Mana Bonus and Mana Troops Empires and Puzzles Guide

A Mana bonus can significantly increase the power of Empires and Puzzles heroes, and Mana Troops are the best way to get mana bonuses. In this guide, I will explain the best strategies for leveling up your mana troops and getting to the mana generation bonus breakpoints, with charts on the number of tiles required for special skills to activate.

The Basics: Mana Generation Bonuses Increase The Speed Of Special Skill Firing

You want your heroes to fire their special skills as fast as possible in raids, wars or whenever else you are using them. Mana bonuses can do that. 

For example, typically Average speed heroes can fire their special skills after you match 10 tiles.  To get 10 tiles, you need:

  • 4 3-tile matches, or 
  • 2 3-tile matches and a 4-tile match.

However, a mana generation bonus can reduce the number of tiles from 10 to 9 tiles to charge up an Average speed hero's special skill. Although just one tile seems like just a little bit, it mages a HUGE difference. Instead of requiring 4 3-tile matches, it just requires 3 3-tile matches to charge up the special. That can, and often does, convert a raid loss into a raid win!

How To Get Mana Bonuses

Mana troops are the easiest way to get mana bonuses. You automatically get the bonus every time you use a mana troop.  

Other mana bonuses are available from:

  • Special Skills: Some heroes give a mana bonus when they fire there special skill. For example, Sif, Ariel and Khagan give +24% mana generation increases. Khagan and Sif give the bonus over 4 turns for themselves and nearby heroes. Ariel's boost is for all heroes and lasts for 5 turns.
  • Costumes: Fully levelled costumes give a +5% mana generation bonus.
  • Talent Tree / Class Bonus: Each talent tree has a mana generation bonus. See the Talent Tree Guide below. 

Mana Speed Breakpoints

Here are the breakpoints for mana % bonuses that pop up the speeds of heroes by reducing the number of tiles required for using the special skills:

Tiles To Full
 Charge Without 
Mana Boost

Mana Boost To
Reduce Number of
 Tiles to Full Charge  
New Tiles to Full
Charge After
Mana Boost

Very Fast 6.5 Tiles 9% 6 Tiles
Very Fast 6.5 Tiles 30% 5 Tiles
Fast 8 Tiles 15% 7 Tiles
Fast 8 Tiles 34% 6 Tiles
Average 10 Tiles 12% 9 Tiles
Average 10 Tiles 25% 8 Tiles
Average 10 Tiles 43% 7 Tiles
Slow 12 Tiles 10% 11 Tiles
Slow 12 Tiles 20% 10 Tiles
Slow 12 Tiles 34% 9 Tiles
Very Slow 13.5 Tiles 4% 13 Tiles
Very Slow 13.5 Tiles 13% 12 Tiles
Very Slow 13.5 Tiles 23% 11 Tiles
Very Slow 13.5 Tiles 34% 10 Tiles
You can see that you never will get a sufficient boost from the mana troop alone for some of these levels. The maximum boost from the mana troop is 15%.  In order to get higher, you need to get a bonus from somewhere else, such as class bonus (talent tree), costume bonus or special skill.

Mana Troop Guide 

Mana troops are the 4* Epic Troops that give a mana generation bonus. These are the best troops to level up, and all the higher level alliances recommend focusing on them, rather than on the critical damage troops. First, in case you don't know how to determine which is a mana troop, I'll include some pictures:

Mana Troop Stats

This is the green 4* mana troop:
Rebel Infiltrators Mana Troop Empires & Puzzles

You can tell that it is the mana troop because it has the diamond-shaped mana bonus symbol:
The stats on the card indicate the bonuses the troop provides when fully levelled:
  • Attack: +26%
  • Defense: +18%
  • Healing: +20%
  • Mana Generation: +15%

Critical Damage Troop Stats

This is a 4* critical damage troop:
Green Critical Damage Troop
You can tell that it is the critical damage troop because it has the circular critical damage bonus symbol:Critical Damage Symbol Empires & Puzzles

The stats on the card indicate the bonuses the critical damage troop provides when fully levelled:
  • Attack: +20%
  • Defense: +25%
  • HP: +9%
  • Critical Damage: +15%
A note about these crit troops: Critical damage means double the tile or normal attack damage. So, with the fully levelled crit damage troop, you get a 15% chance of getting that bonus on any hit. That's not shabby, but having the mana bonus is even more powerful.

Benefits of Increased Mana Generation Speed

Increasing the mana generation speed is a HUGE bonus that significantly increases the power of your heroes. On top of that, mana troops also provide a great attack % bonus. Although it is a little below the attack % bonus available from 4* Ninja troops, I still recommend focusing on leveling up your mana troops before Ninja troops. 

Important Mana Bonus Levels on Mana Troops

The step up levels for mana troops provide an automatic speed boost for heroes. Here are the most important levels on the troops for each hero speed:
Mana Troop
% Mana Boost Hero Speed Tile Reduction
1 5 Very Slow 13.5 Tiles Reduced to
13 Tiles
11 9    Very Fast /   
6.5 Tiles Reduced to
6 Tiles
17 11 Slow 12 Tiles Reduced to
11 Tiles
23 13 Average 10 Tiles Reduced To
9 Tiles
23 13 Very Slow 13.5 Tiles Reduced To
12 Tiles
29 15 Fast 8 Tiles Reduced to
7 Tiles
As shown in the chart, the critical levels are at 1, 11, 17, 23, and 29, depending on the speed of the hero playing with the troop. Here are some examples:
  • A level 23 mana troop will reduce from 10 to 9 tiles the number of tiles required to fully charge an Average speed hero's special skill. That is a critical boost in the Average speed hero, because now it only takes 3 3-tile matches, instead of 4 in order to fire its special skill. Often that is the difference between winning and losing a raid.
  • Level 23 mana troop also reduces Very Slow hero's tiles to charge from 13.5 tiles to 12 tiles.
  • A level 29 mana troop automatically increases the speed of fast heroes. It the number of tiles from 8 to 7. So, in practice without the boost, it will take 3 3-tile matches to fully charge a fast hero. But, with the mana speed boost, it becomes possible to fully charge with 1 3-tile match and 1 4-tile match. 

Class Mana Bonus Guide

Each class talent tree provides a path to get a mana generation boost of either 2% or 4%. Typically I will grab that bonus as I level up my heroes, since the extra 2% or 4% can be surprisingly powerful. 

Strategy Tip: You can get the tile bonus for Average Speed heroes with just a level 17 mana troop IF you also get a 2% class bonus. It can take a long time to go from level 17 to level 23 for troops, so this extra 2% from the class bonus can get you the mana generation bump up many months earlier than otherwise possible.

Here are the class bonuses available.
Class Mana Bonus Class Level
     Barbarian      2% 19
Cleric 2% 19
Druid 4% 20
Fighter 2% 19
Monk 4% 20
Paladin 2% 19
Ranger 2% 8
Rogue 2% 8
Sorcerer 4% 20
Wizard 2% 19
I have used the above guides to significantly increase the speed of my defense team and raid teams. Do you have any other tips for increasing mana generation speeds?


Unknown said…
KHAGAN is also an excellent Mana speed increase hero. Khagan is strongly under-rated in all peer reviews. I use him a lot.
Telly said…
I added in Khagan and Ariel as examples of mana boosting specials.
Anonymous said…
Is there any information on how mana troops affect mana speed on defense?
Unknown said…
Excellent information thank you very much! If possible could you post the need for tiles vs increase in mana% when they pass straight without hitting the hero row (I apologize for my English)
Telly said…
Regarding the question about mana speed on defense: mana troops reduce the number of tile hits needed, or if there are no tile hits, the number of blank turns.

Regarding when tiles are ghosted ("pass straight"): those tiles count double. So 3 ghosted tiles have the same effect as 6 tile hits.
Bob said…
Awesome!! Thank you so much, I have been looking for these explanations for a long time. They are clear and understandable, thanks again. Maybe there's a typo just below the critical troop image (would it be critical instead of mana?)
Telly said…
@Bob, Figuring out the best use of mana troops is very important, and something I personally have fell quite confusing and time consuming each time. This article was in the works for over a month, since it was such a difficult subject to organize and make clear. So, I appreciate the feedback on this (and the typo detection!).
TLK914 said…
Ive often wondered why the level tree for troops is so ridiculously high. I have my mana troops all around 15 to 18, and sure Id love to max them, but the cost in food and the sheer volume of troops used for kindling climbs exponentially past level 10 or 12. Takes serious commitment. :)
Telly said…
I can relate to that - how difficult it is to level up troops to the higher levels. But I have found real value in shaving tiles, especially for Average mana heroes, whether on attack or defense. Level 23 on a mana troop really can take a lot of heroes to the next level. Or, Level 17 combined with a mana buff from embleming up the hero.
Elite Dark said…
Hi, tks for the analises. I would like to know how the mana works at defense, since each turn the heros get an amount of mana even did not get hit. How the mana troops help and acelerate in this case?
Telly said…
Each turn in which the hero is not hit by a tile is counted as one tile on defense.
Anonymous said…
The mana bonus from troops do not increase de mana gained each turn in defense?
Telly said…
The mana bonus from troops does impact the mana gain on defense. The rumor going around on that point a few weeks ago was incorrect.
Anonymous said…
I have been using Ariel with Mana troop 17 plus 2% gained from emblems. She boosts everyone else's Mana and more often than not wins me the war/raid :)
Very interesting article tho! and very difficult to find Mana troops of all colours :(
Anonymous said…
One thing missing is the costume mana bonus. Level 5 mana troop give 7% and add to 5% costume you get the 12% for and average to drop a tile.
Anonymous said…
A slayer hero, with a 50% mana stack, a level 20 mana troop giving an 11% mana bonus, and Sif's 24% mana buff, charges at 7 tiles. What would be the mana gen buff % required to charge at 6 tiles?
Eowen said…
Wolf be great to add the mana charge to this. For ninja hero’s based on your comments on the ninja tower you need 5 tiles for the first level, 10 for second and 15 for third to charge. And you can use T11 to reduce 10 to 9 for second and 15 to 14 for third level charge. This corresponds to 9% each which can be reached as well with troop 5 + emblem charge 2%. Or even for Garnet who has a C20 4% mana boost with a troop 1 only. At least if that’s consistent with the percentages. In addition the third charge could be reduced from 15 to 13 tiles with a troop 17 + C20 bonus as it is for garnet.
I also want to support the previous comment on T5+ Costume bonus for average Speed heroes to reduce from 10 to 9. I used that a lot in the date I have not figured out the mana bonuses completely and had not that much resources to level up to 11. For Rigard Costume and Sabina as well some others this was already a benefit.