Magni Costume - Empires and Puzzles Hero Review

Magni Costume is one of the top heroes in Empires and Puzzles all together. That’s why I decided to do this review. Along with Costume Vivica, Costume Kadilen, Costume Leonidas (introduced January 2021), Costume Marjana (introduced January 2021) and Lianna Costume he is those one the top hero costumes in the game.  

Costume Magni Stats:

These are Magni costume's stats:
  • Mana Speed: Fast
  • Level: Legendary 5*
  • Class: Nature
  • Element: Blue - Ice
  • Attack: 743
  • Defense: 732
  • Health - HP: 1467
Compared to the original Magni costume is beefy on defense:
  • Attack (original): 793 (833 with 5% costume bonus)
  • Defense (original): 591 (621 with 5% costume bonus)
  • Health - HP (original): 1334 (1467 with 10% costume bonus)

Costume Magni's Special Skill: Strike of the Monolith

  • Deals 420% Damage to the target.
  • The target and nearby enemies get -34% defense for 4 turns.
The original non-costumed Magni did the same damage, but added some much-needed defense to himself and the adjacent heroes:
  • Deals 420% Damage to the target.
  • The caster and nearby allies get +63% defense for 4 turns.

Costume Magni vs. Original Magni Hero Cards

Magni Costume Hero Card
Magni Costume - Devastating Special

Original Magni Hero Card
Original Magni - Squishy Defense, Good Attack

Costume Magni Hero Review:

Increased defense and casting a defense ailment special skill combined with a powerful snipe place the Magni Costume among the best heroes in the game.

Original Magni Stats vs. Magni Costume:

The Magni Costume remedies the deficiencies of the original Season 1 Magni, and then goes a step further.  The original Magni was a good, fast mana sniper, and so is Magni Costume.  Its tile damage was great, one of the best in Empries & Puzzles at 793.  However, he was squishy and easy to kill.  The defense stat of  591 (or 621 with costume bonus) meant that if you brought original Magni him to a raid, but the enemies fired first, he could be dead. 

Costume Magni, however, has decent defense at 732, and still a powerful snipe attack - fixing the problems of the original Magni.  

Why You Want to Use Magni's Costume - Devastating Special Skill

Simply put, Magni Costume has a devastating special skill.  If it fires, it is almost game over for the opposing team.

A defense down ailment is one of the most powerful in the game.  It increases your titan scores and your scores in challenge tournaments - on top of all its other benefits.  Magni's costume brings a -34% defense down ailment along with a powerful 420% damage sniper hit.  It is a one-two punch elevating this costume to the top tier.  The same snipe+defense-down combination is what makes Finley the best hero, or one of the best heroes, in the game, according to many (including me).  

For raid attacks, Magni's powerful snipe can do severe damage or kill.  Then the target (if it is alive) and its adjacent enemies get the -34% defense down.  
The same benefit comes into play with Titans.  The 34% defense down will increase your titan hits.  Combined with an attack up hero, such as Kiril and / or Miki, your titan scores will soar.  Both Kiril and Miki are blue as well, making red titans fun to attack.  If you have been bringing 4* Grimm to your titan hits for the defense down, you no longer need him, as Magni now can play that role, with a far higher tile and special skill damage.

For Challenge tournaments, Costume Magni performs well in a blue stack. 

The one advantage of original Magni over Costume Magni is in the base tile damage stat.  If that better suits your play style, then you still should level up the costume, if you pull it.  Then, you take advantage of the costume bonus, including +5% tile damage, +5% defense, +10% HP and +5% mana speed.  

Magni and Magni Costume Emblem / Skill Path:

Original Magni is in the fighter class, and Costume Magni is in the nature class.  That complicates the emblem path to choose.  First you need to decide which you will use in most circumstances.  I recommend that you use Costume Magni.  Once you have made that decision, choose the talent path that will raise attack first, and defense as a second priority.  One of the advantage of the costume version is its defense stat is acceptable, so you do not need to use emblems to make Magni less squishy.  

Magni Costume Grading:

  • Attack: A+
  • Overall Defense: A
    • Tank: A
    • Flank: A+
    • Wing: A+
  • Titans: A+
  • Raid Tournaments:
    • Rush: A
    • Buff Booster: A-
    • Bloody Battle: A+
Overall Magni Costume Rating: A+
What do you think of Magni Costume? Do you think he's overpowered, or an appropriate sniper upgrade for this Season 1 hero?


Unknown said…
The vanilla version of Magni against which you're comparing the costume version doesn't include the costume bonus. Maybe what you really need are three images: Vanilla Magni, Vanilla Magni plus costume bonus, and costume Magni.
Telly said…
I see your point. But, even with the 5% costume bonus, original Magni's defense still is only about 620, which still is too glassy to make him a top tier hero. In the diamond arena, defenses under 650 do not fare very well. 700 is better.
Papalhorno said…
Telly, I need your advice. I have Kingston, Custome Magni and Tyr, all three ready for emblems, but I can`t decide on which one to use them. What do you think?
Telly said…
It really depends on the other heroes you have, and how you wish to use them. Do you want a hero for defense team? Generally speaking, you want to emblem up the defense team heroes as much as you can. If you just want to use them for raid or titan attacks, you can spread emblems around more, depending on who else you have. Of those 3, Kingston is great on defense, but if you are using a green tank, he's not too good, but is great on wing. If you already have a green tank, like Telluria, then you probably don't want Kingston on defense, since rainbow generally produces the strongest defense. Same consideration with Magni-C. If you are using another blue on defense, you wouldn't want him there. Tyr tends to be the weakest of the 3 on defense, since his hit is so soft, and he only heals/revives himself.
Papalhorno said…
Thanks Telly!! As you said, is my defense team. Left to right, they are Magni C, Clarissa, Guinevere, kingston and Tyr. I'm thinking on repleacing Magni C with Skadi, so I don't depende so much on fighter class
Telly said…
Those are great heroes you have! It is unfortunate that Magni-C, Tyr and Kingston will compete for emblems. Generally speaking you do want to maximize the emblems on your defense team heroes, but using all three of them at the same time makes that impossible. I see you have an alternative for a blue hero on defense. Although Magni-C is great, Skadi can make a decent flank. Skadi of course really shines on attack, but is ok on defense as well. Embleming her up could help your raids and war scores as well. Do you have an alternative for Tyr on defense? He's ok, but a lot of people raiding Tyr defenses just ignore him since his hit is so weak and then they deal with him at the end. If your going to use him, he's best on wing, where attackers are less able to dump tiles.
Papalhorno said…
I'm working on Jean-fran├žois, and I have Natalya, Noor, Azlar and Elena on 3/70. On the other hand, Skadi is on talent grid 15, focusing on attack and defense.
Telly said…
Natalya can be nasty with emblems, and her DOT is not cleansable. Jean-Francois can be very good on defense. Although his DOT is cleansable, it also hits all, making him a fairly popular choice for defense teams. Unfortunately he competes with Guin for your emblems, otherwise I'd say go with him. Maybe give Natalya a try and see how she does for you, compared to Tyr.