Fables of Grimforest Empires and Puzzles Event Guide

Fables of Grimforest in Empires & Puzzles is one of the challenge events that come around every month. The reflect color is red, so leave your red team on the bench for this one. 

Fables of Grimforest Stages - Updated October 2020

This is the stage guide for the Fables of Grimforest event.  There are 15 stages at each difficulty level of the event (Rare, Epic and Legendary), with enemy monsters that are purple, green, blue or red, depending on the stage.

During the event, I come back here frequently to plan out my attack teams. 

Fables of Grimforest stage guide - Empires & Puzzles
Thanks to Mariamne for creating this chart.

Tip: Know the Reflect Color - Fire / Red

Tip: Don't Bring Red Heroes

Since the reflect color is red in Grimforest, of course you should not bring any red heroes on any stage that includes red monsters or bosses. That means every level of the event, so, unfortunately, I have to leave my strongest raid team on the sidelines for this event. However, because red is predominant in this event, blue teams are strong.  

Fables of Grimforest Strategy: Bring Heroes That Are Strong Against the Monsters in the Stage

If you've been reading my event guides, you know that the best strategy is to check the stage guide (see the guide above) and remember to put together teams that are strong against the monsters and bosses for that stage. Putting together a blue mono team is a good strategy for this event. If you have trouble with the final stage of Legendary, as many people do, Miki can be great if you have him. Miki not only provides a 130% tile damage buff that if very useful against the final bosses, but also he stops their special skills for 3 turns. Bring along blue mana potions and you can keep firing Miki's special while your tiles and other heroes' special skills take down the bosses.

Strategy: Go Mono

To score high in challenge events like this one, top players put together single-color teams.  For Fables of Grimforest, of course a blue mono team is great, if you have a good one. Green is not good, since green is weak against red monsters and bosses. Yellow and Purple are neutral against red, so they also could be good for this event.  

Remember the Tips For High Scores in Challenge Events

These are the same as for other challenge events..
  • Play fast
  • Bring Mono teams
  • Make combos
  • REROLL TRICK: you can play a level as many times as you want. So top players play each level until they get lucky and make many combos and diamonds. Some top players look at their initial board, and if they cannot make an immediate diamond, the flee and try again.
  • Bring high level battle items: time stops, tornadoes, bomb attacks and battle axes.

Fables of Grimforest Heroes

Here are the special event heroes for Grimforest. I have ranked and graded them all, and let me know if you think I need to make any adjustments.  The Fables of Grimforest summons portal includes Snow White, who can be an interesting attack hero in a meta where there are a lot of buffs and ailments. I also particularly like Puss in Boots, who is a great healer and minion summoner. He can be very difficult to kill on an attack team because of that.

Grimforest Hero Level Grade
Puss in Boots 5* A
Snow White 5* B
Red Hood 5* B+
Boss Wolf 5*B-
Rumplestiltskin 5* C
Hansel 4* B
Gretel 4* C-
Pixie 3* B+

Fables of Grimforest Hero Cards and Stats:

To view the hero cards and stats go this link at our All Heroes database: Fables of Grimforest Heroes

For a side-by-side comparison: Compare Fables of Grimforest Heroes.

Fables of Grimforest Family Bonus

The Grimforest family bonus for using 2/3/4/5 heroes is:
  • Attack: +3%/6%/10%/15%
  • Defense: +5%/10%/15%/20%


Anonymous said…
Why does Gretel get C minus ? I find her very useful to stop the opponent from going off. I like her a lot 😀
Though I agree Hensel is better being a fast hero 🙃
I'm not too thrilled at the legendary Grimforest heroes on the whole
Telly said…
Gretel is not very good. That's why I've rated her C-. That does not mean she completely lacks any use. As you point out, if she manages to fire her special skill she's good for mana control. Otherwise, I'd lower her to D.