Gefjon Empires and Puzzles Hero Review - Valhalla

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Gefjon is a Valhalla Season 3 hero introduced to Empires and Puzzles in October 2020. This is my review and grading of this hero who is the fast red sniper long-desired by many players. She is the only true fire sniper after Marjana, a Season 1 hero. Although that vanilla Marjana was controversial due to her relatively low attack stat, rest assured, Gefjon solves that problem.Gefjon Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Gefjon's Stats:

Base Stats:
Attack Defense Health
772 766 1258
  • Power: 785
  • Mana speed: Fast
  • Class: Ranger
  • Element: Red / Fire
  • Origin: Valhalla / Season 3
  • Realm: Muspelheim
  • Level: 5* Legendary

Gefjon's Special Skill: Maiden's Command

  • Steals minions from the target.
  • Deals 500% damage to the target.

Gefjon Hero Review

Gefjon is a fast sniper brings to the fire/red class a second hard hitting legendary hero, after Marjana. The problem with Marjana was that although a decent fast sniper, she had a relatively low attack stat compared with the other Season 1 fast snipers. For example, Marjana's attack stat is 669, which is much lower than Lianna at 729 and Joon at 749. You can see all the Season 1 fast snipers compared at AllHeroes - Marjana, Joon, Lianna, Sartana and Magni.  

Gefjon Has the Highest Sniper Damage Rating in Empires & Puzzles

Gefjon has a very high base attack stat of 772, and that combines with the third highest special skill damage rating in the game, at 500%.  Combined, Gefjon has the highest sniper attack rating at 3860:
Hero Attack Stat Damage  %  Rating     
Gefjon 772 500% 3860
Lianna 729 512% 3732
Sartana Costume 685 532% 3644
Marjana 669 458% 3064
If you have been waiting for a fast fire - red sniper, then Gefjon is perfect.
Gefjon is great for other reasons as well. Their defense base stat also is very high, at 766. This makes Gefjon hard to kill in raids from single sniper hits. It may even take three sniper hits to kill Gefjon on defense, if positioned on wing.  

Stealing the Target's Minions

On top of the raw damage that Gefjon can inflict on an opposing hero, she also steals any minions on the target. This is different from destroying minions. Instead Gefjon grabs the minion for herself. This makes Gefjon even better as a sniper, since often minions act as meat shields against sniper attacks. Not only does Gefjon steal the minions, but she also bypasses them, because she steals, then inflicts damage. In other words, the minions do not protect the target at all from Gefjon's attack.

On defense, the minion stealing ability may not be very significant, because an attacker can avoid that aspect of Gefjon's skill by leaving their Minion generators on the bench. However, in raid or war attacks, this ability is significant. Increasingly the game meta has moved towards minion generators on defense, such as Telluria, Freya, Bera, Delilah, Noor, and the new HOTMs, which feature minions as an element link.

Against the popular Vela-Telluria and Telluria-Freya defenses, one strategy is to power up Gefjon and then wait for Telluria to fire and cast minions. Then, Gefjon can steal one. However, usually you will want to kill Telluria before she fires, so if you have Gefjon ready to go, fire away.

Against Titans, Gefjon also is good due to her very high base attack stat. Her special skill is not very important for titan attacks, however. But still Gefjon will be a good addition to red teams attacking green titans.

Gefjon's Emblem / Skill Path:

Gefjon is a great attacking and defensive hero. However, her primary use is to inflict damage. Because of that, I recommend applying emblems on the fighter talent tree on an attack/defense path to maximize her attack stat. 

Gefjon Grading / Ranking:

  • Overall Defense: A+
    • Tank: B+
    • Flank: A
    • Wing: A+
  • Attack: A+
  • Titans: A-
  • Raid Tournaments:
    • Rush: A
    • Buff Booster: A
    • Bloody Battle: A+
Overall Gefjon Rating: A+
I have graded Gefjon as an A+, and I think she's pretty solid at that rating. As with any A+ rating, I would consider reducing it to A if the hero turns out not to be as great as originally expected from preliminary testing and review. What do you think of Gefjon?


Milo said…
Hello again,

I would love pulling this one since I don't have anything that hits this hard.

The RNG seems to give me healers and defence much of the time. I have been granted Raffaele, Black Knight which are only at 2/60 since I'm still low level (29).

I did get both Zocc and Bai Yeong, and they are the best 5* snipers I have, not counting the two copies of Obakan I have, who is vastly inferior to them (in fact my 4*s hit harder and cause more damage).

I was hoping to pull something like Joon or Sartana, but if my experience with this game is anything to go by, I'll likely have more success trying for a HOTM like Gefjon.
Telly said…
@Milo, thanks for the e-mail. Yeah, I hate making typos like that! Gefjon is a Valhalla hero, as you said. Black Knight is fantastic, one of the best defensive heroes in the game, and pretty good on offense too. You'll be happy with him once you get the mats to raise him up to 4/80. My Obakan still is at 3/70 and was the first 5* I pulled. I don't think I'll ever raise him up to 4/80, unless his costume is much better than the original, whenever it comes out. Once you get a training center up to level 20, you'll be able to have a chance at a 5* like Joon or Sartana every two days. You should make that a priority. Good luck pulling Gefjon!
Milo said…
Thanks for the advice on TC 20, I am only a day away from stronghold 20, so tc 20 is certainly high on my list of priorities. My main aim is to go to stronghold 25 so that I can have access to the hero academy, as well as the alchemy Lab so that I can have a go at making my own hero ascension mats.
Anonymous said…
Good luck on pulling 5*s out of TC20.