Announcement: Check Out The New YouTube Channel


I wanted to "officially" announce that Telly's Game (me) has a new YouTube channel. I'm posting game play videos there, and started out with my 20x pull at the Ninja Summon Portal. It was fun to create the first few videos so I'll be posting more.


Here's what's been posted so far.
  • Santa's Challenge Advanced Final Stage. Heimdall and Sif were monsters for this one. I think this portal can be completed fairly easily with any 5* team, with a healer. You can even mix in some 4*. But, I wanted to see how Heimdall could do, since he's my most recent maxed hero.

The YouTube Page

Check out the home page on YouTube.
Telly's Game YouTube Channel Home Screen


If you like what you see on my channel, please hit the subscribe button. Also, if you like the video hit the like button on each video. I hear it helps on YouTube.  I never ask for payment or donations, so that's how you can really help. Thanks!

Ideas Appreciated

Want to see something? Send me ideas for what you'd like to see for future videos - post in the comments below, or use the contact form to e-mail me.