Heroes of the Month - Empires and Puzzles HOTM Complete List and Ranking

This is a list of each Hero of the Month - HOTM - in Empires & Puzzles, since Hel was first released in June 2017.  I've also included a ranking each HOTM with a preliminary grade. If I made any clear errors or omitted any of the HOTMs, let me know.

HOTM Trends

Newer HOTM are Weaker Than Event Heroes

One HOTM trend is towards worse HOTM. It started with the Telluria and Vela debacles and nerfs in 2020, and the game developers decided that for now:
  • Weaker than event heroes: All new HOTM are considerably weaker than event heroes, which are rarer and therefore more expensive.
  • A Lot of Weak Skills and Abilities: All new HOTM also have a large number of special skills and passive/innate abilities, but each one of those skills and abilities are also relatively weak. For example, hitting with just 250% damage instead of 350 or 400%.  

Lower Base Stats, but Much Better Special Skills on Older HOTM

Another HOTM trend I am seeing is that the older heroes of the month have lower base stats, but still many have considerably better special skills than the newer HOTM. Examples are: Hel, Gravemaker, Frida, Miki, Zeline, Zimkitha and Drake Fong. 

As costumes are introduced for the older HOTM, they will start to become more relevant again. However, even then, they still feel a bit outdated and not really worth chasing in the Tower of Legends.

Best HOTM Strategy

The best strategy: NEVER chase an HOTM unless it is rated A or higher (none for a long time). HOTM no longer are the game-changing heroes, as they may have been a few years ago. There are no more Gravemakers, Hels, or Mikis among the HOTM.

This means that savvy players must adapt their strategy.

There simply is no point in chasing HOTMs. Don't do hero summons pulls hoping to get an HOTM. If you do get one, great, you have a new 5* hero that may, or may not, be worth spending rare ascension materials and food on leveling up! The best strategy is to limit your hero pulls to event portals that have the best chance of getting heroes that will improve your hero roster.  All event portals have the same chance of getting the HOTM - 1.3%, so none are better than any others for getting an HOTM.
Gravemaker still relevant?

Heroes of the Month Grading and Complete List:

2017 HOTM

HOTM Date Grade
Hel Jun-17 A+
Athena Jul-17 A
Ares Aug-17 C+
Musahi Sep-17 B+
Alberich Oct-17 B
Thoth-Amun Nov-17C-
Perseus Dec-17 C

2018 HOTM

HOTM Date Grade
Natalya Jan-18 B+
Zeline Feb-18 A+
Delilah Mar-18 A
Aeron Apr-18 D
Alasie May-18 A
Gravemaker Jun-18 A
Gregorion Jul-18 B+
Drake Fong Aug-18 A
Khiona Sep-18 B
Aegir Oct-18 B+
Zimkitha Nov-18 A+
Evelyn Dec-18 A

2019 HOTM

HOTM Date Grade
Onatel Jan-19 A
Kunchen Feb-19 A
Frida Mar-19 B+
Anzogh Apr-19 B
Margaret May-19 B
Ranvir Jun-19 B
Seshat Jul-19 A+
Miki Aug-19 A+
Grazul Sep-19 B
Kingston Oct-19 A-
Neith Nov-19 B
Grimble Dec-19 C+

2020 HOTM

HOTM Date Grade
Vela Jan-20 B
Jean-Francois Feb-20 A
Telluria Mar-20 A-
Malosi Apr-20 B+
Clarissa May-20 A
Raffaele Jun-20 B
Noor Jul-20 D
Zocc Aug-20 B
Bai Yeong Sep-20 B-
Zulag Oct-20C-
Glenda Nov-20 B+
Reuben Dec-20B

2021 HOTM

HOTM Date Grade
Bertila Jan-21 B
Ureaeus         Feb-21A-
Malicna Mar-21B
Frosth Apr-21 B+
Yang Mai May-21C+
Elradir June-21B
Devana July-21B
Chakkoszrot Aug-21B-
Alexandrine Sep-21B
Russell Oct-21B
Balbar Nov-21C-
Hanitra Dec-21B+

HOTM Hero Cards And Grades

I have moved all the hero cards for each Hero of the Month over to All Heroes, which I kept updated until the sudden power creep spike in mid-2021 - Heroes of the Month

One note about hero cards that you may see floating around:  Be careful in relying on the stats in the hero cards, because they may have changed with buffs or nerfs.  For example, Margaret received a buff in May 2020, adding a 3-target damage and an increase in her minimum dodge: 
  • Deals 150% damage to the target and nearby enemies added.
  • Increased minimum dodge probability from 20% to 30%.
So she's now much better than she once was. BE CAREFUL of outdated comments or reviews you may find floating around the Internet because of that. The same is true of a number of heroes that have been buffed, or nerfed, people's comments on them may now be outdated. Here, I update the ratings / grades at All Heroes after each round of buffs/nerfs. In addition, for the more in-depth reviews I have done here for most recent heroes, I go back and update the reviews after each nerf/buff. 


Anonymous said…
Awesome Job on this Telly!!!!!!!! Fantastic! You have the best website out there. I am the guy that you said not to write in all caps who is a pastor. It's just out of habit being a Pastor of an all Senior Adult Church. They can read text text in all caps much better. Sorry about that. You said Dr. ZURI would be your first pick. You said you needed to know my other heros. I have Elizabeth, Hanna, Dr phileos, Rigard, Sif, Kiril, Zimkitha, Evelyn, Boril, Geoffrey, the girl with the wip, I have The Rabbit Sniper who is blue, forgot the name, I have all 5 color top Snipers Sartana with costume fully leveled, Uraeus, Dr Phileos from Wilder group, you gave an A+ grade to, Geoffrey the wip girl that's red, and many other heros. Do you think I still should level up Dr ZURI from star fall, or Uraeus to partner with Elizabeth? Thanks for your help! Thanks for keeping up with this the way you do. Oh yes I also have Krampus, Buddy, and The Green elf girl with costume you have in your top 10 heros also. I will sign all of these post for now on as Pastor Dave
Telly said…
@Anonymous: You can also get some guidance with the hero grades I put on AllHeroes.eu. As for Uraeus v. Zuri, you can't go wrong with either one. You're right that there is some synergy between Uraeus and Elizabeth on attacks, and if you think you'd have fun with it, go for it!
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