Krampus Empires and Puzzles Hero Review - Christmas Event Hero

Krampus became available in the Santa's Challenge event in Empires and Puzzles starting in December 2020. Krampus is a great tank or flank in the tradition of Black Knight. This is my review and grading of this ice/blue hero. 
Krampus Santa's Challenge Event Hero in Empires & Puzzles

Krampus' Stats:

Base Stats:
Attack Defense Health
667 852 1468
  • Power: 802
  • Mana speed: Average
  • Class: Sorcerer
  • Element: Blue / Ice
  • Origin: Santa's Challenge 
  • Level: 5* Legendary

Krampus' Special Skill: Scourge of Joy

  • Summons an Elf Minion for each ally with 10% HP and 10% attack inherited from the caster.
  • The Caster gets Taunt that prevents enemies from using Special Skills on the caster’s allies for 3 turns. 
  • The caster gets +44% defense, and a further +10% increase every time they are hit during 3 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.
  • All allies get +50% attack for 3 turns.

Krampus Hero Review

Krampus is a taunt hero, which means inevitably he will be compared to Black Knight. Like Black Knight, Krampus is meant to be a tank or flank, having very high defense and HP base stats. Both have taunt. You can debate whether the other skills that Krampus has are better or worse than those of Black Knight, but regardless, they are powerful both for use on a defense team or for use in raid / war attacks. 
On defense, besides his tanky base stats, Krampus spawns minions for the entire team. These minions provide an automatic meat shield and some damage as well. Because of the minions, there is a lot of synergy with Freya who doubles minion damage. However, the minions also mean Krampus may be vulnerable to heroes like Skadi or Gefjon who get stronger for each minion killed. On balance, the minions should be an advantage for Krampus.  

In addition Krampus has an undispellable defense buff, which also increases 10% each time he is hit.  Although this buff will help him survive longer, it also does not help out the other allies. However, Krampus' attack buff is for all allies. Unfortunately it is dispellable, but if it lasts, the extra 50% attack it provides is quite powerful. 

On attack, Krampus also is helpful, particularly with his attack buff and minions. His taunt ability will help the entire team stay alive longer as well. 

For titans, Krampus has a relatively low attack base stat. In addition, his minions may slow down the titan attack. However, his taunt may help allies survive titan hits longer, especially with higher level titans. And, his 50% attack buff is helpful with titans. However, I still would recommend selecting a higher attack stat hero for titan hits, although Krampus also may have a role if you do not have anything higher, or if your next best is in the low 700s for base attack. 

Krampus' Emblem / Skill Path:

Krampus is a very good tank, making his primary purpose to stay alive and provide some protection for the other heroes on his team. Accordingly, I recommend applying your sorcerer emblems on a defense / health (HP) path in order to maximise his defense and health. 

Krampus Grading / Ranking:

  • Overall Defense: A+
    • Tank: A+
    • Flank: A
    • Wing: B
  • Attack: A
  • Titans: B
  • Raid Tournaments:
    • Rush: A+
    • Buff Booster: A+
    • Bloody Battle: B+
Overall Krampus Rating: A+
I have graded Krampus as an A+, largely because I view his defense as very strong. If he proves to be a solid defense hero, I would keep him to an overall A+.  However, if he winds up feeling situationally weak, I would still keep his defense at A+, but lower his overall grade to A. Do you think Krampus should be moved down to A?


Unknown said…
Can I combine Krampus on tank position with Black Knight on flank?
Telly said…
It is possible to use two taunt heroes at the same time, like Krampus and Black Knight. However, if their special skills are activated at the same time, they both will get hit by the opposing team's special skill attacks.
Anonymous said…
Well from my experience, Krampus has been woeful at tank. I was running Seshat em19; Odin em20; Krampus em20 (max armor of 1003); Jean Francois em 19; Joon em19. All had mana troops lv 20-22, except Joon. Over the course of 3 days about 90% of raid attempts against me succeeded on first try (and the other 10% usually got me on the 2nd try). Obviously I'm not sure if lady luck just frowned on me and gave every raid attempt amazing boards, but I feel like Krampus is a let down for a tank. Guess I'll go back to Heimdall em20 at tank where I felt I had much more success; the Paladin bonus must make a huge difference.
Telly said…
That's a great line-up. I'm curious how Heimdall tank + Kramupus flank would work for your defense.
Anonymous said…
would be very stupid to place Zulag as a tank and krampus on a flank?
Telly said…
Not really. It depends on the rest of the team.
Unknown said…
Great review, but I think you've totally undersold his titan ability. He gives +50% attack & protects your whole team. I can't think of any other blue that has attack up & defence to this level. Sure his minions slow things down a small amount & time is crucial, that's why I'd probably rate him as A instead of A+.
Telly said…
Usually a hero with a low base attack stat like 647, and spawning weak minions would get a "C" grade for titans, maybe even lower. But, with Krampus I factored in his benefits, like the attack buff and taunt ability. That's why I raised him to a "B" grade for titans.
Anonymous said…
Any comment on using costumed Kashhrek as tank and Krampus as flank? With Krampus exceeds his max HP to take special attacks and whole team last longer.
Telly said…
Overheal is great. That's a viable strategy, in the platinum arena. I think once you get up to the diamond level, Kashrek starts to fade, even costume Kashrek.
Munich Man said…
Since I moved to a Krampus tank with Heimdall flank, I have been holding cups better.
Initial lineup- Seshat+19, cMagni+19, Heimdall+20, Kong+20, cJoon+19

I moved Krampus+19 to tank and put Heimdall at left flank. It's working better.
Telly said…
I think Krampus is a good tank, but am wondering if he should continue at A+. In raids where I face him, it seems like he's somewhat easier to beat than other top tier tanks.
Anonymous said…
I’ve been using Krampus as tank with Sif as flank. Both are stuck at 3/70 right now, but when they go off together, total team damage is minimal because of Krampus’ defense and Sif’s defense. My team power is around 3820 and I’m beating teams 300 points higher than me in offensive and defensive raids. I was lucky enough to get 2 Krampus and am thinking Krampus, Sif, Krampus will be a nightmare as long as Sif can stay alive. I use Mother North as my healer and Hel for mana control. Thinking Costume Rigard could be a good replacement for Hel to help keep Sif alive longer, but I also just pulled Marie Therese. Telly — Would appreciate your thoughts. My priority is to get a solid defense team for wars and raids.
Telly said…
My initial thought is that there is not much firepower on that defense team. However, it certainly is a good start. It is difficult to advise you on how to set up your team without seeing your entire roster. But, both Krampus and Sif make good tanks. So you can use one of them at tank, and the other at flank. As for a two-Krampus defense, that can backfire as I have heard that if you use two taunt heroes on defense, they both can be hit, not just one. In addition, if you use two of the same color you are likely to be using a weak troop with one of them. So, try to put together a rainbow defense. For a healer, Mother North is great on defense. As for purple, I'd go with Hel, as she deals a lot of damage, in addition to mana control. If you have Sartana fully levelled, or another purple damage dealer you could try that too. As for red, if you have a red that can deal damage, that could help.
Anonymous said…
Krampus, Alfrike, Kunchen, Heimdall, Onatel, Kingston, Alice, Gravemaker, Frigg, Grazul, Mitsuko
How would you line up defence? All are maxed, minions are rainbow.
Telly said…
You have some great heroes there. You may want to play around with it, and see what works best for you. On an reverse defense, something like Alfrike - Frigg - Onatel - Gravemaker - Krampus could be interesting.