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Valhalla Forever is the successor event to Valhalla, the Season 3 map and hero portal in Empires and Puzzles. Valhalla is named after Norse mythology, and the heroes and map stages all have names coming out of that genre. The base stats provided to Valhalla heroes generally are a step up from the Atlantis heroes from Season 2 of the game, but still, a lot of the Atlantis heroes remain great. However, some of my favorites in the game now can be found among the Valhalla heroes.

Valhalla Forever began in February 2021. With the completion of the Season 3 map, the new reduced-cost Valhalla map began. See the details below.
  • Video: Final Stage of Valhalla:
This video shows the bosses, prizes and story line of the final stage of Valhalla in Empires & Puzzles. It is Level 36-10 of the Season 3 map, stage 36-10. The final stage is difficult to beat. Watching this video can give some tips and strategies for beating the final stage. Strategy hints: Bring healers and over-healers like Heimdall, Gullinbursti, Garnet or Costume Kashrek. Minion spawning heroes like Telluria, Bera and Freya help a lot too. SPOILER WARNING: If you want to be surprised by the bosses in the final stage, don't wath this one! Otherwise enjoy and SUBSCRIBE:

Hard Mode Season 3 Final Stage: 

Normal Mode Season 3 Final Stage:

  • Video: 30-Pull from Valhalla Portal: This one is a classic!
  • View all Vallhalla heroes with their cards, stats and my grades/ranks for each hero at All Heroes. The link takes you to the home page at All Heroes, and you can scroll down to see all the cards and stats there. Click on the hero name to go to an exploded view of the page for each hero. Here's an example of the hero page for Alfrike:
Alfrike Empires and Puzzles Hero

  • See the Valhalla Realms Guide for info on realm bonuses that each Valhalla hero receives. Each Valhalla hero is in a particular realm, indicated by the symbol on its card. When it is either close to dying or after it is killed in battle, it gives the realm bonus to all allies.
  • Video: 13x Portal pulls:

Valhalla Forever

Now that Season 3 has ended, Valhalla Forever has begun. To put it simply, Valhalls Forever is the Season 3 equivalent of Atlantis Rises, but with some differences.  What this means is:
  • Reduced World Energy: The World Energy costs for each stage of the Season 3 map is reduced by 3. For example, if a stage had required 6 world energy normally, during Valhalla Forever, the world energy is reduced to 3.
  • Midgard Gnomes: During Valhalla Forever, a special mob character may appear - the Midgard Gnome. The Midgard Gnome will drop special loot, which may be Valhalla coins, Emblems, Food bundles or Iron bundles. 
    • Limited to 20 Midgard Gnomes loot drops per day. This number accumulates, so if you miss a day, you still can get those loot drops, up to a total of 80 for the 4-day event.
    • Gnome Counter: A counter appears, which shows the number of Gnomes already farmed.
  • Valhalla Forever Summons Portal: 3 featured Valhalla heroes appear.  

Top 5 Valhalla Heroes

As for the Valhalla heroes, some of them are the very best heroes in the game. I have included a number of them on my ranking of the best heroes in Empires & Puzzles. But what are the top 5 Valhalla Heroes? Of course the best always depend on who else you have on your team and any synergies, but taken in isolation, these are the best Valhalla heroes so far:

#5:    Skadi

Skadi is an outstanding offensive hero that also can serve on a defense team. See my full review of Skadi for all the details. In short, Skadi deals massive damage, and on top of that can deal the most powerful damage over time in the game. All that combined makes Skadi formidable against any team having minions, and still good against enemies lacking minions.

#4:    Odin

Odin is similar to Frigg with a powerful attack on everyone damage paired with a mana speed buff. This special also is dealt at fast speed, and makes Odin an excellent pairing with Frigg on defense, positioned on flank.

#3:    Alfrike

Devastating special skill, but hampered by very slow mana speed. If she fires the other side is crippled and usually it is game-over. Shines on very fast (rush) wars and events.

#2:     Freya and Bera (Tie)

The best of the minion dealers in the game. At fast mana speed, both Bera and Freya deal powerful beefy minions that themselves do high damage. Bera's minions give significant DoT in addition to direct damage. Freya's minions give a 120% damage buff to any other minions. This means Freya has great synergies with other minion dealing heroes, such as Bera, Seshat, Telluria, Vela, Delilah. On top of that Freya deals a 30% defense buff to all allies. Both Bera and Freya are Vanaheim heroes, which means that when they are killed, they reduce the mana of the opposing team. This makes both Bera and Freya very good tanks.

#1:  Frigg

The Attack on Everyone damage combined with defense down ailment on all enemies makes this hero's special skill devastating. And, all of that comes with fast speed, making Frigg one of the fastest rising stars of Empires & Puzzles. Moved up to first place now!

Honorable Mentions

  • Lady Loki - Formerly in the top 5, forced out by fast Frigg's rise to the top. Lady Loki can be situational, and therefore requires some skill to use to her full potential. But, used well, Lady Loki is the VTG defense killer, taking all their ailments and damage over times and casting them back at the opposing team. This makes Lady Loki highly desirable on offense, and also usable on defense or maps. Also see the full review of Lady Loki.
  • Lord Loki - May move up tot he top 5. The ability to copy the special skill of the targeted hero makes Lord Loki a monster in raid and war attacks.
  • Heimdall - a very good tank and moderate reviver. You would see Heimdall a lot more if he was not green / nature and therefore competing with Kadilen Costume and Telluria for spots on defense teams. Despite that, Heimdall provides a great special skill with +500 HP, combined with an attack buff for allies and a chance to revive dead allies. 
They are each powerful legendary 5* heroes. 
Other heroes worth mentioning are some great 4* Valhalla heroes, including:
  • Brynhild
  • Mist
  • Almur
  • Sumle
  • Gullinbursti

Valhalla Summons

The Valhalla heroes are available through the Valhalla summon portal. The portal appears only during the monthly Valhalla event. Check the event calendars that I post to see when the Valhalla event takes place each month. Generally it starts on the fourth Thursday of each month.  

As with other portals, you can get pulls from the Valhalla portal with gems, or with Valhalla coins. It takes 100 Valhalla coins to get a single pull. You obtain Valhalla coins either as rewards for completing Valhalla map stages, or from different chests, such as wanted missions, rare titans, raid tournament prizes or alliance war chests.  You get 3 coins from each Valhalla map stage on Normal mode and 5 coins from a hard mode Valhalla map stage.

You can use the All Heroes Summon Simulator for Valhalla before using your gems and coins in-game. I also tend to like to do the summons trick using the simulator. Try it for yourself ;).

I have posted some actual in-game Valhalla summons pulls on the YouTube page:

Valhalla Heroes List and Overall Grade Summary:

These are the Valhalla heroes, with their overall grades on our Tellys Game grading scale. For the grading breakdown of attack-defense-titan for each hero, go to the hero cards at All Heroes. I put the link at the beginning of this guide.

5* Valhalla Heroes

HeroOverall Grade
Alfrike A+
Baldur B-
Bera A
Fenrir B
Freya A
Frigg A+
Gefjon  A+
Heimdall A+
Lady Loki A
Lord Loki A+
Norns B
Odin A+
Ratatoskr B-
Salmon Loki F
Sif A
Skadi  A+
Thor B+
Tyr B

4* Valhalla Heroes

Hero Grade
Almur  A
Brynhild A
Fura B
Gullinbursti A
Mist A
Mireweave C+
Shadereave C
Stonecleave C
Sumle A

3* Valhalla Heroes

Hero Grade
Agnes A
An-Windr B
Bjorn A+
By-Ulf C+
Ei-Dunn C+
Grevle A
Jarvur B+
Kvasir A+
Nordri A
Sudri B+


Anonymous said…
I’d raise up Ratatostr to B+ or A. He kills me whenever I face him and raids and think he’s underrated. Raise the rat!
Telly said…
I'll think about that. Any other opinions on the rat?
Milo said…
Hi, I have both Mist and Almur at 3/60 and I'm waiting for the mats to take them to the 4th tier. I also have Sumle and Jott which I have not worked on yet. I see that you gave Jott a 'C' and i was wondering why since Jott's title damage is great on world maps and if used along with other blue heroes then Jott becomes just short of awesome.
Milo said…
Note, I worked on Almur and Mist first because Jott and Sumle are slow manna heroes.
Telly said…
Mist and Alumur dafinitely are great. Jott has his uses, such as against titans for his buffing blue tiles. The slow speed knocks him down a lot. I've given him a B- overall grade, which was on All Heroes. Now that you mentioned it, I see that I need to update this article to reflect that update.
TLK914 said…
Id leave the Rat where it is. I am possibly in the minority, But Ive always tended to dislike tile dependency. All heroes speed up or slow down or do more damage with the right tiles dropping for them, but certain heroes do NOTHING or next to nothing unless they get the right tiles. Tiles are a random element. And worse, on offense you have to use them to charge a special, so right after you charge Ratty, you probably have a board mostly depeleted of the greens he needs for his special to do its damage.
Telly said…
He's still a 5* Average speed healer, and that alone is a decent special. The tile damage buff is just an extra bonus, in my view. I've just gotten around to leveling up mine and I'll take another look at the grading after I play around with him a bit more. Definitely agree with you about the contradiction between filling up the special v. depleting green tiles. But, so far, the extra defense/HP has helped a lot in titans where he's not dying immediately any longer. In raids he's doing pretty well, but I need some more data on that. Was a real help last war on my 6th team.
Anonymous said…
Tyr should be better than B, he's a beast!
Telly said…
Unfortunately I can't agree on this one - about Tyr. I find Tyr's hit to be weak. Clearly he can be annoying to kill due to his revive skill, but he also can't finish off the attack team. In raids, I ignore him and wait until the end to finish him off. He can revive over and over, but that rarely will change the outcome since one solid hit and he dies.

In using him on attack, I find Tyr to be very fun, maybe even my favorite hero on fun factor. But his hit is too weak, and he really depends on getting a lot of red tiles to keep replenishing his revive special. When it works he's a lot of fun. But a B hero because of the weak hit. I'd even consider reducing his rating a bit. I find him vastly overrated, and would take the true red snipers like Marjana or Gefjon to battle before him.
Anonymous said…
Question about Lord Loki beta. Does he have to cast on an enemy or can he cast on an ally? He would be extremely useful if he could cast on Alfrike or whatever other slow/very slow hero you brought to battle.
Telly said…
Interesting idea, but Lord Loki can only target an enemy, then he casts that enemy's special as if he shot it himself. More information in the Lord Loki review.
Anonymous said…
Would you really out Fenrir at B? For me, his revive puts him to at least A-.
Telly said…
I have Fenrir, and do not believe he's very good for a fast 5*. His 320% damage is a weak hit. Yes, he hits very hard if the enemy already is under half dead. But that's the opposite of when you need the big damage.
Alex said…
I got Fenrir and is curious: if I use him in war with the enemy team already lost half of their health in the previous fight, will he fire his 570% more dmg or just a normal 320% until I take half of the enemy's health again (aka the remaining is about 25% of their original health)?
Telly said…
@Alex Fenrir's 50% health calculation is based on the full HP number that you see when you tap and hold on the opposing hero. So, if Fenrir's target already has lost half his health due to a previous attack in war, as long as he does not get healed back up over 50% before you fire your Fenrir in the cleanup, he will hit with the full 540% damage. Fire away!
Kambala said…
@Telly I also think you should reconsider your Fenrir rating. Yes, it sucks that enemies over half health take a really weak hit, but I find him pivotal in the mid- endgame of a raid.

This is simply because of his mana and health gain. Even in the case that my healer dies, as long as I have a single target below 50% I have a good chance of winning. Fenrir bites the target, kills, I get half that in health (probably around 400 HP) and 30% of my mana bar. That means one ghosted 4 match will charge him again. As soon as I've softened another target, bite, kill, heal and mana. He needs some support, but he is absolutely a raid winner.

Another use is against a minion meta. His hit is weak against > 50%, but is usually enough to kill some minions. He gets about 10% per minion. So in the early game, he eats minions, gets some mana, and charges up a bit. He can keep eating minions while other heroes soften up targets. At some point you hit the ideal case where a target has < 50% HP and some minions. In this case Fenrir will usually do enough damage to kill all the minions and the target, gaining upwards of 60% mana and healing for 600-800 HP. That is an incredible amount of damage, healing and mana all in one hit.

Against Titans, you have to time it a bit, but once it's below half you'll have Fenrir's strong tile damage, the highest special damage in the game and Fenrir will recover more than half his health every bite. I usually bring someone else before that, but once the Titan reaches that point he pays his own way. The only place Fenrir is wasted is on defense, though he does have a bad habit of making a bad board worse.
Telly said…
@Kambala: Your points about Fenrir are well taken. Would you raise him up to A? Or just B+?

Like Tyr, Fenrir controversial due to his light hit (albeit early in the battle on >50% health heroes). Some people just love Fenrir (and Tyr) and others don't. I have both Tyr and Fenrir and rarely use either of them due to their weak hits. It is fun using Fenrir on attack because once an enemy gets under 50% there is no way it can survive a Fenrir hit. However, he's weak on defense because at the start of a battle you can dump tiles on him, without much fear of his special skill firing on your healthy heroes.
Kambala said…
@Telly Maybe an A- since he is so poor on defense. I'm not sure if your overall rating is somehow based on the average of three scores, but 'great on offense, good on Titans, poor on defense' doesn't quite seem an A to me.
Anonymous said…
I do have a solide bench of S3 heroes and i réalité love all of them.Maxed are Fenrir Heimdall Gefjon Alfrike Odin. Waiting at 3-70 Lady Loki Sif Freya Tyr Baldur Frigg, and second Fenrir Alfrike and Gefjon. Pair Gefjon ou Kageburado with Fenrir and it's Armaggedon. Heimdall paires with Alfrike is also terrific. Please note that my preference goes to heroes with special s'ils rather than ordinaire snipers or AoE tanks. For instance i am currently maxing the 3 vampires of Morlovia.
Anonymous said…
Do you have a grade on the new hero, "Salmon Loki"????? Looks interesting. I know there are two other elemental changing heros that are okay. I hope this one is better! Pastor Dave
Unknown said…
Salmon Loki is the most useless hero in the game. It can only be used as a tank for protection if you have 4 purple hotms among the better.
Telly said…
I've graded Salmon Loki now. What a joke that hero is for a 5*. I hope nobody is wasting any gems chasing it!
Anonymous said…
I have both Fenrir and Try. I find Fenrir an excellent finisher even though he is unemblemed. He's very good on offence.On defence,he can't aim his specials at the right enemies because of the AI. And Try is not known for his hard hits but he does so many things and very often the last hero standing in my attack team. All in all ,it depends on your play style,rosters and synergy of heroes.

Btw I wonder how good Sumle is? Why she gets an A grade?
Anonymous said…
The "rat" is a squirrel!!
Sergey said…
Hi. I think Ei-Dun is under-graded. I find her stronger then "B" graded Isstak.
Dave said…
I think Salmon Loki was released because they already developed the artwork and didn't want to waste it. It was supposed to be released during Valhalla's normal cycle but Bera took its place and it was thought to be an abandoned hero. It seems pointless to release it with such awful capabilities and leads me to believe they just had someone who was upset all their work was for nothing.
Anonymous said…
I do not agree with most of the comments, assuming you've got only a limited bench. Personnaly, I've got more than 110 5* UNIQUE heroes, 40 maxed, 71 3-70.
You seem to overlook the synergies.
As an example, I pair 2 ALfrike with Ariel (offense) or Sif (Defense). Add Xnolphod and Eiora and the ennemi is dead or so crippled that It cannot recover.
As my main attack team Vampires...Victor, Vanda, Francine, completed with Lidenbrock and Frosth. Awesome.
Another mix that can be very efficent: Kageburado, Fenrir, Gefjon.
FYI,from S3, I've got and kept 2 Freya, 2 Frigg, 2 Alfrike, Skadi, 2 Fenrir, Heimdall, 2 Gefjon, Odin, 2 Lady Loki, Tyr, 2 Sif, Baldur, Norns.
Just to say I'm aware of what I state and it is based on experience, not prospectives.
D K said…
Fenrir is my only 5 star. I like him, but he definitely not an A grade.
Anonymous said…
Agreed, he can be very powerful in the right situation, but only with the proper support. I used him at one point before I changed my whole team out.
Anonymous said…
ON another note, looks like Salmon Loki got a bit of a buff on the newest version release.
Anonymous said…
Has the chance for gnomes been reduced? I have been spending around 400-500 energy during the current event and I only found 1 gnome...