Bertila January 2021 HOTM Review and Grading - Empires and Puzzles Hero of the Month

Bertila is the January 2021 Hero of the Month in Empires and Puzzles. She is a slow mana speed, high attack on all power, and partial cleanser hero. She packs a powerful special skill package, but offset by her slow speed, which decreases her appeal. Without the slow mana speed, I would consider Bertila overpowered, but with the slow speed, she seems appropriately balanced. Bertila January 2021 HOTM Hero Card

Bertila's Stats:

Base Stats:
  • Power: 784
  • Mana speed: Slow
  • Class: Fighter
  • Element: Green / Nature
  • Origin: HOTM - January 2021
  • Level: 5* Legendary

Bertila Special Skill: En Garde

  • Deals 290% damage to all enemies.
  • Lifts all cleansable status ailments that affect attack or defense from all allies and randomly distributes them on enemies.
  • Element Link summons a Nature Minion for all Nature allies with 5% HP and 10% attack inherited from the caster.
  • Innate Resistance: Resist Blind - This hero has an innate ability to resist ailments that affect Accuracy. This does not apply to status effects from allies.
  • Innate Ability: Mana from Dead Minions - This hero gains a small amount of mana when a minion owned by them is destroyed.

Bertila HOTM Review:

All in all, Bertila is decent hero, who will be great in Rush tournaments and wars, but B-grade for most other purposes due to her slow speed.  

As for base stats, Bertila is quite balanced, with her attack and HP stats around normal for modern 5* heroes. Her defense base stat at 774 is fairly high, making her a potential tank or flank. However, her base HP is a little low for a tank, making her vulnerable to 3-tile kills in the tank position.

Bertila Inflicts High Damage

The 290% damage from Bertila's special skill hits all enemies, putting her at the high end of attack-on-everyone (AoE) heroes. Because her attack stat is below average, however, the total impact of her AoE damage is somewhat lower than the best AoE attackers, such as Guardian Kong, Killhare and Costume Isarnia. The slow mana speed means it is important to keep Bertila alive in raids, long enough to fire her special and make an impact. This defect also affects her other great special skill.

Partial Cleanse and Ailment Return

Like Lady Loki, Bertila will remove status ailments and send them back to the enemy team. However, unlike Lady Loki, Bertila only removes some, not all, status ailments - only those affecting defense or attack.
So, Bertila will not cleanse mana ailments, blinds or damage-over-time, which are among the most common and harmful of the ailments from common defense team heroes, like Vela, Telluria, Drake Fong and Joon. However, this cleanse/redistribution of ailments can be quite powerful if timed correctly. In other words, Bertila needs to fire her special skill right after her team gets hit by attack or defense ailments. Otherwise, the skill is a waste. At slow speed, timing becomes difficult, even when using Bertila on an attack team in war or raids. In a defense team, this element of the special skill, although useful, is unlikely to be well-timed. 

Bertila is the First Hero of the Month to Have Two Passive Innate Abilities 

Previously HOTMs had one innate ability. But starting with 2021, they have two, and Bertila is the first to have this added benefit. Her first innate ability is a resistance to blind. This helps Bertila since her special skill will not cleanse blinds. However, it only helps Bertila, not her allies, making this ability of limited benefit. Her second innate ability is gaining a small amount of mana when one of her minions is destroyed. Since Bertila's element link generates low-defense minions, if she lives long enough to fire her special skill, she will have at least one minion. This mana gain when the minion is killed helps Bertila a bit to power up again.

On defense, I can see Bertila slotting in at tank or flank because of her high defense stat. However, I do not see her entering the ranks of top-tier green tanks, such as Telluria, Heimdall or Frigg, due to her still relatively average health stat, slow speed, and situational cleanse skills. 
In war or raid attacks, Bertila can inflict a lot of damage and help her team with her partial cleanse ability. Bring along a healer or two since she may need help to stay alive long enough to fire her special skill due to slow mana speed.

Against titans, Bertila is sub-par due to her low attack number. Leave her out of your titan attack teams if you have other green heroes with higher attack stats. In addition, her element link of generating minions slows down your titan attacks, making Bertila even less desirable against titans.

Bertila's Emblem / Skill Path:

Bertila can inflict heavy damage due to her 290% special skill. However, her slow mana speed requires her to live longer, and can benefit greatly from increased defense/health. Accordingly, you need to select the emblem path on the Fighter talent tree that best suits your intended use for Bertila. If you think you want to use her as a damage dealer, prioritize attack and then defense. If you think you will use Bertila for defense, apply emblems to defense/HP. Personally, I do not see Bertila fitting on my defense team, since I have better possible defenders, like Telluria, so I would use Bertila for her high damage. 

Bertila Grading:

  • Attack: B
  • Overall Defense: B
    • Tank: B
    • Flank: B
    • Wing: C
  • Titans: C
  • Raid Tournaments:
    • Rush: A+
    • Buff Booster: B
    • Bloody Battle: D
Overall Bertila Rating: B
Note: Bertila may wind up being a surprise due to her high damage. I will be testing her out more in actual use to consider raising her to a B+ overall and maybe an A- for attack. What do you think?


Unknown said…
Since they nerfed HoTMs, starting Rafaelle (i think), she is the second best HoTM after Glenda IMO. Many of the new HoTMS are just rubbish now, like Zulag, Reuben, Bai Yeong...
Bertilla is fully comparatable to Yunan IMO. Both fighters, green, slow speed, good damage. I like Bertilla more than Yunan seeing the picture but I don´t have Yunan. Bertilla has lower defense but not by so much (815 to 774) but Bertilla´s damage is just awsome. Being avarage speed I totaly agree she would be overpowered and she would be competition to totaly overpowered Frig. I got her but with slow speed I´m not leveling her now for I have better heroes in green for now. If only she was different colour than green overcrowded by great heroes...
Telly said…
It does seem that they have decided HOTMs should be good, but not as good as event heroes. They still have their place especially for newer players or players building up to 20 or 30 5* in their rosters.
NoobJockey said…
Yep agree...for most players she'll be good for Rush Attacks tournaments and wars, but that's about it.
Kambala said…
@Telly Do you have any data on the minion to mana conversion rate? I have a suspicion Bertila is generally underrated by players not accounting for her passive.

If you get 10% per minion, she could pair with a fast minion summoner and potentially fire at medium speed. Each minion is essentially worth 1.2 shields in this case, meaning one minion and a mana troop puts her at 10 shields. If the summoner is a different color she could even go down as far as 8 shields before you get any green matches. 8-10 shields for that damage and partial cleanse would be impressive. Then add in the fact you can subtract a shield in any subsequent firings means she'll be permanently medium or faster after the first fire. I admittedly haven't play tested her, yet. This is all just theoretical.
Telly said…
Yes, if several minions are killed, it might shave a tile or two off Bertila on defense. However, that also means her team is getting hit hard, so they need to start losing to gain much benefit.
Unknown said…
A "D" on bloody battle?? That's too low. That score would be for a healer. If Bertila goes off, that's considerable damage to your whole team that you can't heal. Throw in the minions and cleansing attack and defense ailments, Bertila is better than a "D" in a bloody battle.