December 2020 Calendar - Empires and Puzzles Events and Quests

This is the December 2020 in Empires and Puzzles calendar, listing major events and quests in the game for the month. As usual, the Quest dates are not set and can change, so approximate dates for the major quests are given in this calendar. Major quests are the ones that drop unfarmable ascension items on the last two stages, so you don't want to miss them. The calendar is updated as additional information comes out.
Dec. 1  Reuben - the December 2020 HOTM is introduced. A fast mana red/fire hero dealing moderate damage and strong resistances to damage over time and mana ailments. See the full Reuben Review.

Dec. 1 - Jan. 4 Santa's Challenge Christmas seasonal event (appx. dates). Three new heroes introduced for this event - Krampus - the legendary 5*, Carol and Frosty.

Dec. 1 - Jan. 12  Path of Valor 6 continues from November.

Dec. 3-5  Atlantis Rising.
  • Featured Atlantis Heroes with grades:
    • Ariel - Blue healer and mana buffer, making this hero the best healer in Empires & Puzzles.  Rating: A.
    • Mok-Arr - Purple AoE damage dealer. Received a big buff in May 2020, so a lot of misinformation floating around based on the lackluster pre-buff version of this hero. Valuable on purple stack attack team, but not very good for defense. Rating: B.
  • Featured Heroes of the Month with grades:
    • Vela - Blue fast AoE damage dealer and attack debuffer. Still one of the best heroes in the game, even with successive nerfs in 2020. Rating: A+.
    • Onatel - Yellow mana stealer, great tank or flank for defense. Rating: A.
  • View the 4 featured heroes for the December Atlantis Rises in All Heroes: Compare Vela, Ariel, Onatel, Mok-Arr.
Dec. 7  Mount Umber (Mystic Rings).

Dec. 10-14   Knights of Avalon.

Dec. 15  Shrikewood (Mysterious Tonic) (appx. date).

Dec. 16-21  Ninja Tower event and summons, featuring Ninja heroes and Ninja troops. 
  • Tavern of Legends: not scheduled for December, since the Tavern now is every other month, alternating with the Ninja Tower event.
Dec. 21-23   Masquerade Costume Event. NOTE: the 25 new costumes have been delayed to January. You can find a listing of them in the event guide, along with a new ranking of the top 5 costumes in the game (scroll down to the end of the guide).

Dec. 23  Frostmarch (Farsight Telescope) (appx. date).

Dec. 24 - 28  Valhalla Summons Event with Season 3 Valhalla heroes.

Dec. 28-30  Mythic Titans Event. The exact date for the first Mythic Titans event has not yet been announced. However, it is known that it will take place some time in December. The most logical dates for the event to start would be December 28 because it is a gap date in the event calendar for this month. UPDATE: We guessed correct...Small Giant has announced that this event will begin December 28.