrong grade because he got A ++ on attack
TLK914 said…
Im liking him much more on attack the more I face him. Even on defense, he is just mean. I rocked a Telluria tank for ages, but facing him it rather sucked. Tellurias minions are insignificant on attack, but with Uraeus defending they are an extreme liability if he gets a shot off. I switched to a non minion dealing tank and he was much more manageable.

The Average speed is somewhat less than optimal, but I use him like I use Athena. Many have taken Frigg as their Defense down mainstay because she is fast and often enough the tiles do the job to charge her special adequately.
I have switched back to Athena because the Average speed is offset by the higher special power (Athena starts and 40 and goes to 60 defense down). That gain plus the higher hit on a single target is worth the longer wait more often than not. At least with heroes who can bring some defense to stay alive or are supported by a good healer to wait 1 or 2 more turns.
Based on his crushing offense, the minion poison which has evil against certain enemies, A is probably right.
Hey, remember almost all heroes are somewhat situational, Mitsuko is an amazing anti Finley hero. I dont bring her out much unless its a red stack against blue...but shes the bomb when it is (Finley kills himself often in a single shot).

Situational isnt awful, its just the way of the world.
Anonymous said…
awesome site, telly. you provide excellent analysis. impressive. i have read all your hero reviews and a lot else. i really need help figuring some stuff out. i recently pulled a couple 5-star heroes: vanda, reuben, bertila, dark lord, toxicandra, ureaus, reuben, lady lock, isarnia. i already had khagan (+costume) , lianna (+costume), thorne, magni, joon, marjana, quintus. i have brought lianna, joon, quintus, magni to 80, emblems on magni. vanda is close. i put most emblems on 4-stars because i needed war heroes. can you recommend a 5-star defense? i dont mind taking my time to build the defense. is vanda the only good tank option? you deserve a medal for this excellent resource. thanks again
Telly said…
That's a lot of 5* you have there. Remember, there is nothing wrong with testing out different alignments of your defense, and experimenting to see which works best for you. Here is one possible set-up: Dark Lord - Toxicandra - Vanda - Thorne - Joon. You also could try Magni instead of Thorne, ande Lianna-CB instead of Toxicandra. Khagan-C could be an option over Vanda, but I like Vanda's very fast mana.
Anonymous said…
Uraeus or Sif? What's your opinion? Big dilemma...
Telly said…
In choosing between Uraeus and Sif, it really depends upon your needs. If you are having trouble against minion heavy defenses, Uraeus could be a big boost. Sif is great in general, both in attack and defense, particularly in raid attacks against AoE hitters like Frigg and Odin. Sif also is doing very well in the new raid formations, sitting in the middle position in the double and revers double formations. If I had to choose one, I'd go for Sif. But, both are very good.
Anonymous said…
Anyone have already maxed Uraeus? How do you find him?
Telly said…
I haven't maxed mine yet, but in beta he hit very hard, especially against minion spawning defenses. I'll definitely max him, when I feel like using the ascension mats.
Nacho Martín said…
I have Uraeus with 18 emblems. He hits really, really HARD. A fantastic hero for a yelow team. Mine is Joon+20, Vivica, Malosi+18, Uraeus+18 and Poseidon+20
Anonymous said…
Elizabeth and Uraeus are a surprising Tag team. They upgraded Uraeaus to do sand damage to heroes with fiend also. Fire Elizabeth and then fire Uraeaus...Fiend damage + Sand Damage together can be devastating.