Santa's Challenge Empires and Puzzles Christmas Event

Santa's Challenge is the annual Christmas holiday event in Empires and Puzzles. It is one of the four seasonal events found in the game, along with Return to Morlovia, Springvale and Sand Empire. This guide covers the event heroes found in the summons, and the stages for this event.
Santa's Challenge Christmas Event

Santa's Challenge Christmas Event is updated for the December 2020 event

The Christmas seasonal event received an update for 2020. The major new features include:
  • A new easy mode.
  • 3 new event heroes, including: 
    • Krampus - 5* Blue / Ice
    • Carol - 4* Red / Fire
    • Frosty - 3* Blue / Ice
Read below for all the details and grading of each of the new heroes.

When is the 2020-2021 Santa's Challenge Event?

The event runs for 34 days:
December 1 to January 3.

Santa's Challenge Stages

The stage guide chart below lists all of the stages of Santa's event. There are three difficulty levels now - Easy mode, Normal mode, and Advanced mode. Each difficulty level has 20 stages, running from easiest to toughest - making 60 stages for the whole event. 

There's no repeats, so you can play each stage once. Each level has the same color monster waves and the same bosses in the final wave - for each of the difficulty levels.

Come back and refer to this chart during the event to build your most efficient attack teams for each stage.

TIP: The last few levels of the Advanced mode can be difficult even for mid- to upper- level players. Select your attack team to be strong against the colors you find there.

This is the stage guide for for the Santa's Challenge event. The guide lists each of the stages with their monsters and final wave bosses: 
Santa's Challenge Event Stage Guide
Thanks to @Cap for making this guide. 

Here is a more detailed level and stage guide, showing all the rewards for each stage, also from @Cap. It is very big, so you will need to click on it to blow it up and view it. Personally, I use the more streamlined one that is located above ^^, but I thought the additional information could be useful, so have included it here:
Christmas Event Levels and Rewards - Santa's Challenge

Stage 24 Video

I recorded my Stage 24 for the 2020-2021 Santa's Challenge using an over heal team with Heimdall, Sif and Telluria. You can see it on my new YouTube channel. Let me know what you think.

Special Event Heroes

There are six special event heroes for Santa's Challenge, including the three new ones added in for the 2020-21 version of the event. I will be put the new heroes into the All Heroes database once they are officially released. Their preliminary stats are below.

    View Santa's Challenge Hero Cards  at All Heroes.

    Compare Santa's Challenge Heroes side-by-side in the hero compare tool at All Heroes.  

Legendary 5* Christmas Event Heroes:

4* Epic Christmas Event Heroes

  • Buddy - Damage dealer and defense down support hero. One of the best 4* heroes in the game.
  • Carol

Reduces Mana and inflicts delayed damage. Stout base defense and HP stats combined with fast mana make Carol a good tank or flank in the 4* arena. 
    • 4* Epic
    • Element: Red - Fire
    • Class: Sorcerer
    • Family: Winter
      • Total Power: 674
      • Mana Speed: Fast
      • Attack: 624
      • Defense: 646
      • HP: 1357
      • Special Skill: Perilous Present
        • Reduces the mana of the target by 25%.
        • The target receives a Gift Bomb. After 3 turns, the Gift Bomb explodes and deals 312 damage to the target and nearby enemies. The Gift Bomb also explodes when the target is defeated.

    3* Rare Christmas Event Heroes

    • Rudolf - Fast red sniper
    • Frosty

    • Spawns minions and heals all allies, making Frosty a good performer for a 3* hero - almost like a blue 3* version of Delilah, who is one of the best 5* healers in the game.
      • 3* Rare
      • Element: Blue - Ice
      • Class: Rogue
      • Family: Winter
        • Total Power: 475
        • Mana Speed: Average
        • Attack: 441
        • Defense: 523
        • HP: 783
        • Special Skill: Joyful Backup
          • Recovers 32% health for all allies.
          • Summons an Elf Minion for each ally with 10% HP and 10% attack inherited from the caster

      Winter Family Bonus

      The Santa's Challenge heroes have a family bonus. For 2 / 3 heroes the bonus is: 
      2% / 5% health for minions.
      2% / 5% attack for minions.

      Seasonal Summon Portal for Santa's Challenge

      The Santa's Challenge Christmas heroes can be obtained through the seasonal summon portal. You can try it out in the All Heroes summon simulator before doing your real in-game pulls. Once they appear in-game, I will update the summon simulator to reflect the new heroes, and I already have updated the summon chances that have been implemented with the introduction of new event heroes in 2020. 

      Frost Shields

      The boards include Frost Shields, which are basically inactive tiles, which you have to activate in order to use. Each is surrounded by a light blue box and once you make a match, the box disappears, but not the shield.


      Anonymous said…
      Stage 12 Advanced had Buddy + Santa, not Rudolph + Santa
      Anonymous said…
      Your stage 12 is wrong. It’s Buddy/Santa.
      Telly said…
      I've updated the stage guides with @Cap's updated graphics that show the corrected stage 12 - with Buddy and Santa as the bosses.
      Jason P said…
      I’d really like to know what you’d rate carol? I realize 5* get priority in ratings. But since there of us using 4* it would be nice!
      Telly said…
      @Jason_P: I rate all the heroes over at All Heroes. If I do a full review, I post it here. For Carol, the rating is here: Basically, I personally am not enthusiastic about the bomb mechanic because it is a delayed damage and you may lose while waiting the 3 turns. But, I rated her a B+ overall since she's very good for a 4*, and I recognize that's my play style, and others may like the bomb mechanic.
      Unknown said…
      Hi, no one posted nothing about his tree talents, do u know something interessant with emblemes?
      Telly said…
      Which hero are you asking about?