Emoji For Empires and Puzzles Chat - Codes List

Have you ever been wondering where the emoji code list for Empires and Puzzles chat went?  In my alliance, people are always asking for this list, that has been floating around. You probably have noticed that the in-game chat in Empires & Puzzles does not take the usual phone emojis. So you need to use these emoji codes to use emojis or color in your chats.

Each emoji requires a particular code pattern.  A colon, followed by a code, followed by a trailing colon.  So, for example, the code for a smiley face emoji is:
and that produces:
Smile emoji
If you truly love your alliance - mates, try this one:

Now you can be a chat superstar.  Here's the Empires & Puzzles emoji code list:
Emoji code list for Empires & Puzzles
The emoji list has not been updated in a long time. Are there any new ones you have discovered? Are any missing from this list? There have been a lot of new emojis and emoji colors put out so it would be great if Small Giant could implement some new ones. What would you like to see most? 


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I see people posting open stars (outlines) how do you do that?
Anonymous said…
Where do you see that? Is it on the forum or in-game chat? If it's in-game, ask them and post it here.