Lord Loki Empires and Puzzles Hero Review - Valhalla

Lord Loki is a fun and playful Valhalla hero introduced into Empires and Puzzles Season 3 in December 2020. This is my review and grading. As in Norse mythology, Lord Loki is known as a trickster, and this Lord Loki's special skill is well matched - basically copying the special skill of his target and throwing it right back at the target. This versatile special skill will undoubtedly make Lord Loki one of the best heroes in the game, along with his alter-ego, Lady Loki.Lord Loki Empires and Puzzles Valhalla Hero

Lord Loki's Stats:

Base Stats:
Attack Defense Health
774 743 1312
  • Mana speed: Average
  • Class: Wizard
  • Element: Blue / Ice
  • Origin: Valhalla / Season 3
  • Realm: Jotunheim
  • Level: 5* Legendary

Lord Loki's Special Skill: Trickster's Mischief

  • Copies target’s Special Skill and uses it as if it was the caster’s own Special Skill.
  • If the target does not have a Special Skill, or it can’t be copied, the following Special Skill will be cast:  Villain Swing:
    • Deals 275% damage to the target.

Lord Loki Hero Review

Lord Loki's special skill is especially powerful and flexible. This special skill copies whatever special skill the target has, and then uses it as if it were his own. In map stages, there typically is no special skill to copy on the mob stages (except for special stages), so then Lord Loki hits one only with 275% damage. That is not very impressive, but hits on mob waves is not terribly important anyway.

Lord Loki's Special Skill In Effect Converts Slow and Very Slow Heroes to Average Speed

For raid and war attacks, Lord Loki's special skill is devastating, and is perhaps the best, or one of the best special skills in the game. It is especially devastating if the opposing team has very slow or slow heroes. Many Very Slow and Slow mana heroes have extra strong special skills, but their mana speed is deliberately set to slow or very slow to offset the skill's power. But most of all, it is a lot of fun to use.

If the opposing team has one of those heroes, in effect, Lord Loki gets to use their special skill, but with average mana. For example Alfrike has the strongest special skill in the game (or one of the strongest), but her mana speed deliberately has been set at very slow in order to make her balanced. Lord Loki in effect becomes an Average speed Alfrike if he is raiding a team having Alfrike.

Here are some other examples of the devastating effect of Lord Loki's special skill:
  • Heimdall's skill goes from Slow to Average.
  • Boss Wolf's skill goes from Very Slow to Average mana speed.
  • Guardian Owl's skill goes from Very Slow to Average.
  • Kunchen goes from Slow to Average.
  • Vivica and Vivica Costume go from Slow to Average.
  • Isarnia and Isarnia Costume go from Slow to Average.
In raids or war attacks, you can search for opponents with these or any other powerful special skills and be extra effective, if you have Lord Loki. Here are links to the slow and very slow 5* heroes in Empires & Puzzles:
Lord Loki also is effective against other heroes. You can select which hero to attack and boom, you have their special skill. For example, if you need healing, target Ariel, Vivica or Ratatoskr. If you need to bypass buffs, target Cobalt or Kageburado. If you need DoT, you can target Gravemaker or Vela. 

Lord Loki On Defense

On Defense, Lord Loki also can be effective. However, he is situational, which means the AI will not necessarily maximize his effectiveness. With Lord Loki one of his greatest strengths is the ability to select the hero targeted, in order to select the special skill needed in any given situation. But, the AI would just randomly pick a hero to target. Still that would be a powerful special skill, but it puts a huge randomness factor into the defense value of this hero.

On Titans, Lord Loki could be effective, copying the titan's own special skill and using it against itself. His relatively high base attack stat also makes LL good for titans.

Lord Loki's Emblem / Skill Path:

Lord Loki is an especially potent attack hero. Maximizing his attack stat would also increase the power of any damage dealing special skill he copies. However, keeping Lord Loki alive also is important so he can live to fire his powerful special skill. Because of this, either an attack/defense or a defense/health path on the Wizard talent tree could work for him. Because he comes with a high base attack stat, Lord Loki already has a powerful punch. So, on balance, I believe he gains the most from a defense/health embleming path. A middle ground would be prioritizing defense first, then attack.

Lord Loki Grading / Ranking:

  • Overall Defense: A-
    • Tank: B
    • Flank: A-
    • Wing: B+
  • Attack: A+
  • Titans: A-
  • Raid Tournaments:
    • Rush: A+
    • Buff Booster: A+
    • Bloody Battle: A
Overall Lord Loki Rating: A+
If ever there has been a solid A+ hero, Lord Loki is it. I might adjust his defense rating lower in the future, but his power on attack means even a defense downgrade would keep his overall grade at A+. What do you think about Lord Loki?


TLK914 said…
So the key to facing Lord Loki on defense, stack your team with 4 bad heroes and 1 good one, and give the AI an 80% chance of shooting itself in the foot (as we all learn over time, it wouldnt really be 80%, the AI can turn gold into lead with absolute certainty! More like 90% chance it screws it up!)

Considering what he brings at average speed...Im actually surprised they didnt give him an Achilles heel? Say really low defense like Magni, or a penalty like Easter Lady Woolerton where after he uses his special once, he gets a mana delay so he cant shoot a 2nd time too "TOO" fast. just to keep it simple and hopeful. Fact is, at the top end, players 4500 on up, there is a general balance in many lineups. 3 or 4 heroes out of the 5 could all be claimed as THE BEST at something they do for the team and dangerous to all. Loki changes that, because he allows the teams that have 1 standout hero (Anyone with Alfrike, or perhaps Ursena, Guin, or even Elena on a team that DIDNT bring a debuff!) he then essentially swings the balance. Slow and very slow are power balances. Not so with Lord Loki. Now they are anchors to their owners on defense. You bring a slow or very slow supertank...you are a Loki Target that wont be missed.
TLK914 said…
Oh, dont forget to lob Kunchen in there as a Loki victim!