November 2020 Calendar - Empires and Puzzles Quests and Events

This is the calendar for November 2020 in Empires and Puzzles, listing major events and quests in the game for the month. The Quest dates vary a lot, so approximate dates for the major quests are given in this calendar. Major quests are the ones you do not want to miss because they drop unfarmable ascension items on the last two stages.  The calendar is updated as additional information comes out.

Nov. 1  Glenda - the November 2020 HOTM is introduced. An average speed blue/Ice hybrid damage dealer and support hero. See the full Glenda Review.

Nov. 1 - Nov. 16  Path of Valor 5 continues.

Nov. 5-7  Atlantis Rising.
  • Featured Atlantis Heroes with grades:
    • Evelyn - Green fast mana, with potent elemental defense down special skill, making this hero great on green mono teams and against blue titans.  Rating: A.
    • Grimble - Purple minion killer. May be underrated, as the game meta moves towards ore minion spawning heroes. Rating: C+.
  • Featured Heroes of the Month with grades:
    • Poseidon - Yellow fast mana sniper. Rating: A.
    • Misandra - Blue fast mana sniper with weak first hit, but chance to chain hit. Rating: Rating B.
  • View the 4 featured heroes for the November Atlantis Rises in All Heroes: Compare Evelyn, Grimble, Poseidon, Misandra.
Nov. 10  Farholme Pass 1 (Tome of Tactics) (Appx. Date).

Nov. 12-15   Guardians of Teltoc.
Nov. 16-18   Masquerade Costume Event.

Nov. 20  Shiloh Desert (Poison Darts) (appx. date).

Nov. 19-23  Tavern of Legends (HOTM that are over year old).

Nov. 23-30  Path of Valor 6 begins.

Nov. 23  Morlovia Quest (Royal Tabbard) (updated).

Nov. 26 - 30  Valhalla Summons Event with Season 3 Valhalla heroes.

Nov. 30  Farholme Pass 2 (Damascus Blade).

TBD:  Farholme Pass 1 (Tome of Tactics), Shiloh Desert (Poison Darts), Morlovia (Royal Tabbard).