Lady Loki Empires and Puzzles Hero Review - Valhalla

Lady Loki is a Valhalla Season 3 Hero introduced to Empires and Puzzles in July 2020.  This is my review and grading of this fun hero, who packs what may become the most powerful special in the game. 
Lady Loki Valhalla Hero Card

Lady Loki's Stats:

  • Class: Fighter
  • Mana Speed: Average
  • Element: Fire / Red
  • Valhalla Realm: Helheim
  • Legendary- 5*
  • Origin: Valhalla / Season 3
  • Attack: 747
  • Defense: 776
  • HP: 1312

Lady Loki's Special Skill: Trickster’s Malice

  • Lifts all cleansable status ailments from all allies and randomly distributes them on all enemies.
  • Deals 170% damage to all enemies.
  • Deals additional 8% damage per allocated status effect, up to 298% damage in total.

Lady Loki Hero Review

Lady Loki gets right everything that Myztero fell short with.  Her special is can be very powerful - taking Myztero's potential, and actually executing it well.  Perhaps this is why for game balance, Lady Loki must have an average mana speed, while Myztero is very fast.  Even then, Lady Loki creates an interesting game dimension, which ranked her at introduction as one of the best heroes of Empires and Puzzles. At that time, ailment and damage-over-time casting heroes like Telluria and Vela were dominant on defense teams, making Lady Loki's special skill poweful, as it is an excellent counter to such heroes.  However, with the nerfs of Telluria and Vela, the need for Lady Loki declined in late 2020.

Lady Loki Not Only Removes Status Effects, but Casts Them all Back at The Enemy Team.

Lady Loki will take all the dispellable status effects off herself and her allies and then cast them randomly on to the enemy team. This happens before she casts her damage, so her damage is not reduced by damage debuffs, such as from Horghall, Vela, Kingston or Costume Quintus. This makes it almost impossible to use an ailment or damage over time caster, like Kunchen or Costume Vivica against Lady Loki.  Basically she takes all the enemy team's own strengths and uses it against them. Now that's powerful jujitsu!

Lady Loki Also Packs a Powerful Punch

On top of casting ailments, Lady Loki also can inflict heavy damage on the opposing team.  She may not be as powerful as Skadi in this regard, but it still is a very heavy AoE damage - starting at 170% and then potentially going as high as 298%.  The damage increases by 8% for every status effect cast on the enemies.  For example:
  • 5 Status Effects:  210% damage
  • 10 Status Effects cast: 250%
  • 15 Status Effects cast: 290%
Frequently in the diamond arena there are 10-15 status ailments on an opposing team, so it is certainly expected that Lady Loki's damage will often go over 200%, if not higher.  For example, Vela alone casts 10 status effects and so does Wilbur.

On Defense, Lady Loki can be operated quite well by the game's AI, since her special skill is an AoE skill.  Accordingly, as a flank or even wing, Lady Loki may be formidable.  She would not be great at tank since you want the opposing team to fire some of their own specials before Lady Loki fires hers.  Tanks tend to fire early.

On offense in raids or wars, Lady Loki truly shines.  On top of her usual special ability, you also can hold off on firing her special, for example waiting for an opposing status effect caster to act.  

Strategy against Vela - Telluria Defenses

At one time, the most common defense in the diamond arena paired Vela and Telluria, and sometimes Gravemaker or Jean-Francois.  In one example, you would wait for Telluria and Vela to take there shots. Then you can cast back Vela's attack ailment and water damage over time, and Telluria's Mana drag.  
  • Vela casts two status ailments per hero - 10 total against a full attack team.
  • Telluria casts one status ailment per hero - 5 total against a full attack team.
  • Once Vela and Telluria fire, you can cast Lady Loki's special and that will cripple the opposing team:
    • 290% AoE damage on every enemy.
    • Mana and attack ailments on every enemy, and also water DoT.
Against Titans, Lady Loki has an acceptable tile damage.  However, if you have higher tile damage fire heroes, you may wish to use them instead.

Lady Loki's Emblem / Skill Path:

Lady Loki works well on both attack and defense.  Most important for Lady Loki is to stay alive so her powerful status effect skill can not only be used, but also timed for greatest effect.  Accordingly, applying emblems to increase her defense and health on the fighter class talent tree would be the best strategy for most players.

Lady Loki Grading / Ranking:

  • Overall Defense: C+
    • Tank: C
    • Flank: C+
    • Wing: C+
  • Attack: B+
  • Titans: B
  • Raid Tournaments:
    • Rush: A
    • Buff Booster: B
    • Bloody Battle: B+

Overall Lady Loki Rating: B+

I have given Lady Loki an overall grade of B+ because of her decent attack special skill - even though she has just a B for titans and defense. What is your opinion of Lady Loki?


TLK914 said…
Id trim it back. Shes the inverse Mad Hatter. a devastatingly powerful skill, IF the conditions are correct and you can fire it at the proper time. WIth Hatter, its simply based on enemy buffs so you have some control as the AI fires them whenever it can and usually without much accuracy. But with Lady Loki, in order for the special to be truly effective you have to let the enemy shoot at you...infect your team as much as you can take without dying...then fire LL so she transfers the damage/effects to the enemy (Which may already be reduced by 1-3 turns if you waited to let the last enemy cast). It still has the same potential...but its more...dangerous? It takes more out of your team and places some level of burden on the player to I let them fire an additional special at me or shoot now?

Add to this that LL is average speed. The current meta is fast and very fast DoT heroes surrounding Telluria. If Grave (very fast) and Vela (fast) shoot 2 and 1 turns BEFORE Lady Loki (assuming you get enough tiles to make sure she directly follows them! WHich is not at all a guarantee!) Gravemaker has already hit you for full effect and Lady Loki will have effectively missed him, and Vela will have done direct damage and 1 or even 2 turns of DoT which is pretty significant.

Now in a longer battle with a good healer to keep the batte going, THEN lady Loki can be the tilt. So they have lotsa specials and are faster? You have the ability to make them hit themselves even if its delayed a turn or 2.

Lots of perfect storm potential, but I seriously doubt she will see tons of use early on because of the average speed and dependency on your team taking abuse before she can use it against the enemy. I almost think I prefer HATTER to this...and I dont use HIM all that much.
Telly said…
I hear what you're saying. The comments regarding Lady Loki have been mixed. I think people who have used her find her to be extremely powerful, and a real come-from-behind specialist. I don't think you'll see her much on defense, since as you say, her special requires some skill and timing to use to its full effect. However in raids I think she'll become popular among the people who manage to pull her (just a .3% chance in the featured month). Her special is a good match against the V-T-G (or JF) meta, and the Average speed doesn't seem a big disadvantage in raid attacks since you need to wait for others to fire first anyway. This is why going a defense-health path for emblems could also help.
Unknown said…
I have used her and I absolutely love her. I love how powerful she is, and I love the challenge there is in the added layers of strategy/special sequencing. I am lucky that I also have Grazul, so what often happens is Grazul is able to take the first GM/JF/Vela/Tel volley and by the time they charge up a second time LL is ready to go. Graz and LL therefore have a whole lot of synergy that I don't hear many people talk about - in fact I have heard people say that they interfere with each other, which can't be farther from the truth. And having both charged up at the same time gives you a lot of flexibility in deciding just how many of the enemy ailments you want to throw back and which you want to block (whilst mini healing).
My team of Graz, LL, Noor, C Rig and Proteus get a roughly 80% win rate against GTV teams that are on average 400TP higher, and it is because all the heroes have synergy and there are (usually) plenty of options of how to deal with enemy ailment inducing specials (does not work so well against snipers and healers)
Telly said…
I have found something similar. Leaving LL on the bench against a sniper team probably is the way to go. Against everyone else, she's very powerful.
Anonymous said…
Lady L is showing as A- overall A- attack on Allheroes. Which rating is more current? Thank you.

Sir Aardvark
Telly said…
@Sir Aardvark: They both needed updating. What do you think of the new evaluation?
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the update, Telly, and I agree with the direction you went with the updated evaluation.

First, my perspective is as a mid-level player still building out 5* teams, and I prefer a sniper style of play. With that said, I looked at Lady Loki and some other red 5* that I am somewhat familiar with: Gefjon, Elena, Natalya, and Marjana. I have all of these characters but only Marjana fully leveled.

Looking at raw stats, Lady Loki looks tough. Power rating is near Gefjon, an acknowledged A+/A+ (overall/offense) hero. For attack power, LL is in the middle of this pack. On defense she shines with the best rating of 776. Looking at both attack and defense, I notice she is more balanced, like Gefjon, and high power in both categories, also like Gefjon. LL's health (1312) is middle-of-this-pack. Lastly the total raw stats number, LL is at 2835, the best in this group.

All that sounds exiciting. However, then we get to speed. Average. OK. What can you say about average? It's average. Meh. Then we get to the special, which is wonky and situational. Certainly no where near the desirability of Gefjon's special. Marjana gets maligned a bit on her special, but I would much rather have her
458% + 300 than LL's attack. What about Natalya? Rated at 752 over 4 turns, but I have seen Natalyas with >1100 over 4 turns (I assume emblems are at play here). I think I'm leaning Natalya over LL for attack. Ok, what about Elena. Elena gets a modest 202% to all with the chance of counterattacks in the right situation. Hmmm. LL gets a modest 170% to all with the chance of more damage in the right situation. These sound somewhat similar to me ... For special attack, I think she is in the Elena ballpark, certainly not the Gefjon ballpark, and not even the Marjana/Natalya ballpark, in my opinion.

In further comparison with Elena, Elena has a better tile attack (809 -vs- 747), and arguably roughly similar attack potential (BTW, I love watching the AI blow itself up hitting those darn counters, don't you?). On defense, LL has a higher stat, but sadly has a special not suited to defense.

I am sure that Lady Loki on the right team in the right situation can be powerful, but one can say that about just about any hero. When I see Elena on the other team, it makes me focus on her early exit, or trying to charge and hold my cleanser. In either case, she affects how I'm going to play that game. I don't see that with Lady Loki. When I see her, I am typically just not concerned with her.

So, if Elena is a B/B (overall/offense), then I think Lady Loki can be no better than that.

Sir Aardvark
Anonymous said…
Just maxed LL.She is awesome. I have a solid bench of maxed reds: Elena Natalya Ares Gefjon Elizabeth Gravemaker and a lot waiting at 3-70: Tyr Grazul Baldur Mitsuko Zimkitha Marjana Azlar Khagan and second GM Gefjon Marjana.But my préférence West to LL and i don't regret.
Telly said…
I still use LL a bit, but mostly on war teams. She was great when Gravemaker-Telluria-Vela was the meta defense. All cast ailments, which LL then casts right back at them. Now that such ailment-heavy defenses are rarer, I find I'm using her less. She's a lot of fun to use when you find a defense that casts a lot of ailments though.
Rom said…
Hey , Telly !

My team of reds is : Azlar costume maxed with emblems to 20, Marjana maxed with emblems to 14, Asterius maxed with emblems to 7, Elena maxed with emblems to 4, Boldstuck costume maxed with emblems to 20 and limit break to max

I don t know who to ascend next between Lady Loki , Russell the new hero pf the month, Natalya, Mitsuko, Khagan costume, Yang Mai , Reuben

What do u think ?