Costumes and Costume Chamber Masquerade Guide Empires and Puzzles

Costume Chamber Portal
This Costumes and Costume Chamber guide for Empires and Puzzles covers:
  • UPDATED Round 3 Costumes, and costume grades.
  • What hero costumes in Empires and Puzzles do for you.
  • Masquerade Costume Quest.
  • Costume Chamber Summons Portal.
  • Strategy for using costumes.
  • The best costumes to use instead of the classic TC20 heroes.
  • Top 5 costumes ranking.
Follow the link to view cards and stats for all Empires and Puzzles Costumes.

Video: Beating the Final Stage:

This final stage had Costume Marjana, Costume Leonidas and Costume Justice:
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The Basics: What Hero Costumes Do

Hero costumes are skins that you can wear over your regular classic TC20 heroes.  They provide a different skill type from the hero you put it on, and also a costume bonus.   
  • Costume Bonus:  When you fully level up the costume and level up the base hero to at least 4/1 (and at least 3/1 for 3* heroes), you get the following costume bonus, both for the original hero that is wearing the costume and the costume version of the hero:
    • +5% Attack
    • +5% Defense
    • +10% HP / Health
    • +5% Mana Generation Speed
  • Different special skill
  • Different hero class type from its base hero:
    • Both the base hero and its costume share the exact same progression on the Talent Grid
    • Emblems can only be added on the base hero, but the extra Talent level is also reflected on the costumes Talent Grid.

The Masquerade Costume Quest Stage Guides

Level Power Rating Guide:

The Masquerade Costume Quest in Empires & Puzzles is a way to get costume keys for free.  Once you have 5 costume keys, you can make a pull in the Costume Chamber, which is the event summons for the Costume Event.  Here are the stages, with the recommended attack team power for each level of the event:
Difficulty Power World Energy Enemy Waves Keys Won
Easy 1800 4 3 1
Medium 2500 5 3 1
Challenging 3700 6 4 1
Hard 3800 7 4 2
Very Hard 4200 8 5 2
Ultimate 4500 10 5 3
The team power recommendations have gone up starting with the September 2020 event, meaning it is a bit more difficult on the "challenging" and "hard" levels.

Wave Monster Mobs Guide: Yellow and Green

Every Masquerade Event has had the same color of mob waves at each level - Yellow and Green.  This means that you can stack purple and red heroes for greater tile damage on all levels.

Check back here for each Masquerade quest event to see if the mob colors have changed.

Video: Autoplay Challenge

I took an autoplay challenge for the Masquerade quest. Here's the video, starting at level 3:

UPDATE: Monthly Stage Guides:

Each month only two things change in the Masquerade Event: 
  • The bosses in the Masquerade Quest.
  • The featured 5* heroes in the Costume Chamber Summon. 
Scroll Down Below for the current stage guide.

Masquerade Quest Tip:  Watch Out for Incorrect Information Floating Around Online

The bosses at the final wave of each level change each month, so watch out for out-dated stage guides floating around online!  I've provided the date for each stage guide to avoid confusion. 

Costume Chamber Summons

The Costume Chamber is the summons portal for Costumes.  It only appears during the Masquerade Event.  It functions like other event summons portals, except that you get both a hero and its costume in each pull. For example, if you pull Magni, you get both the TC20 classic Magni, and also the Magni Costume.  In order to pull from the chamber, you need: 
  • 5 costume keys for one pull, OR
  • 350 gems for one pull, OR
  • 3000 gems for 10 pulls.
Like all summons portals in Empires & Puzzles it is difficult to get a 5* legendary hero, but if you do, you get a great hero because of the high power costumes provide. The costume summons rates are:
  • Rare - 71.0%
  • Epic - 26.5%
  • Legendary (Featured) - 1.3% (one of 2 legendary costumes)
  • Legendary (Non-Featured) - 1.2% (of getting one of the other 6 legendary costumes)
  • Hero of the Month - 1.3%.
I have added a summon simulator for the costume chamber at All Heroes. You can try out the summons before using real in-game keys or gems.

How To Get Costume Keys

Costume keys are a great way to get free costumes in Empires & Puzzles.  You can get 10 keys just from completing all the Masquerade Quest Stages.  That is enough for 2 free pulls from the Costume Chamber summons portal. You also can sometimes get costume keys from event loot and chests.

Costume Strategy: 

Should You Level Up Every Costume? NO

You may want to level up some costumes that you pull, but not all.  Here is the best strategy for deciding:

Strategy 1:  If you already have the classic version of the hero fully leveled up: 

YES. You should always level up a costume of a classic hero that you already have leveled up.  The reason is to take advantage of the costume bonus.  Even if you don't like the costume's special skill, the costume bonus adds considerable power to the classic hero.

Strategy 2: If you do not have the classic version of the hero leveled up:

There could be 2 reasons why you never leveled up the classic version of the hero:
  • Scenario 1: You don't like the classic version 
If you don't like the classic version, you may like the costume.  In that case, you should level up both the classic version and the costume.  In order to get the full costume bonus, you have to level up both.

For example:  You may not like classic Vivica, and may never have leveled her up.  But, you may like Costume Vivica, because of her powerful defense down ailment.  In that case, now is the time to level up Vivica!

  • Scenario 2: You never pulled the classic version

In this case, you need to decide whether you like either of the basic classic hero OR the costume.  If you like one of them, you should level up both the classic hero and the costume.  Again, the reason is to take advantage of the costume bonus for the basic hero, even if you never will use the costume.

For example:  costume Boril is terrible, but you may like the basic classic version of Boril.  In that case level both up, and you will now have a turbo-charged classic Boril.

Costume Strategy: Which Costumes Are Good?

Not all costumes are worth the food and feeder heroes to level up.  Often assessing heroes and costumes is a matter of personal play style.  You can view all the Hero Costumes in Empires & Puzzles, including their cards and stats in the All Heroes database.

The Best Costumes

Here are the best costumes, that I think are worth the effort, if you have not already leveled up their classic version.  They are the costumes that I have graded as A, or ranked as improvements over their classic hero version. Below this list is the ranking of the top 5 best costumes.
  • Costume Azlar: stronger defense, powerful special skill.
  • Costume Brienne: defense down ailment.
  • Costume Caedmon: cleanses allies.
  • Costume Domitia: good sniper, poison DoT.
  • Costume Gunnar: defense ailment.
  • Costume Isshtak: defense ailment.
  • Costume Kadilen: Fast green tank.
  • Costume Hawkmoon: added attack buff.
  • Costume Kiril: Costume puts defense down on opposing team.
  • Costume Leonidas: Sniper, with elemental defense and attack down.
  • Costume Lianna: Mana generation ailment.
  • Magni Costume: One of the best heroes in the game.
  • Costume Marjana: Fast sniper, elemental defense and attack down.
  • Rigard Costume: Attack buff.
  • Costume Sartana: Highest Attack % in game.
  • Sonya Costume: cleanses allies.
  • Costume Tiburtus: Defense down ailment expanded to all enemies.
  • Vivica Costume: powerful defense down ailment.

Top 5 Best Costumes in Empires & Puzzles

Generally speaking all the costumes improve the base heroes if you already have them, due to the automatic bonuses. I thought it would be fun to rank the top 5, so here goes. If you have any suggestions for additions or changes to this list, put them in the comments below.

#5 Costume Leonidas

Very similar to the costume version of Marjana, but with a higher damage % and 4-turn elemental defense and attack ailments. A powerful addition to yellow monochrome titan attack teams. In addition a good defense stat means that costume Leo also has potential to fit well at tank or flank on defense teams. 

#4 Costume Rigard

The only 4* hero on the top 5 list. The attack buff and heal over time for this hero, plus his high defense stat, makes Rigard the most used costume in the game.

#3 Costume Magni

A great fast sniper with a powerful defense down ailment on three enemies. The costume version of Magni has much higher defense than the original, fixing the basic problem with the original. See my full Magni Costume review.

#2 Costume Marjana

Fast red sniper with powerful elemental defense down and attack ailments. Great for titan attacks and raids. I would rate Marjana as number 1 on this list if these ailments lasted for 4 turns. At 3 turns they still are very powerful, and she may eventually move up to #1.

#1 Costume Kadilen

Deceptively effective on defense at flank, or even tank. Costume Kadilen features fast mana combined with a 45% chance to dodge special skills for the entire team. In effect, this is a 45% reduction in damage inflicted from each special hit. Also spawns a beefy minion for each dodge, creating an effective 220+ HP buff. All in all, Costume Kadilen was initially overlooked when introduced, but has proven to be one of the top costumes. I have now raised this hero to #1 in the costume rankings. What do you think?

Honorable Mention:

Costume Vivica

Powerful heal plus a defense down ailment that can cripple the opposing team. The slow mana speed is increased to average due to the automatic 5% mana generation buff from the fully levelled costume, if you bring along a level 29 mana troop. Also, see the full Costume Vivica review.

Final Round of Season 1 Costumes 

Starting in January 2021, all the original Season 1 heroes have their own costumes. Once these costumes are introduced in-game, I will put them all in All Heroes, with grading. As a SNEAK PEAK, I'm listing all the new January 2021 costumes here, and I have added a new section of this page with the Top 5 Costumes in Empires & Puzzles below including the new ones!

New Costumes Added In Final Season 1 Round:

New Legendary 5* Costumes

All new Round 3 Legendary 5* costumes compared side-by-side: Compare Round 3 Legendary Costumes.

New Epic 4* Costumes

  • Chao
  • Colen
  • Cyprian
  • Grimm
  • Gormek
  • Hu Tao
  • Kelile
  • Sabina
  • Scarlett
  • Wu Kong

New Rare 3* Costumes:

  • Dawa
  • Gan Ju
  • Graymane
  • Kailani
  • Jahangir
  • Nashgar
  • Oberon
  • Ulmer
  • Valen

Current Masquerade Stage Guide & Past Guides

The stage guides now are in a regular monthly rotation, at least until August 2021. I will update this list of the monthly rotation if anything changes. Late July 2021 update: The rotation changed, with Kadilen-c and Sartana-c introduced as featured heroes.

August 2021, January 2021 Stage Guide:

StageEnemy WavesBosses
1Yellow, GreenJahangir
2Yellow, Green Gormek, Grimm
3Yellow, GreenMarjana, Leonidas
4Yellow, Green Gormek, Jahangir, Grimm
5Yellow, GreenJahangir, Justice, Grimm
6Yellow, GreenMarjana, Justice, Leonidas

Late July 2021 Stage Guide:

StageEnemy WavesBosses
1Yellow, GreenJahangir
2Yellow, Green Gormek, Grimm
3Yellow, GreenMarjana, Leonidas
4Yellow, Green Gormek, Jahangir, Grimm
5Yellow, GreenJahangir, Justice, Grimm
6Yellow, GreenMarjana, Justice, Leonidas

Early July 2021, December 2020 Stage Guide:

Bosses at each stage:
StageEnemy WavesBosses
1Yellow, GreenBane
2Yellow, Green Boldtusk, Skittleskull
3Yellow, GreenIsarnia, Elena
4Yellow, Green Boldtusk, Bane, Skittleskull
5Yellow, Green Bane, Vivica, Skittleskull
6Yellow, GreenIsarnia, Elena, Vivica

June 2021, November 2020 Stage Guide:

StageEnemy WavesBosses
1Yellow, GreenIsshtak
2Yellow, Green Little John, Berden
3Yellow, GreenKadilen, Magni
4Yellow, GreenIsshtak,Little John, Berden 
5Yellow, GreenIsshtak, Berden, Sartana
6Yellow, GreenKadilen, Magni, Sartana

May 2021, October 2020 Stage Guide:

StageEnemy WavesBosses
1Yellow, GreenTyrum
2Yellow, Green Li Xiu, Tiburtus
3Yellow, GreenJoon, Richard
4Yellow, GreenLi Xiu, Tiburtus, Tyrum
5Yellow, GreenTyrum, Lianna, Tiburtus
6Yellow, GreenJoon, Richard, Lianna

April 2021, September 2020 Stage Guide:

Bosses at each stage:
StageEnemy WavesBosses
1Yellow, GreenAzar
2Yellow, Green Caedmon, Carver
3Yellow, GreenDomitia, Azlar
4Yellow, GreenCaedmon, Carver, Azar
5Yellow, GreenElkanen, Azar,
6Yellow, GreenDomitia, Azlar, Elkanen

March 2021 Stage Guide:

Featured: Costume Elena and Costume Quintus.

StageEnemy WavesBosses
1Yellow, GreenBane
2Yellow, Green Boldtusk, Skittleskull
3Yellow, GreenIsarnia, Elena
4Yellow, Green Boldtusk, Bane, Skittleskull
5Yellow, Green Bane, Vivica, Skittleskull
6Yellow, GreenIsarnia, Elena, Vivica

February 2021

Bosses at each stage:

StageEnemy WavesBosses
1Yellow, GreenIsshtak
2Yellow, Green Little John, Berden
3Yellow, GreenKadilen, Magni
4Yellow, Green Little John, Berden, Isshtak
5Yellow, Green Ishhtak, Sartana, Berden
6Yellow, GreenKadilen, Magni, Sartana
What do you think?  Should I add any to the "must have" costume list?  Do you think I should remove any from this list?


Harbinger said…
Costume Rigard I’ve heard ppl say he’s like a five star healer all emblemed up, I have one at +18 on the shield path for the costume (an important note here: that for costume Rigard and costume Kiril the shield/sword paths are reversed between costume and regular hero’s talent grids so you need to decide if you want to use costume or regular version of both before you emblem them, as healers obviously you’d want the shield path with the mana node for both, I also have a costume Kiril at +20 and he’d be awesome if I ever pull a damned blue mana troop! IMHO you want costume version of both except in the case when using Rigard with gazelle on offense, then you’d want to use regular Rigard because costume Rigard’s heal is a buff and thus won’t have any effect whilst your heroes are dancing to gazelle’s tune (neither will any buff work during this ofc—shoutout to the guys dishing out advice on 7 Days Departed discord server for serving up this important tip to me!).
Telly said…
I use costume Rigard most of the time too. He's great in a purple stack teamed up with costume Tiburtus and any AOE (even if not purple). As for Kiril, I mustly use regular Kiril since the seems to last longer. I use costume Kiril on titans, if I remember to switch over. And thanks for passing on those tips you saw @Harbringer.
Anonymous said…
hi telly. I wrote thinking that this is your name. If your name is not telly, sorry for that. I need your help on something.I wanted Elena when I started this game.And I promised myself that when I got it I would give him a full talent.Right now I have Elena in costume.I upgraded both.In elena without costume, when I go off the talent only, the defense is 750.In the costumed Elena, when I follow the path of defense and attack, the defense of the costumed Elena becomes 695.Do you think I should talent my elena in costume or elena without costume?I would be very happy if you write your thoughts on this subject.good luck already.thank you
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry, I don't know English, I'm only translating with google translete. The question I want to ask is which elena should I give a talent.
Telly said…
Hello, the choice between using Elena in her original or costumed version is one of personal play style preference. Personally, I use my Elena for her high base attack stat, and riposte. Both the costume version and original version with costume bonus have about the same base attack stat (849 vs. 845). So that's about the same. The big difference is the 155% riposte on the costume vs. 125% on the base Elena. That's why I prefer the costume version. So, I would follow the costume Elena's emblem path. But remember, the emblems still have to go on the original, but follow the path you want on the costume version. Hope that helps.
Anonymous said…
Thank you very much.
Anonymous said…
Great page with lots of info! Keep it up Telly!
Just a small remark, regarding the color of the mobs it is written
"Every Masquerade Event has had the same color of mob waves at each level - Yellow and Green. This means that you can stack purple and *blue* heroes for greater tile damage on all levels."
But I think you meant red instead of blue (against green defenders).
Telly said…
Good catch, thanks. Fixed now.
Anonymous said…
You actually don't need to fully level the hero and the costume for the bonuses. Fully leveling the costume is enough (I use a Melendor that is at 4/1 and a fully levelled costume), but no emblems, this requires the base hero fully levelled as well.
Telly said…
Yes ... I clarified that above, now. Thanks.
ffeineandsugar said…
Hi Telly -
I've found an obscure costume that is proving devastating in my lineups: Sabina! Costume Rigard and other HoT types are helpless in the face of her three turn buff ban. On raids she's a solid A, and I can't wait to use her in a Rush attack setting. Let me know what you think.
Telly said…
@ffeineandsugar Thanks for that info on Sabina Costume. I agree with you that she may be due for a re-grading.
Anonymous said…
Your December 2020 Stage Guide: link to Domitia actually goes to Isarnia
Telly said…
Nice catch. Thanks. Fixed.
Anonymous said…
Hey Telly-

I just pulled the justice costume. What do you think of the costumed version. My game calculus isn't that great even though I have been playing for about three years and my alliance is always below the top 150. I have been slowly applying emblems to the normal justice my other worthwhile shield players are maxed- Frida, Ricard, falcon. Follow up question is worth it to emblem- I have stock maxed but not emblemed thorne and isarnia- all season one are fully upgraded.
Unknown said…
Do you have any info on beta /future costume releases. Trying to figure out which heroes to level /invest in and wondering if we'll see costumes for them in the future. Thanks.
Telly said…
@Anonymous: I'm unenthusiastic about the costume version of Justice. Not crazy about regular Justice either, except for VF wars and tournaments. I'd prefer regular Justice + CB over the costumed version.

@Unknown: the only future costumes that have been announced/put in beta testing are costumed versions of Rana and Yunan - Sand Empire heroes.
Unknown said…
I agree on the Sabina costume comment. I was surprised to not find her on your list of best costumes. Of all the ones I have, I like hers the most though admittedly I need more costumes.
Anonymous said…
Not sure what happened, but I had Isarnia, Elena and Vivica at the final level. I did not have a dispeller with me, so Elena's counterattack left me unprotected.
PPR said…
Costume Sabina is a great hero. So useful I like her a lot. Do you guys do a second Costume Vivica ? I don't have enough darts for her since I'm going to work on Devana later
Amur said…
Costumed Sabina is terrific for going up against reverse double teams with Sif and Costumed Kadilen, Krampus, Black Knight, Garnet, Mica, all of the current end game defense heroes. Costumed Sabina is like a defense healer with an offensive twist. A grade and always on my offense teams attacking the best teams in the game.
Amur said…
I also want to plug Costumed Gormek. Removes all minions and hits all for 180%, and heals all heroes 80 hps per destroyed minion. Costumed Gormek uses Frosth, Freya, Bera, Telluria and any Druid emblemed hero as a punching bag. Paired with Wilbur, Costumed Gormek puts out massive damage, and clearing the minions away for follow up devastating sniper shots from your other heroes. Situational, but a terrific costume improvement for previously mediocre Gormek.
Md.cernicalo said…
Late August These are the Bosses
1. Dawa
2. cyprian, Hu Tao
3. Thorne, Khagan
4. Cyprian, Dawa, Hu Tao
5. Dawa, Obakan, Hu Tao
6. Thorne, Khagan, Obakan
Anonymous said…
I just got costume Khagan myself.
Mad said…
Hi , Telly !
O can t decide which 5 star yellow to ascend to 80!
I already have Mica maxed with emblems to level 18, Joon costume with emblems to level 9, Bai Yong with emblems to 15, Uraeus maxed with emblems to 20, Sif maxed with emblems to level 2 and Wu Kong maxed with emblems to 20 and limit grid !

Now I need to ascend one of the following : Vivica , Leonidas Costume, Akkorog

Which one u would ascend ?
Anonymous said…
Thanks Telly. One thing I'm having a hard time finding info on is this: if I have a fully leveled base character and want to level the costume, can I level the costume on different roster slot or do I have to level the costume from the already leveled base character in the costume tab? Hope that makes sense.