Valhalla Realm Bonus Guide - Empires and Puzzles

Valhalla realm bonuses in Empires & Puzzles are bonuses that Valhalla heroes give to their team if they are killed, or if they go low on health.  Typically the realm bonus kicks in when the hero gets to low health or dies.  The realm bonuses can become very powerful if you are using more than one Valhalla hero from a particular realm at the same time.  The reason is, the enhanced bonus. 

  • Each Valhalla hero has a realm.  For example, Skadi is in the Jotunheim realm.
  • Ehanced Bonus: The more allies of yours that are from a particular realm, the greater the bonus.  In this way, Realm bonuses work like family bonuses, for example with Atlantis families or Challenge Event families, like the Avalon family.
  • Each realm has a different realm bonus.  The realm bonus either is a buff for your allies, or an ailment for your enemies
  • 9 Realms. In Norse mythology, Valhalla has 9 realms, and so does the Valhalla / Season 3 map.
  • No Zombies! Heroes revived into different forms do not have realms - such as zombies created by Marie Therese.
These are the Valhalla realms and their bonuses.  The realm bonus increases if you have multiple members on your team.  In the bonus listings below, 3 numbers are provided for each bonus - for 1/2/3 members.
Agnes - Valhalla hero Asgard Realm

Alfheim Realm

All allies are healed by 2/4/7% when an Alfheim Hero reaches low health.

Asgard Realm

All allies gain 10/15/20% mana when an Asgard Hero dies.

Helheim Realm

Deals 25/50/100% damage to all enemies when a Helheim Hero dies.

Jotunheim Realm

All allies get an Ice Giant minion with 6/10/14% HP and 10/12/16% attack inherited from the caster when a Jothunheim Hero dies.

Midgard Realm

All allies get  +5/+10/+15% attack for as long as a Midgard ally has low health. This effect cannot be dispelled.

Muspelheim Realm

All enemies receive 22/37/64 Burn damage for as long as a Muspelheim ally has low health. This effect cannot be dispelled


All enemies have -5/-10/-15% accuracy for as long as a Niflheim ally has full mana low health. Chance to miss also applies to offensive Special Skills.

UPDATE: The Niflheim bonus no longer erases the accuracy ailments (blinds) cast by other heroes, such as Drake Fong, Justice or Neith. You no longer need to avoid using a Niflheim hero with another hero that casts a blind. Examples of Niflheim heroes are An- Windr, Ei-Dunn, Fenrir, By-Ulf

Svartalfheim Realm

All enemies receive 22/37/64 Poison damage for as long as a Svartalfheim ally has low health. This effect cannot be dispelled.

Vanaheim Realm

The mana of all enemies is reduced by -20% -5/-10/-15% when a Vanaheim Hero dies.


Remon said…
The Niflheim bug was fixed with version 28.1:
Telly said…
@Remon: I've updated the article above ^^ to reflect that the Niflheim bonus no longer over-writes the blinds cast by other heroes. Thanks for pointing that out.