Announcement: All Heroes Database Joins TellysGame!


I wanted to "officially" announce that the All Heroes database and summons simulator has become part of this site.  For those who don't already know about All Heroes, go and try it out... you'll love it!  The guy who started it lost interest over 8 months ago, and it got outdated. But, now that I took it over, I've added in everything new:

  • Every new Empires & Puzzles hero added in the database, including HotM, event heroes, Valhalla.
  • All costumes added.
  • New Costumes summons.
  • All event summons updated.  
  • HotM listings added.
  • Hero compares updated.
  • Hero cards added.
  • Tavern Of Legends added.
  • NEW Tavern of Legends BETA summon simulation, with the new September 2020 Tavern portal stats.

Here's what it has:

Beautiful Summon Simulator

All Heroes includes a beautiful summon simulator. Try it out before you use gems or free pulls in real in-game pulls. 

I like to use the Summons Trick: I use the simulator until I get good 5* pulls, and then head straight in-game. That's how I pulled Skadi ... of course there's no connection between the summon simulator and the Empires & Puzzles game. But, when you're running good, you're running good. This summon trick has works better for me than the silver coin pull method (pull on the free daily summons until you get two 2*+ heroes or troops in a row).  

Try out Telly's Game All Heroes Summon Simulator --> Summon Simulator.

Compare Heroes Side-By-Side

I love this compare heroes feature, and use it to figure out which heroes to emblem up, and which would fill up my war teams and defense teams best.  Its real strong point is side-by-side comparison of all the hero stats and special skills. It's completely visual and easy to view even on a cell phone.

Try out Telly's Game All Heroes Hero Compare --> Compare Empires and Puzzles Heroes.

Search and View Hero Cards

This feature is right on the home page at All Heroes. Scroll down past the announcements, and you'll find:
  • Hero Search tool. Just select the criteria, or enter a single hero name, and the card will be displayed below.
Try out the hero search --> Search Empires and Puzzles Heroes.
  • Hero Ratings and Cards. Click on a hero name in the home page display, and the full size hero card gets displayed.

Give Me Ideas / Feedback!

Try the new updated All Heroes database & Summon simulator... And let me know what you think in the comments below, or using the Contact page. What do you like about it? Any new features you'd like to see? Did you find any typos or any missing heroes? 


Anonymous said…
seems great although it seems that I have a lot more hotm and 5* comming from the simulator than the actual invocations. Curious about the results of the tavern of legend simulation when it will come up. I am generally saving gems and coins to make at least 10 summons at a time and haven't been doing invocations since june... I'm then really curious about what will come up when I'll spend again ;)
Telly said…
Thanks for the feedback. I've done over a thousand runs on each simulation, and found the results are in line with the probabilities. Perhaps you were running lucky on on the siumlator pulls you did! If only in-game :). Anyway, I'll take a look at it. And, good luck on your next round of in-game pulls.