Finley Empires and Puzzles Hero Review - Pirates of Corellia

Finley is among the best heroes of Empires and Puzzles. Introduced in the second wave of Pirates of Corellia event heroes, Finley quickly became a regular on top tier defense teams. How can you get Finley? Unfortunately, there is no easy way, other than pulling him out of the Pirates summons portal. This hero review and grading of Finley will help, whether you have him on your team, or face him in raids and wars.

Finley Hero Stats and Special Skill:

Base Stats:
Attack Defense Health
753 745 1314
  • Power: 781
  • Mana speed: Fast
  • Class: Ranger
  • Element: Ice / Blue
  • Origin: Pirates of Corellia
  • Level: 5* Legendary
Finley's Special Skill: Commodore's Revenge
  • Deals 385% damage to the target.
  • If the target has buffs, targets another enemy with buffs. If none of the other enemies have buffs, targets a random enemy. The damage is reduced on each consecutive hit. Each enemy can only be hit once.
  • All hit targets get -34% defense for 3 turns.

Finley Hero Review

Without question, Finley has become one of the top 10 heroes in the game. He works well both on attacks and on defense. Finley is the most sought after "wing" for defense teams, and his special skill can be devastating in attacks. Let's explore why.

Finley's base attack stat is a respectable 753. That puts him in the top third of legendary 5* heroes for attack stat. This means Finley's normal damage is respectable, as is his tile damage on titans. His defense stat of 745 also is decent. This means he is not easy to kill. However, what really distinguishes Finley is his devastating special skill.
  • Finley's Attack: Top 33%
  • Finley's Defense: Top 33%
  • Finley's HP: Top 50%
  • Overall Stats: Top 10%
That rare combination of top-tier attack and defense plus respectable HP put Finley in the top 10% of heroes just based on base stats. That does not even take into account his great special skill.

Finley's Devastating Special Skill Makes Him a Powerful "Come-From-Behind" Hero

Finley is known as a top come-from-behind hero for good reason. He is a fast mana sniper, but also inflicts a powerful defense down ailment. His special skill works particularly well once the opposing team has fired its specials and given itself some buffs. Then when Finley fires every enemy with a buff gets hit both with damage, and a devastating -34% defense ailment as well. Finley also is in the Ranger Class, which gives him the Pierce class bonus. This means he has a good chance of also bypassing any defense buffs, including Mitsuko or Sif's reflect buffs.

Finley Works Well on Wing Position for Defense

This is why Finley is particularly suited for the wing position on defense. He is out of the way and avoids tile damage, and his good defense stat keeps him alive. Then, when he fires the special, one and perhaps two enemies usually die, and the remaining enemies are crippled by his defense down ailment.

Timing Finley's Special In Raid Attacks

It is easy to time Finley's special in raid attacks. First off, his single-hero snipe is powerful. Even if no opposing enemies have buffs, You still may want to fire Finley's special for this snipe alone. However, if the enemy team has buffs, then Finley really shines - hitting every enemy with a buff, plus one more. The power of the hits decreases about 50% for each subsequent hit in the chain. So, the third, fourth and fifth are not very damaging. Here is the approximate damage for each hit in Finley's chain:
  • 1 hit: 385%
  • 2 hits: 192%
  • 3 hits: 96%
  • 4 hits: 48%
  • 5 hits: 24%
The first two hits can inflict serious damage. The third hit might kill an enemy late in the game, but is like a normal slash attack for Finley. The 4th and 5th hits do not do much damage, but still inflict the defense down ailment.

So the best strategy to use Finley in attacks is:
  • Fire Finley's special early, even if no enemy buffs, if a buffing enemy is not close to firing its special.
  • If a buffing enemy is close to firing its special, wait, and fire Finley's special once the opposing team gets its buffs.
For example, if the opposing team has Telluria or Odin, you may want to dump tiles on them to induce them to fire their buffing specials, and then fire Finley on the most vulnerable enemy to possibly kill it, and also to hit the entire enemy team with damage and -34% defense.

Finley in Titan Attacks

Finley has good tile damage and provides a 34% defense down. This makes him well-suited for titan attacks, especially in a blue stack against a red titan.

Finley's Emblem / Skill Path:

Finley is both a powerful damage dealer and a powerful support hero. Because of that you could choose between the "sword" attack-defense or "shield" defense-health paths on the Ranger talent tree, depending on your play style. On balance, I recommend using emblems on the attack-defense path, prioritizing attack. This way Finley can inflict the most damage when firing his special.

Finley Ranking / Grading:

  • Attack: A+
  • Overall Defense: A+
    • Tank: B
    • Flank: A
    • Wing: A+
  • Titans: A
  • Raid Tournaments:
    • Rush: A
    • Buff Booster: A+
    • Bloody Battle: A+
Overall Finley Rating: A+
NOTE: I have given Finley an overall rating of A+, and cannot see moving him down from there unless the game meta changes significantly. I could have raised him up to an A grade as tank, but saw his special as faring better once others have hit, which is the reason for the B rating. Do you think that should be raised?