Pirates of Corellia Guide - Empires and Puzzles Event - Tips & Tricks

Pirates of Corellia
Pirates of Corellia is a challenge event in Empires and Puzzles. In this event, you have chance to get its event heroes, including Finley, who many consider the best, or at least one of the best heroes in Empires and Puzzles.  

Even if you are not pulling for one of the event heroes, scoring well in challenge events, like Pirates, can give you some of the best prizes in the game. This guide provides all the tips, and strategies for raising your score in the event.

Use the Pirates of Corellia Stage Guide - Know Your Enemy!

This chart lists all the stages of Pirates of Corellia (updated for August 2020 and January 2021). As with other challenge events, there are fifteen event stages, with enemy monsters that are purple, green or red, depending on the stage.

I come here during the event, and refer to this chart to plan out attack teams for each level:
Pirates of Corellia Stages
Thanks to Mariamne for creating this table.

Video: Going for Top 1000 on Day 1 First Try

Here's a video of my EPIC run on Day 1, trying to land in the top 1000 without a lot of repeats. I repeated about 4 stages and here's the video:

Video: LEGENDARY Stage 15 - 104k

Tip: Know the Reflect Color - Purple / Dark - Avoid it!

Tip: Don't Bring Purple / Dark Heroes On Your Attack Teams

Purple is the reflect color in Pirates of Corellia. All of the purple monsters and bosses reflect direct damage from any purple heroes you bring on your attack team. That includes direct damage from special skills, minions or tile matches. Damage over Time (DoT) is not reflected.

Pirates of Corellia Strategy: Bring Heroes That Are Strong Against the Monsters in the Stage

Remember to refer to the Pirates stage guide above before putting together your team for that stage. In the Corellia challenge, all stages have purple monsters except stages 3, 7, 8, 13 and 14. If you have a good yellow/holy team, that should be great for high scores on the purple stages. But if you don't, you can try bringing single-color teams of different colors using this chart:
Color Stages
Yellow or Red 1, 3-8, 10, 13
Yellow or Blue 2, 9, 11, 12, 14
Blue 3
Red 15
If your best mono team is not the color for a particular stage, don't worry! You can score well using a any mono team, as long as it is not the weak color for that stage. For example, in stage 15, the weak color is blue. So, any mono other than blue can work well, but the best color to bring would be red. Red is the best for stage 15, since it is strong against green, and the mob waves in stage 15 are green.

Strategy: Go Mono

To score high in Challenge Events, top players put together single-color teams. For Pirates, the best strategy is to use the colors in the chart above. Although yellow is good on most stages, the toughest stage is stage 15, and that stage has only green mobs, not yellow. Because of that, red/Fire is the best to bring along for stage 15 in this event. Stage 3 also is an off-color stage, and has blue mob waves. For that stage, a green / nature mono attack team could work particularly well. If you want to vary things, or don't want to bother setting up different teams for just two stages, any color other than the reflect color - purple - could work for this event.

Tip: Play Fast, Make Big Combos

As with other challenge events, the way scoring works is you get extra points for finishing a level fast. You get even more points for making a lot of big combinations, and hitting diamonds. So play smart and fast!


You can only bring the right level of heroes for each level of game play:
  • Rare: 3* or lower heroes
  • Epic: 4* or lower
  • Legendary: 5* or lower

Bring Green Potions Against Peters, Lady Locke, Sargasso and Finley

Green potions dispel status ailments. Three of the Pirates of Corellia heroes cast devastating status ailments:
  • Peters: Target's special skill is silenced for three turns.
  • Finley: All hit targets get -34% defense for three turns.
  • Lady Locke: Target and nearby enemies get 869 damage over 4 turns, starting low and increasing with every turn.
  • Sargasso: The target and nearby enemies get -80% increase for any healing received for 4 turns.
As of now, the stages with one or more of these status ailment heroes include stages: that includes stages 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11-15. That may change, so check the Pirates of Corellia Stage Guide for updates.

Pirates of Corellia Leaderboard

There are three separate leaderboards, one for each level of game play - Rare / Epic / Legendary in Challenge events, like Pirates. The top 4 tiers typically have enhanced prizes. So, scoring high in this event is definitely worthwhile.

Tips & Tricks to Score High on the Pirates of Corellia Leaderboard

These tips apply for all challenge events. Try them out to score high in Pirates of Corellia too.
  • Bring Mono teams
  • Play fast
  • Make combos
  • USE THE REROLL TRICK: you can play a level as many times as you want. So top players play each level until they get lucky and make many combos and diamonds.  Do that and your scores will soar! The downside is, of course, that involves a lot of world energy refills. Some top players look at their initial board, and if they cannot make an immediate diamond, they flee and try again.
  • Bring high level battle items: those time stops, tornadoes, bomb attacks and battle axes come in handy for finishing off a wave of monsters, or for crashing the final stage.

Pirates of Corellia Heroes and Grades

The Pirates of Corellia Summons Portal features Finley, who is one of the best heroes of Empires and Puzzles.  But beware that this event also includes some that are just plain weak - like Boomer who is not very good for a 4* hero. Also, Sargasso is considered weak for a 5*.  I have ranked and graded them all, and let me know if you thing I need to make any adjustments with the grades.

Pirates Hero Level Grade
Finley 5* A+
Captain Kestrel 5* B
Marie-Thérèse 5* B
Sargasso 5* C
Lady Locke 5* B+
Peters 4* B
Boomer 4* F
Vodnik 3* B
For the 4* and 3* heroes, I've graded them based on comparison with others 4* (or 3*).

Pirates of Corellia Hero Cards and Stats

To view each of the hero cards and stats for the Pirates of Corellia  heroes, go to this page in the All Heroes Database: Pirates of Corellia Heroes.

For a side-by-side comparison: Compare Pirates of Corellia Heroes.

Pirates of Corellia Family Bonus

The event heroes are part of the Pirate Family. When used together, they get these family bonuses for 2/3/4/5 family heroes:
  • Attack Bonus: +3%/6%/10%/15%
  • Mana Generation Bonus: +2%/4%/7%/12%

These bonuses show up on the in-game tool tip on each Pirates hero card:

Pirates family bonuses


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You recently revised your grade of marie therese (and I agree that she's at least B), but this page doesn't reflect that change yet.
Telly said…
Thanks for pointing that out. I've corrected the typo.
LoLo said…
I think you meant to suggest Nature heroes would be best on stage#3?

"Stage 3 also is an off-color stage, and has blue mob waves. For that stage, a blue/ice mono attack team could work particularly well."
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Hello @Lolo. You're correct, and I made that change. Tyvm.