Lady Locke Empires and Puzzles Hero - Pirates of Corellia

Lady Locke is a special Empires and Puzzles Pirates of Corellia event hero.  An average speed, green/nature 5* legendary, her special can be devastatingly damaging, but also can be dispelled.  She has an impressive attack stat, at 805, but low damage and HP stats make her glassy, and an easy kill in the diamond arena. Lady Locke's high damage over time makes her interesting to use on attack, and frustrating to be against in raids for the same reason. Using a mana or ninja troop, her Damage over time can go over 1000 spread over 4 turns. 
Lady Locke Hero Card - Pirates of Corellia Empires & Puzzles

Lady Locke Hero Stats and Special Skill:

Base Stats:
Attack Defense Health
805 665 1231

Special Skill:
  • Target and nearby enemies receive 869 damage over 4 turns, starting low and increasing with every turn.
  • Dispels status ailments from all allies.

Lady Locke Ranking / Grading:

  • Attack: B+
  • Overall Defense: C
    • Tank: C
    • Flank: B
    • Wing: B+
  • Titans: A
  • Raid Tournaments:
    • Rush: A
    • Buff Booster: B
    • Bloody Battle: B+
Overall Lady Locke Rating: B+
NOTE:  I have given Lady Locke an overall B+ because of her tile damage on titans, and devastating special attack, if it works.  But, I could easily have downgraded her to a B.  Do you think she should be lower?


Anonymous said…
In ideal settings, B+, but due to her weakness and counterplay, I'd say flat B.
Telly said…
Certainly weak on defense.
Anonymous said…
Great points. I am wondering how much damage she does each turn. If her first damage hit starts at 300, then she is hitting about like Proteus does over 3 turns. If she starts at 100, that will suck. Because I have not pulled many strong hitters, I was forced to build up strong support heroes so her glassiness doesn't worry me so much-i can heal her with some fast healers like brynhild and give her added defense. I wouldn't use her against teams with cleansers though. I have 1 maxed Lianna, and 2 new Bertilas and 1 more Lianna. And Lady Locke. I am leaning towards Lady Locke because I need some heroes that do real damage. Lianna has no additional special skills but hits well. I love Bertilas special but she is slow. I am not trying o score well in raids since I am so new and far behind everyone. I really just want her for war. You have been playing for longer. What do you think?
Telly said…
Last time I faced a fully levelled Lady Locke, it was around 200 on the first turn, which included the increases from emblems and troops.