Thor Empires and Puzzles Hero Review - Valhalla

Thor introduces a three tier very fast charge-like special skill into Empires and Puzzles. Available in Valhalla, Thor will likely be a popular hero, in part due to his very fast skill and in part to the fact the mythical Thor is so well known from the Marvel movies. This is my review and grading of Thor, who I view as a good and valuable hero, but will watch how he is used more in-game after he is introduced in January 2021. 
Thor Empires & Puzzles Valhalla Hero

Thor's Stats:

Base Stats:
Attack Defense Health
749 735 1394
  • Mana speed: Very Fast
  • Class: Fighter
  • Element: Yellow / Holy
  • Origin: Valhalla / Season 3
  • Realm: Midgard
  • Level: 5* Legendary

Thor's Special Skill: Power of Mjölnir

Special Skill has a different effect on consecutive uses, in the following order:

1st Use:
  • Deals 280% damage to the target.
  • The target gets -40% accuracy for 3 turns. Chance to miss also applies to offensive Special Skills.
2nd Use:
  • Deals 280% damage to the target and nearby enemies.
  • The target and nearby enemies get -40% accuracy for 3 turns. Chance to miss also applies to offensive Special Skills.
3rd Use:
  • Deals 280% damage to all enemies.
  • All enemies get -40% accuracy for 3 turns. Chance to miss also applies to offensive Special Skills.

Thor Hero Review

Thor is a controversial hero. Some will perceive his special skill as powerful, and others view it as underpowered. Where do I fall in this debate? Read on....

First of all, Thor has very fast mana. This makes him relatively desirable for defenses. At flank or tank, he is bound to fire at least one time before being killed. More likely, he will be able to fire two or three or more times. However, his relatively low damage means each hit will not make much impact. The -40% accuracy ailment can also be powerful.

Thor's special skill is NOT a "charge attack" like the Ninja Heroes. Instead Thor has very fast mana and each time he fires his special skill a different one of this three levels fires. For example, the third time Thor fires his special skill, the "3rd Use" skill is fired. The next time, i.e. the 4th time his special skill fires, it goes back to the "1st Use" skill. Then the 5th time it fires, the "2nd Use" skill fires. 

Thor on Attack

First let's consider Thor on attack in raids and war attacks. The first time he fires, he will only hit one opponent, and the damage caused will be relatively light. In comparison, the first time Drake Fong or Norns fire, they hit 3, with the same 280% damage percent. Malosi will hit one, with 300%. So, on the first hit, Thor is relatively underpowered. Of course, Thor has Very Fast mana, which means that after 6.5 tiles, he can fire his special.

After firing one time, it takes another 6.5 tiles for Thor to fire again, 13 tiles total. That is slower to get to his 2nd attack than an average mana hero like Norns (also yellow/holy).  By then, Thor hits 3 with his 280% attack. This makes his 2nd hit as comparable to Drake Fong who deals the same damage after just 9 tiles with his fast attack. By 13 tiles, however Drake has fired one time, and also is half way ready to hit again.  Also similar to Norns who  deals the same damage, but after just 10 tiles.

For his third attack, Thor makes a huge impact. He hits all the enemies with 280% damage. However, it takes 19.5 tiles for Thor to get to that third stage. By then, in all likelihood, you have either lost, or have killed several of the opposing side's heroes. If none are dead, Thor may help you come from behind, but his damage is not high enough to turn the tide, like Finley can.

However, the tile counting gets even worse for Thor, as @vi5ion points out in the comments: The required tiles for each use of Thor's attack are 6.5 tiles. But, in real play, you cannot use half a tile so it actually takes 7 tiles for each use of Thor's special skill. That makes it 7, 14 and 21 tiles for all his specials to fire.

All in all, Thor's very fast mana is useful on attacking, but his damage is relatively light. The accuracy debuff is perhaps better. With the accuracy debuff, Thor moves up from maybe a B- or B grade attacker to a B+, boderline A-.

Thor Shines on Defense

On defense, Thor acts like Gravemaker. His very fast mana means at tank or flank he will reload fairly quickly, and is likely to fire at least two times before being killed. In doing so he causes a lot of havoc among the attacking team, both by the damage caused, and the -40% accuracy ailment.  Unlike Gravemaker, however, the damage Thor causes is smaller, but still helpful.  Because of his power on defense, Thor is an A grade defender, perhaps even A+.

Against titans, Thor's base attack stat is acceptable but just mid-range for modern 5* legendary heroes. His special skill does not add much to the titan attack. So, if you have higher tile damage yellow heroes available, you should bring them to a titan attack. Otherwise, Thor would be acceptable.

Thor's Emblem / Skill Path:

Thor is both a good attacking and defensive hero. Because of that, you can choose an attack/defense or defense/health path on the fighter class talent tree for applying emblems. If you plan to include Thor on your defense team, on balance, I recommend prioritizing defense and HP.  However, prioritizing attack also is a viable option, especially if you do not plan to use Thor on defense. Even on defense, prioritizing attack would not be a bad option. 

Thor Grading / Ranking:

  • Overall Defense: B+
    • Tank: B
    • Flank: A-
    • Wing: A-
  • Attack: B+
  • Titans: B
  • Raid Tournaments:
    • Rush: B+
    • Buff Booster: A-
    • Bloody Battle: A
Overall Thor Rating: B+
UPDATE: Based on experience against Thor and player experience, I have downgraded Thor to a B+. I am considering lowering him further to B mainly because I view him as a borderline B+ vs. B (or lower) on defense wing and a borderline B+ vs. B on attack.  What do you think, should I raise or lower Thor's grade?


Could you clarify for me what position the flank occupies and what the wing. Left or right, thank you.
Anonymous said…
Flanks are immediately to the left and right of the tank. Wings are the heroes on the far left and far right of your team.

Wing flank tank flank wing
TLK914 said…
Is it just me, or does Thor seem intentionally reduced after a long and viscious wave of Asgardian heroes that were just evil powerful (albeit some had drawbacks built in like Alfrike's Very slowness or Skadi being a depressed goth and doing her best work only AFTER witnessing mass death). Thor is at 280, which is a number they used to kick off Asgard with Tyr. And its always been a lowish number. I pulled Tyr 1st week, and leveled him, and I let him out on red heavy teams for his high tile damage. But he doesnt hit hard enough to be last man standing vs a healer unless you wanna wait till the timer ups the attack percentage to 150+ where he can actually hurt someone.

Now we have a new 280 hitter. Wonder why they picked that number? Especially knowing its kinda lowish for the recent releases meta.

275/300/335 damage, and reset the blind to 30/40/50 and he gets more viscious with a little ecouragement to wait for the bigger level still stuck in there.

But as is, Ill have to wait and see him in release...but hes looking more B+ than A, though as has been seen before, some heroes that look average end up being amazing (Telly, Vela) and some that look amazing (Tyr, who early reviews though would be an unkillable offensive beast).

The randomness of the AI not consistently waiting for power 2 or 3 makes it really hard for me to envision an A on defense...but there again...its been proven you dont know how well it works till you see em out there.

Kambala said…
@TLK914 I think you misunderstand the mechanic. He doesn't charge like ninjas, rather every time he casts it gets more powerful. So if he's on defense and he fires the first time ... meh, no big deal. He fires a second time .... okay that hurt a bit. He fires a third time ... ZOMG why is there a hammer stuck in my forehead! Also, total party wipeout. The question, of course, is how likely he will actually be of firing three times in a raid defense team. If I saw him on defense, I'd attack because I would bet on my Ursena firing before he got his big attack off. Even Alfrike and Sheshat are extremely good counters to Thor.

On offense I imagine he'll be powerful if he has his daddy (Odin) around to make him fire more often. Also he'll be a beast on challenge modes because you can fire him twice during the normal waves and then unleash on the bosses. On titans I'm unsure if he's worth the slot, though some mana potions could make him more effective.

Overall I agree with Telly's grading... he's decent, but there are better Valhalla heroes.
Telly said…
@TLK914 I agree that Thor seems mediocre and may very well deserve to be downgraded. I will wait until his release to see if there have been any changes first.
Telly said…
@Kambala, yes there is a lot of confusion about Thor's special skill mechanic. I am going to make it even clearer in the article to differentiate it from the ninja hero mechanic.
Kambala said…
Well I drew him this month, so I'll let you know how he plays.
Telly said…
@Kambala: Congratulations! I missed him ... and posted the video on Youtube. Maybe I'll try again later.
Kambala said…
@Telly Thanks! I really owe it to the summoning trick you posted. It doesn't work every time, but it has greatly increased my summoning odds. Thanks for that!
Kambala said…
@Telly I watched your Valhalla pulls... ouch! so many season 1 heroes! Better luck next time!
anrui41185 said…
I think thor is ok on defense B rating fits best but is on offense where he truly shines.
I'd give thor A on offense.
Anonymous said…
My thoughts on Thor:

Offense: A
Defense: B (B/B+ for tank, B/B+ for flank and B- for wing)
Titan: B
Overall: B+/A- borderline

I think he will be effective on offense as players have more control on tiles. VF charging is a key differentiator (e.g. yellow team stacking, ghosting tiles etc.). But on defense, his first hit is just too weak and almost does nothing in higher level arena. You also cannot trust RNG to hit the right target on the offense team. By the time he fires for the 2nd or 3rd time, the tide of the game is likely decided already so it is a bit too late. Additionally, the offense team would also have also plenty of time to kill him before he fires for the 2nd or 3rd time. On titan, the only thing worth mentioning is again VF charging speed. Otherwise his special skill does not provide help much and can be replaced by Joon or DF.

I think SG should have made Thor into a 1/3/5 hit at 370%/290%/210%. Then he will be a much better and interesting hero to use both offensively and defensively.

For ppl without DF, I think Thor will be a very helpful addition, but personally I think DF is more consistent and versatile than Thor. Especially that now SG is considering a Costumed DF, I think he will outshine Thor - at the very minimum Costumed DF will get 5% bonus which means he will match Thor stats wise. Personally, I think SG may release Costumed DF as a fast charging AOE hitter just like Costumed Master Lepus. That will likely make him more powerful than Thor.
vi5ion said…
A little addition to the attack part of the review.
The required tiles are stated as 6.5 for his first attack, 13 for his second and 19.5 for his third attack.
In reality you can't throw half a tile and after firing the special you start back at 0, which means every tier requires 7 tiles each. That makes it 7, 14 and 21 tiles for all his specials to fire.
Telly said…
Regarding Thor Grading: There are a lot of widely varying opinions on Thor, both in the comments, and in my alliance too. The initial reactions were fairly negative, but I think with time he will grow on people. Also with some time, I'm going to revisit my grading as well, based on all that, and my personal experience.
Telly said…
@vi5ion, your point on the tile counting is well taken. I have added that in to the article. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
y’all are talking as if mana troops don’t exist. Thor, like any other very fast hero fires with 6 tiles at 9% mana boost.
Telly said…
Yes, that is correct. But, you also can say that about any hero, that the mana troop will help it to fire faster. So, for consistency of comparisons between heroes, I use the base mana speed, as well as base stats. All heroes get buffs from troops, of course. Here's discussion of mana bonuses:
Anonymous said…
alright tested with 20 emblems sword path: don’t waste resources on Thor. Even with 20 emblems and 30 mana troops he hits like a kitten and gets squashed like one. Too many yellows that are better, Odin, Joon, Drake, Ureasus now that he’s out, and more. My opinion is a B/B+ for attack. Tried him with lvl 18 ninja troops as well.
Might work better in defense, but I doubt it, my line got clobbered when I put him in (Onyx, Kadilen C, Garnet, Thor, Cobalt) all with 20 emblems ans 30 mana troops.
If you have better yellows focus on them first. I’m regretting not leveling Uraeus instead.
Telly said…
I have to agree with you on this. At least on first impressions I would level up Uraeus first, over Thor.
TLK914 said…
Yup. I pulled a thor, but resisted touching him till I played against him for a week or 2. Ive fought Thor at least 10x now, including 3 that were fully emblem stacked. Hes just, not scary enough. They really missed the point. Adding heroes vs adding power has caused a hole in his effectiveness. at 300 he would be borderline, at 320 or so he might be a step up to A'ish. But he was never the turning point in any battle. Sad, as his basic very fast hits 1 3 or 5 capability could have made him ninjalike in a monster if you play with his strengths in mind...b ut hes too weak in current release. Ill be levelling up Uraeus starting this week.
Telly said…
I've only faced a defense including Thor twice so far. Once I won so quickly there was nothing to judge on him. The second time, he hit with about 550 damage on his first hit, and 3 times 550 on the second. Those were fairly effective, but not enough for the defense to win. All in all I though he was a good, very fast, defender, but nothing to change my rating, which is that he's decent, but disappointing compared to some of the great heroes and compared to his legendary reputation and movies outside the game. But, that doesn't mean he's terrible either.
Anonymous said…
I think I agree with your assessment, but personally I have had success with G Jackal. Six tiles yes, but with any hole that opens in the defense if the other team you have a three tile special with the right troops in play. In that situation Thor can wreck havoc...but that's only IF you get that and the board works in your favor. But I agree with your ranking. They should up his attack or maybe have him hit for 300%.
Anonymous said…
I would love to see Thor get a little buff. Maybe his first hit is all concentrated into the single shot, so he would be a sniper his first hit. (Maybe 450%) Then when he hits 3 the damage decreases to 320%. Then when all get hit it's 280%.