Guardians of Teltoc Empires and Puzzles Event and Stages Guide

Guardians of Teltoc Guide
The Guardians of Teltoc event in Empires & Puzzles is one of the five challenge events that are played in each month. For Teltoc, the color is yellow, so leave your yellow heroes out of your attack lineup for this one. 

Guardians of Teltoc Stages

This is the stage guide for the most recent Guardians of Teltoc. As with other challenge events, there are 15 stages at each of the three difficulty levels (Rare, Epic and Legendary), with enemy monsters that are yellow or green on every stage.
During the event, I come back here frequently to plan out my attack teams for each stage. Guardians of Teltoc Stage Guide
Thanks to Mariamne for creating this chart.

Tip: Know the Reflect Color - Yellow / Holy

Tip: Don't Bring Yellow Heroes

Since the reflect color is yellow in Teltoc. So, of course you should not bring any yellow heroes on any stage that includes yellow monsters or bosses - which for Teltoc means every one of the stages.

Guardians of Teltoc Strategy: Bring Heroes That Are Strong Against the Monsters in the Stage

If you've been reading my event guides, you know that the best strategy is to check the stage guide (see the guide above) and remember to put together teams that are strong against the monsters and bosses for that particular stage. For Teltoc, that means bring your purple heroes for your attack teams, or alternately bring red heroes or a combination of purple and red. Also, blue mana potions are particularly useful on the final stage, if you have trouble there. One strategy is to use a mana controller like Proteus or Hel (both purple), or a special skill blocker like Miki in your attack teams in order to keep the bosses neutralized. The blue mana potions can keep your mana controllers ready to fire when needed.

Strategy: Go Mono

To score high in challenge events like this one, top players put together single-color teams.  For Guardians of Teltoc, a purple mono team would be best. A red mono team also could work well since it is neutral against yellow, and most of the stages have green mobs. Red is strong against green.

Remember the Tips For High Scores in Challenge Events

These are the same as for other challenge events..
  • Make combos
  • Bring Mono teams - especially purple or red for Teltoc.
  • Play fast.
  • Bring high level battle items: time stops, tornadoes, bomb attacks and battle axes.
  • REROLL TRICK: you can play a level as many times as you want. So top players play each level until they get lucky and make many combos and diamonds. Some top players look at their initial board, and if they cannot make   
  • an immediate diamond, the flee and try again.

Guardians of Teltoc Heroes

The Guardians of Teltoc heroes are among my favorites in the Empires & Puzzles game. I have ranked and graded all of them and played with them extensively. Teltoc summon portal includes Guardian Gazelle, who is a great attack and titan hero, Guardian Panther who is one of the best all-round heroes in the game, and the hugely underrated Guardian Kong. Regarding Kong, his recent buff added more AoE damage and a cleanse of all allies, which makes him very good. Beware of the outdated information on him floating around on the different sites and forums. 

The two 4* Teltoc heroes are niche heroes, but great in their niche - titan attacks. Both have elemental defense down special skills that are powerful against titans, and also in raid attacking, and challenge events. Guardian Jackal is glassy and easy to kill. That decreases my enthusiasm for it, but a lot of people like including Jackal on their yellow attack teams.

Teltoc Hero Level Grade
Guardian Gazelle 5* A+
Guardian Panther 5* A
Guardian Kong 5* A
Guardian Chameleon 5*C
Guardian Owl 5* C+
Guardian Falcon 4* B+
Guardian Jackal 4* B-
Guardian Bat 3* B

Guardians of Teltoc Hero Cards and Stats:

To view the hero cards and stats go this link at our All Heroes database: Guardians of Teltoc Heroes

For a side-by-side comparison: Compare Guardians of Teltoc Heroes.

Guardians of Teltoc Family Bonus

The Teltoc family bonus for using 2/3/4/5 heroes is:
  • Defense: +5%/10%/15%/20%
  • Healing: +4%/6%/9%/13%.


Plus1 said…
I think you're under rating Guardian chameleon. I use him as my tank and he's awesome. I have him one talent grid 5 and his defense is 798 I flank him with Guardian Falcon and use Jackal in the wing. This of course gives all guardins a 10% defense bonus. With lvl 10 4* deepwood elder ents his defense is 1045!!! Also he's no slouch with attack he has 774 attack. He gives 54% attack to everybody and 36% critical chance to everybody for 4 turns. I like to flank him with a Healer like Ariel or bold tusk because of the healing bonus. Also the defense buff makes Jackal less glassy. WAY UNDERRATED! I think he is an A- in raids, war, map, quests... and a C- against Titans. Overall B B+.
Plus1 said…
Oh yeah and he wipes all buffs like defense up and counter attack...
Telly said…
@Plus1 Hmmmm I'll take a fresh look at Guardian Chameleon. Do you use him on your defense team in addition to raids? Sounds like he's working out great for you.
Plus1 said…
Yes I use him on defense mostly because people ignore the family bonus and in his case it's huge. Without having defense up he can still withstand a maxed out seshat or Joon blast... and if he has full health and they don't have attack up he can withstand two or three shots...also so can Falco but he's on talent grid 17...also over 1000 defense with the family bonus.
Telly said…
Thanks for the perspective @Plus1. It is very, very helpful.

I did re-rate Chameleon, elevating his defense and titan grades. This also raised his overall rating, maybe not as much as your experience indicates, but, grading needs to be viewed as fluid not static, constantly changing, since the game meta is constantly changing with the introduction of more heroes with new abilities. Last month I did a big project re-grading around 100 heroes, and already this month I've regraded around 30. I don't make announcements each time, but it is reflected at AllHeroes.
Plus1 said…
I find your ratings to be very accurate for the most part... the creators of the game must think highly of chameleons as he is the reward for finishing 1st in the legendary stage of Teltoc...gazelle is for epic... does that mean he is better??? Lol probably not but it's difficult to rate heroes that have massive effects on their entire team perhaps Freya and Tarlak ratings could be buffed as well.
Pedro ramos said…
I have Chameleon for a while and never really care about him, but with the new formations and with Sif being so relevant, i am looking at him with a new perspective and think he can be very good when paired with something like Glenda or Francine. What do you think?

Continue the good work.
Telly said…
@Pedro Ramos: Guardian Chameleon is a tricky hero to use effectively. I agree that heroes that can penetrate the Sif wall without taking damage themselves can be quite effective. Chameleon will remove the enemy team buffs, so that is great against Sif. So, yes, for attacking a Sif "double" formation defense, Chameleon certainly can help.