Odin Empires and Puzzles Hero Review - Valhalla

Odin is a Season 3 Valhalla hero in Empires & Puzzles, introduced into the game in November 2020. Season 3 is based on Norse mythology and Odin, is one of the leading players in it, so it is only fitting that he is similar to his mythical wife, Frigg. In fact, he performs like a yellow version of her, with the same situational special skill, but with a mana buff instead of a defense ailment. Does this make Odin as devastatingly powerful as Frigg can be?  Or, do women win this gender competition? Read on for the answer.  UPDATE: Odin was modified in the January 2021 "rebalance update" due to his overpowering synergy with Frigg. Do you think his grading should be downgraded now?
Odin Valhalla Hero Empires & Puzzles

Odin's Stats:

Base Stats:
Attack Defense Health
762 751 1330
  • Mana speed: Fast
  • Class: Paladin
  • Element: Yellow / Holy
  • Origin: Valhalla / Season 3
  • Realm: Midgard
  • Level: 5* Legendary
  • Power Rating: 788

Odin's Special Skill: Fury of Grimnir

  • Deals 100% damage to all enemies.
  • Deals additional 18% damage per each Holy shield on the board, up to 244% damage in total.
  • All allies get +8% mana generation, and a further 2% increase per each Holy shield on the board for 3 turns, up to +28% mana generation.

Odin Hero Review

Odin has potential to reach the top tier of Empires & Puzzles heroes, like Frigg. His situational special skill can be devastating, or can be a disappointment, all depending on whether there are a lot of yellow tiles on the board at the time you fire his special skill. If there are a lot of yellow tiles, Odin's special skill is devastating. However, unlike his wife, he does not give any defense down. So a lack of yellow tiles on the board can render Odin's special skill much less valuable.

Examples of Odin's Special Skill

1. A Lot of Yellow Tiles

  • 8 Holy shields (yellow tiles) on the board.
  • Deals 244% damage to all enemies, a very high AoE rating.
  • All allies receive +29% mana generation.
Eight tiles is slightly above average, so it is quite possible Odin could deal this special skill.

2. Few Yellow Tiles

  • 3 Holy shields (yellow tiles) on the board.
  • Deals 174% damage to all enemies.
  • All allies receive +17% mana generation.
Even with just a few yellow tiles, Odin's special skill still is useful. The 174% damage is at the low end of AoE special skills. But, the +17% mana generation can be quite effective, especially if you are using a mana troop.

All in all, Odin can be a powerful addition to your raid and war attack teams - dealing a lot of damage and providing a valuable mana generation boost.

Odin on Defense

On defense, the situational nature of Odin's special skill can be a problem. After all, the AI will fire Odin's special as soon as it is ready, regardless of the number of yellow tiles on the board. Unlike in attacks, the AI will not wait a turn or two to see if more yellow tiles appear before firing.

However, Odin's mana generation bonus gives a significant boost to the entire team. This second skill makes Odin a valuable support hero.

Like Frigg, Odin's defense and health stats are not high enough to avoid a 3-tile hit, which diminishes his value as a tank on defense. Still he shines in the flank position, like Frigg as well.

One problem for Odin is that skillful attackers will try to force Odin to fire his special when there are few yellow tiles on the board. This makes him somewhat vulnerable on defense. However, experience has shown that Frigg is a powerful defensive hero, despite being tile dependent like Odin for her special skill. Because of that experience, I am going to rate Odin as a solid A on defense, and borderline A+.  

Odin Against Titans

Odin has a middling attack stat, and does not fill a defense down slot in a titan attack team. His mana generation buff can be of some value. However, if you have higher attack heroes to bring to the titan fight, you may consider leaving Odin off the team.

Odin's Emblem / Skill Path:

Odin is a great attack hero, and is also decent on defense. On balance, I recommend prioritizing attack and then defense for applying emblems to Odin on the Paladin talent tree.  

Odin Grading / Ranking:

  • Overall Defense: A
    • Tank: B+
    • Flank: A
    • Wing: A
  • Attack: A+
  • Titans: B+
  • Raid Tournaments:
    • Rush: A-
    • Buff Booster: A+
    • Bloody Battle: A+
Overall Odin Rating: A+
I have graded Odin as an A+ overall because of his dominance on Attack, and his borderline A to A+ rating on Defense. What do you think, should I raise or lower Odin's grade?


Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for all the reviews and updates about challenges you post! I love coming to your site to get all the latest info on the game ^^
Telly said…
👍 You're welcome!
Anonymous said…
THANK YOU, VERY GOOD, greetings from SuperTORD
Anonymous said…
Who do you think he would be good with other yellows tiles ?
Telly said…
Not sure what you're asking, but if you're wondering about synergies, I think Odin has great synergy with Frigg. Place both on flank, with a red or purple tank.
ryker88 said…
thanks for all this reviews and ratings..

just one question,

father or the son?

Odin or Thor? what do you think?
Telly said…
@ryker88 Definitely Odin if that's the choice.
ryker88 said…
Unknown said…
I got Odin during last Valhalla and he is now at 2/51. Planning on upgrading him fast; he is awesome even after the downgrading. He's my first holy 5* so he will be in my defense team soon.

All the talk about nerving, I think we have to agree that to some extend, there will always be OP (overpowered) heroes but as long as they come at very low rates or chances, this should not be an issue. Unfortunately, this would benefit mainly the players that spend a lot of money.

I do agree that these days, working with S1 or even Atlantis Legendary Heroes, is not sufficient anymore to mean something in war or raids. You need those specials. Maybe they (the developers) should make these OP heroes 6* and reduce the chance of getting them.
Kalkinekoumpitz said…
Got Odin a few months ago and maxed him. Got Frigg this morning and plan to max her soon.Could use with Ares or Alfrike as tank. They are both maxed and emblemed. Seems to be good synergy like GM with Clarissa. However, I tend to focus on titans meaning that my current green priority goes to Tarlak and Margaret.
Telly said…
@Kalkinekoumpitz, Congratulations on the great pulls! Frigg could be good against titans for you as well, with her defense down ailment.
Unknown said…
How do you counter Odin or better yet who do you use to fight him