Riddles of Wonderland Guide - Empires and Puzzles Event - Stages, Heroes

Riddles of Wonderland is one of the five monthly Challenge Events in Empires & Puzzles.  Among the Riddles event heroes is Jabberwock, who many consider the best purple/Dark hero for defense teams, and one of the Top 10 heroes in the game. Indeed, each of its 5* Legendary heroes are good to excellent, making this one of the best events.  Whether you want Jabberwock, Alice, or White Rabbit, doing well in this event gives you some of the best prizes in the game.  This guide provides all the tips, tricks and strategies for killing it in Riddles of Wonderland.

Riddles of Wonderland Stages - Updated March 2021 

This chart lists all the stages of the current Riddles of Wonderland.  In all, there are fifteen event stages, with enemy monsters that are purple, green or red, depending on the stage.

During the event, you should come back and refer to this chart to plan out your attack teams: 

Stage Guide for Riddles of Wonderland Event
Thanks to Mariamne for creating this chart.

Tip: Know the Reflect Color - Green / Nature

Tip: Don't Bring Green Heroes

Any green monster or boss in Riddles of Wonderland will reflect all direct damage from your green heroes.  That includes damage from tile matches, and damages from special skills or minions.  Damage over Time (DoT) is not reflected.  All the stages have green heroes or bosses in this event, so I recommend against bringing any green heroes.

Riddles of Wonderland Strategy: Bring Heroes That Are Strong Against the Monsters in the Stage

Remember to refer to the stage guide before putting together your teams!  All the stages in Riddles of Wonderland have green monsters except stages 13 and 15.  So, you should bring red heroes to be strong against green.  If you do not have a good red mono team you can try doing a combination of reds + another color using this chart.  Personally, use red mono for this event, since my red team is strong on all three levels.

Color Stages
Red or Blue 1-3, 6, 7, 9, 11
Red or Yellow 4, 5, 8, 10
Red, Yellow or Purple 12, 14
Red, Yellow, Purple or Blue 13
Red, Yellow or Blue 15

Strategy: Go Mono

To score high in this event, top players put together single-color teams.  For Riddles of Wonderland, the best strategy is to use a red/Fire heroes on your attack teams.  That works well for all stages.  The only two stages where a variation on this strategy would work are those lacking green / nature monsters - stages 13 and 15.  Even then, red mono can work well on those stages.  If you want to vary things a bit, you can try a blue / Ice mono team on stage 13, and either Yellow or Blue mono team on stage 15. 

Tips For High Scores

These are the same as for other challenge events..
  • Bring Mono teams
  • Play fast
  • Make combos
  • REROLL TRICK: you can play a level as many times as you want. So top players play each level until they get lucky and make many combos and diamonds. Some top players look at their initial board, and if they cannot make an immediate diamond, the flee and try again.
  • Bring high level battle items: time stops, tornadoes, bomb attacks and battle axes.

Riddles of Wonderland Heroes

The Riddles of Wonderland Summons features some of the best heroes in the game.  I have ranked and graded them all, and let me know if you think I need to make any adjustments.  

Wonderland Hero Level Grade
Alice 5* A
Jabberwock 5* A+
Queen of Hearts 5* B+
The Hatter 5* A-
White Rabbit 5* A
Captain of Diamonds 4* B-
Cheshire Cat 4* C+
Shrubbear 3* B

Viewing the Hero Cards and Stats:

To view the hero cards and stats go this link at our All Heroes database: Wonderland Heroes
For a side-by-side comparison: Compare Wonderland Heroes.

Riddles of Wonderland Family Bonus

The Wonderland family bonus for using 2/3/4/5 heroes is:
  • Mana Bonus: +2%/4%/7%/12% 
  • Critical Chance Bonus: +5%/10%/15%/20% 

These bonuses show up on the in-game tooltip on each Wodnerland hero card:

Wonderland Family Bonus Tool Tip