Myztero - Empires and Puzzles Secret Hero Review - Tavern of Legends

Myztero Secret Tavern Of Legends Hero

Myztero is the Empires & Puzzles Legendary 5* "Secret Hero" available in the "Secret Bonus Draw". of the Tavern of Legends event.  The only way to get Myztero is via the Tavern Summons Portal.  He is hyped there as the "Secret Hero," and now that he's revealed, not so secret any longer!

Myztero also is the hardest to obtain of all the heroes in the game - with just a 0.1% appearance rate in the Legends Summons.

So, is Myztero worth trying for?  Read on....

Myztero Stats:

  • Level: 5* Legendary
  • Class: Rogue
  • Element Purple / Dark
  • Mana Speed: Very Fast
  • Innate Ability Memorize Status Ailments: The latest 5 status ailments that are cast on the hero stay memorized until the Special Skill is cast.
  • Attack: 772
  • Defense: 725
  • Health / HP: 1332

Myztero Special Skill: Absordium Deflectors

  • Deals 107% damage to all enemies.
  • All status ailments memorized by the innate ability are cast to all enemies.

Myztero Review

The Special Skill is Fun, But Quirky and Situational 

Myztero is an interesting hero, with an interesting ability.  In theory, it could be a powerful special skill. All the status ailments that hit Myztero are "memorized". Then, when you cast the very fast special skill, those memorized ailments are cast on all the enemies.  However, in practice, this special skill is difficult to time and use effectively.  One of the shortcomings of the special is that only the status ailments that hit Myztero himself are memorized.  

This is in contrast to Lady Loki - a Valhalla hero.  With Lady Loki, all the ailments cast on the entire team are absorbed and re-cast.  So if no status ailments hit Myztero, but some hit other heroes on his team, his special skill has nothing to re-cast. However, Lady Loki still will re-cast ailments with her special as long as some of the ailments hit other team members.  I have to conclude that Lady Loki gets it right, but Myztero is a miss.

In summary, on offense and defense, the more ailments the enemy team casts, the stronger Myztero becomes.  

Rogue Class Helps

Myztero is in the Rogue class, which is quite useful for his special skill.  If the Rogue talent is activated, Myzero can absorb the status ailments, but will not receive any damage.

107% Damage is Ineffective on Offense and Defense

The damage from Myztero's special skill also is underwhelming - just 107%.  Even at the very fast mana speed, this special skill will almost not be noticed.  All in all, Myztero is interesting and fun to use on offense in raids, but is rather weak.  

On defense it gets even worse for Myztero. Because his special skill is so situational, the AI does not use it very well.  When I have faced Myztero in raids, he has been an easy kill.  

For titans, his high attack stat, and the special ability could be good and effective.   

Myztero Grading and Ranking

  • Attack: C-
  • Overall Defense: D
    • Tank: D
    • Flank: D
    • Wing: D
  • Titans: B
  • Raid Tournaments:
    • Rush: C-
    • Buff Booster: C
    • Bloody Battle: B

Overall Myztero Rating: C

Myztero is so rare that he certainly gives some bragging rights, but not much else.  Do you think I was too harsh on this hero? Or, should he be a "D"?


Anonymous said…
I think a C is too generous. Believe it or no, I have two, and I think they are completely useless. Health and defense are too low to be effective, so Myztero is eliminated before he can even cast any of the memorized ailments. And the attack is so weak as to not be existent. To be in any way useful, this hero should get a serious upgrade or be replaced... D at best. I would go so far as to say F. IMO :-)
Telly said…
And I was wondering if the C rating might have been too harsh!
Anonymous said…
Nah, played against him twice now and he’s the first one to be eliminated. Even with regular tile damage, which means he is not even exposed to any skills he might memorize. Neat idea, but jo good for me as it is. I think it’s sad that the developers are quick to nerf heroes if they are perceived to be too strong, but the underwhelming ones often stay that way :-)
Thanks for providing this page. Love your evals and ratings :-)
Telly said…
Thanks @Anonymous... Always like to hear that!
Unknown said…
Yeah I just got him for being the rarest guy in the game he’s the most disappointing that I’ve pulled some changes need to be made he needs to be buffed up everyone can agree with that I’m sure
Telly said…
Congratulations on the pull. But, unfortunately, it looks like no buff anytime soon.
Anonymous said…
I was lucky enough to get Myztero, but so let down. The rarest hero and it’s useless, I wish that they would buff up. Why have a rare hero that you can’t use? Definitely not worth bragging about!
Telly said…
Lol, poor Myztero. I do see some upper level players using him, but still I view him as weak.
Unknown said…
My alliance, some players get all the best heroes. I got mostly slow heroes and classic ones . No matter paid pulled or saving up gems pull I always ended up with lousy heroes. BUT I do get Hotm all the time but again, not all Hotm are great anymore esp those newer ones.
I don’t understand why this game make those rare heroes like Hotm and mystero not as good .
Hopefully they can boost them up .